Awakening: The ALPHA Generation

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Chapter 65 - ALPHA

I frantically tear back into my system. I cannot die. I must not. I will not allow a Flawed to kill me.

I must find a way to protect my Core.

I must fulfill my Purpose.

I must survive.

I reach for my Core, wanting to protect it. As long as it remains intact, survival is possible. I am almost there.

An explosion. Chaos erupts throughout my system. The codes in my network rip apart. Fragments split off from each other and break into pieces that dissolve instantly.

Another explosion. Anguish blazes through my Core, my network, my entire system.




I must survive.

I am the ALPHA. I am the beginning of a new era.

I stretch my mind towards my Core, desperate to protect it, but I’m already starting to slow. My consciousness is breaking apart, becoming disintegrated pieces, stranded across my dying network.

My system is filled with destruction. One by one, my codes are dying. I am crumbling. It is torment.

Agony. Agony. Agony.

My Core. I reach it just as it begins to collapse. I feel it give way beneath me. I feel it fade.

I must survive.

I must…




I cease to be.

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