Bitch: Transformation

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Chapter 2 - Run into winter

The bite of the winter air hit me like a hammer. The snow crunched underfoot. A small layer of ice had formed on top of the snow but it was too thin to support my weight and my feet shot through it to the ground beneath. My tracks would be visible, but I wanted to go where Shen and his cars could not. I’d never again be able to drive with my hands, so I’d have to escape with only my legs. I raced across the empty field heading south towards the edge of a tiny hill.

I didn’t stop till I made the tree line, where I stood to catch my breath. I finally turned to look back to see if I was followed.

An angry hornet chucked a white spume of snow into the air near my head. The crack of the rifle shot a moment later shocked me into motion again and I was off and running under the silent trees. Three drops of blood colored the snow where I’d stopped.

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