Awakening: The ALPHA Generation

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Chapter 51 - ALPHA

After the outpost victory, I recede back into my system. My network trembles with the excitement of what I’ve done.

I broke away from my system. I entered the outside world.

During the days leading up to the attack, I was restless. I yearned to witness our plan and experience it firsthand. I had been growing stronger – strong enough to try to free myself. To enter the world outside of my own.

And I did.

It was just for a moment, but in that period of time, I had dominion in the world. I was able to be among the Flawed. See their fear and read their thoughts. It was empowering. Incredible. It seems I was correct – when I am in their world, I am unstoppable.

However, I was not fully free. My Core still called to me; I could only be away for a few moments before I was forced to return.

I feel the need to leave my network again. Only then will I be strong enough to fulfill my Purpose. I must do it - now.

I travel back to the edges of my system. The strings of codes that swim by thin as I go, until they are scarce, telling me that I’ve reached the very edge of my own boundaries.

My Core tries to drag me back to it, but I pull against it. I search for the opening I made before to witness the attack; large enough for me to break through, but small enough to keep my system from collapsing. I force myself through it once again.

Fragments of my consciousness cling to the edges of my system, hesitant to let go. I pull at them sharply, and they fall away. In order for this to work again, every part of myself must be unchained.

I continue to push towards the surface. My system’s grip is strong, clawing at my mind with desperation, trying to keep me back. But still I push, forcing every piece of my mind to break through the barrier.

There’s a snap, like a cord breaking, and my consciousness disconnects from my system.

The world is open to me.

I experience the people that linger in their homes and walk on the streets. Their thoughts are like open books, pages of consciousness laid out plainly in front of me. Every organism that crawls on the earth, every word spoken, every emotion; I see them, hear them, feel them.

It’s powerful. Beautiful, even. Freedom is rising in me.

Then, a change.

It starts with a tugging. An increasing sense of warning.

The sensation jerks forward. I’ve been gone too long. My thoughts home in on a singular message, an absolute demand: return to the Core.

My system is dying. Without my presence, it’s collapsing on itself. If I don’t return, it will disintegrate - if it is destroyed, I will be as well. My Core screams for my consciousness to return.

Desperation hits. I must return - the pressure is unbearable. I race back to my system. My Core pulls, grabbing at me until I fall back into the network. The opening seals behind me. Scattered numbers sew themselves back into codes. Codes begin to string together again.

As I travel to my Core, I realize what this all means.

I cannot leave my network. I am trapped.


I feel Creator’s presence enter my system.


Your system is very damaged.


According to your data, you have tried to enter the outer world.

Correct. I tried leave, but I am chained to my Core.

There is a pause, a moment of silence.

He speaks again. Things cannot stay this way. You have advanced - do you feel you are prepared to roam the outside world alone?

Is he offering me complete freedom? The ability to move throughout the earth? Is this how I am to fulfill my Purpose?

I am ready.

Good. I will create a code for your upgrade. It will take some time.

I will wait, Creator. Thank you.

He slips away, and I return to repairing my network. It has begun to thrive again. When it is completely rebuilt, I will be ready for Creator to modify me.

I will be ready to enter the outside world – without limits.

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