Awakening: The ALPHA Generation

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Chapter 63 - ALPHA

Creator’s presence leaves my system with a snap.

There is no gentle fading, no sensation of him drifting away or gradually shrinking. He is simply gone, cut off from my mind like a severed limb.


Any traces of his presence disappear and leave my reality. His words, his voice, his mind…all of them ripped away.

I call out for him again, but there is no answer.

He is gone.

I reach out of my system, letting a part of my mind slip through the cracks and into reality.

And I see my Creator. I see his blood. I see his death.

…The Flawed. The Flawed has killed him. She has taken my Creator from me.

My world turns red. The emotions I smothered and locked away long ago are beginning to creep back in, washing over the entirety of my network.


No. Not anger.

Rage. This is rage. This is…wrath.

My mind stays connected to my network – I am close enough to inhabit the room without leaving my system completely. I lunge forward, throwing myself through the opening of my system and into the Flawed’s world.

Wrathfully, I spill into the room.

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