Bitch: Transformation

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Chapter 11 - Dog Kisses

I awoke being drug by the neck face down. Under a copse of trees I was set down. I fell asleep immediately.

I awoke to a muted blue world. I turned my head to get a better look and was treated to a face full of snow. I was wet but warm. My breath had carved out a small space in the light snow. When I shifted I felt the fur behind me shift. I felt a tongue on my neck. Slow gentle calming licks. Like a mom gentling her pups back to sleep.

Maybe Apoc had decided that I was part of his pack. Better than having him eat me, I guess. A fellow prisoner freed from Dr. Shen’s clutches. How had he gotten away I wondered? But I couldn’t seem to follow that thought anywhere. I didn’t know, and the fog, it was making everything blurry. I took a little bite of the snow.

My body ached. And I resigned myself to resting, for now. I’d go when I was rested.

And hadn’t I read somewhere that dog saliva had healing properties? Wouldn’t that hold true for a wolf too?

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