Bitch: Transformation

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Chapter 19 - Sports Coach

I bolted from cover. It was now or never. I ran for the RV.

The door swung open a little and I saw Apoc looking at me. I stutter stepped a little in case he was coming out, but he was just opening the door for me.

I jumped into the RV.

“Hey doggie!”

I froze, my blood suddenly turning to ice.

The little girl was opening the door again. Apoc bolted for the back of the RV.

I turned to face the little girl. I opened my mouth to explain. “Yerp.” Dammit.

“Are you hurt? Good doggie. Are you lost? Nice doggie.” The little girl was patting my head with an open hand.

I decided just go with it. Time to explain later.

I pushed against her hand, closed my eyes and tried to act as if I was really enjoying the patting.

“What kind of doggie are you? You look funny. We used to have a doggie, but he got hit by a car. You have to promise never to play in the street. You could get ran over an’ die.” She put her hands on either side of my head to make her point.

“What’s yer name? Mine’s Hannah.” My eyes flicked open and stared Hannah in the face. What was my name? What was my name? How had I forgotten my name? I involuntarily whined.

“I know what, we can surprise Mommy and Daddy. An’ daddy said we could have another dog, but God just hadn’t sent one to us yet. Did God send you to us?”

I could hear the rest of the family coming.


She ushered me to back half of the RV where there were four bunks, two on either side and a bathroom at the back. I didn’t see Apoc anywhere.

She urged me onto the lower bunk behind the fridge and threw a blanket over me as the family began to climb in.

“Are those leftovers Mommy? I’ll put them away for you. You take baby sister and go rest up front.” Hannah said obligingly.

“God bless you Hannah. You are such a sweetheart to take such good care of Mommy.”

“Alright love, you all settled in? Kids, you all here. One, two, three, four, and baby makes five.”


“Eeeeww gross. You just kissed dad with your mouth open.”

“Mom!?! Isaiah just licked me. Make him stop! Can’t you stay on your side?”

“Caleb take your brother in the back and play quietly, you too Hannah. Eve can stay here with me while I feed your little sister. You three go play, and let Daddy concentrate on driving.”

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