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2319 Lost to the Stars - Short Story

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Serilda and Lucile Diaz are looking forward to their upcoming adventure. No one has set foot on Earth for more than two hundred years. The sisters have never even seen a planet, let alone stood on one. They have lived their life in a colony, a long way from Earth. On their travels, they pick up two strangers, who soon become more than strangers. They escape being captured, and make it to their destination, with excitement in their eyes, and joy in their hearts. THIS IS A SHORT STORY, IT IS NOT MEANT TO BE LONGER THEN IT IS

Scifi / Romance
Koko Aranck
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Chapter One: The Diaz Sisters

Serilda and Lucile Diaz looked at the space car their parents had given them, for their trip. Being twins, meaning that they did everything together, or so everyone thought. But they have their own tastes, their own styles, and they don’t exactly look like twins, being that they’re fraternal twins.

Yes, they look like sisters, but unless you knew their age, you’d never guess they were twins. And they liked it that way. They’d grown up in a colony, far away from Earth, and have never set foot on a planet.

But that was all about to change.

“Are you ready for this?” Serilda asked as she looked at her sister.

Lucile looked at Serilda with a smile. “Ready to get on the road, so to speak.”

They both laughed as they climbed into the space car, then smiled at each other. A meow came from behind them, and they turned at the same time and laughed when they saw their tabby sitting on the back seat, looking at them as if to say, ‘How dare you try to leave without me.’

“KC, what are you doing here?” Lucile asked, as she reached back and lifted the tabby into her arms.

“She doesn’t want us to leave her behind,” Serilda said as she rubbed the cat’s head.

“Do we have enough money to feed her too?” Lucile asked as she cuddled against their cat.

Serilda shrugged. “We’ll make it work.”

KC had been a birthday present from their parents, a couple of years ago. Pets are very rare in the colony, and their parents had paid a lot for her. After days of debating, they had finally named their cat after an old Earth candy bar, Kit-Kat, but with a C instead of a K, Kit-Cat…cute, right? But they mostly call her KC, for short.

“Here we go,” Serilda said as she started the motor and lifted off the platform.

“We’re off to see the Wizard!” Lucile shouted.

Serilda laughed. “Wrong movie.”

Lucile shrugged. “It’s still an adventure.”

Both girls have always loved old Earth movies, and have seen all the classics, which now, all of them are classics. No one makes movies anymore, which is sad, because movies were the best creation in the history of Earth.

“Here we go, Kit-Cat,” Lucile said as she squeezed her close. “We’re going to finally see Earth.”

“I’m starving,” Lucile said with a moan.

They’ve been traveling for over a week now and have eaten through their rations. KC meowed, to let them know she was hungry too.

“Okay,” Serilda said, then looked down when her stomach growled too, then looked up and grinned. “We’ll stop there.” She said as she pointed at a sign.

The Hitch Hiker’s Café

“Perfect,” Lucile said with excitement.

Twenty minutes later, Serilda pulled into the opening to the parking lot of the café.

“I can’t believe we’re going into a café; I’ve always wanted to visit one,” Lucile said excitedly.

“What if there’s smugglers or pirates in there?” Serilda asked as she turned off the motor.

“Then we run,” Lucile said as she opened her door.

Serilda snorted, then followed her sister.

They approached the door and looked at each other, then took a deep breath and pulled the doors open and entered the café. The place was full of humans, eating and chatting with one another.

When the door chimed, they felt almost every eye in the place on them.

“Meeooww.” KC mewed, which brought even more attention to them.

“Oh, look, you have a pet.” A woman said as she approached them. She had on an apron and wore a brilliant smile. “You three look like you could use a good meal.”

“She must be a server; I’ve read about them,” Lucile whispered to Serilda.

Serilda nodded as she smiled at the woman.

“Follow me.” The server said as she headed to a booth, away from the prying eyes of the other patrons. “Don’t let them get to you, they’re all looking for a ride, to one place or another. So, where are you lovely ladies headed?” The server asked as she stopped at a booth, then motioned for them to take a seat.

The girls sat on either side of the booth and looked at each other, then at the server.

“Earth.” They said at the same time.

The server smiled. “You girls grow up on a colony?”

They nodded and the server pulled out a couple of menus, then smiled. “Try today’s special, I’m pretty sure they don’t have anything like it on a colony.”

Serilda read the daily special and squealed with excitement. The server was right, they don’t have anything like this on their colony. Lucile became excited as well, and they both ordered the daily special.

“How about your pet?” The server asked as she studied their cat.

“Uhm, not sure,” Lucile said as she looked down at KC.

“I think I know something she’d like.” The server said with a smile as she scratched KC’s head, then turned and headed for the kitchen.

“This is so exciting,” Lucile said as she looked around the café.

Serilda smiled as she nodded to her sister. “Mom used to tell us stories about places like this.”

“Yeah, stories passed down from generation to generation,” Lucile said with a smile.

“Now we’ll have our own stories to tell our kids,” Serilda said.

“I thought you girls would like to try this.” The server said as she placed glasses of a dark liquid in front of them.

“What is this?” Serilda asked as she studied the liquid.

The server smiled. “It’s called, Coca-Cola. A factory was built about ten years ago, they brought back all the soft drinks of Earth’s past.”

The twin’s eyes opened wide as they stared at their glasses. Serilda picked up her glass and took a sip from the straw.

“Ohmigod.” She said happily. “It tingles.”

The server chuckled, then turned and left them, to attend to another table.

“This is great,” Lucile said as she took a big sip of her coke.

“I’m so glad we decided to do this,” Serilda said with a bright smile.

Lucile nodded. “I miss Mom and Dad though.”

Serilda nodded. “They understand.”

“Excuse us.”

Both girls looked up and their eyes widened when they found two young men standing at their table, staring at them. They were both good looking, and the girls found their mouths drying, just from looking at them.

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