Bitch: Transformation

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Chapter 26 - Crushed Cans

There were two large pieces, the front part had stayed more rigid and now just looked like a ripped can with it’s jagged edges up as it rested against a tree. A small fire burned inside and made the broken glass twinkle inside like a giant candle holder.

I heard clanking up on the road. I glanced up to see the hunter in a harness tossing a rope down the hill. I had to hurry. The back of the RV, the other end of the beer can had twisted and wrenched, and was somewhat flattened. I glanced back up waited until the hunter turned his back before I ran across to the back end of the wreck.

I looked into the darkened wreckage and stepped gingerly inside. It took what felt like five minutes for my eyes to adjust and I couldn’t find him. I heard that evil wolfhound barking.

I peeked around the wreckage up the hill. Where was the wolfhound? The hunter was easing down, he had a large machete on his back and a black pistol at his hip. I knew I only had moments to spare. I ran behind a fallen tree trunk to the other half of the wreckage and when I stepped back up I was greeted by Mother, face down in the dirt and derbis. There was a dark wet red hole on the back of her head and judging from the bloody tissue on the ground the bullet had blown her face off on it’s way out.

My stomach rebelled and I dry heaved. It felt so incredibly wrong, I almost stopped. I almost sat down to try and figure out what had happened. I looked pointedly away. And saw a small pile of pink flesh nearby and recognized the shirt as one of the kids. I couldn’t do this.

God forgive me. I couldn’t look at any more bodies that had just been alive minutes before. Breathing laughing, loving innocent children gone in an instant. My blood felt hot, hate like I hadn’t felt since the night of my escape. But now it was all so crystal clear to me. I felt no revulsion at the thought of blood in my mouth. I wanted to rip this hunter limb from limb. I wanted to taste the salty metallic tang of his blood on my tongue as I ripped his throat out. I salivated at the thought of my teeth ripping the soft skin of his neck. Everything around me was tinged red. I breathed deeply and decided I would kill this hunter here and now for what he’d done. I’d probably die but I didn’t care.

Then I noticed a few drips of blood. It had to be Apoc.

I reasoned with myself, you cannot save the family, but you might save Apoc. And then to appease the bloodlust and then you can kill the hunter. I sniffed the blood. It was Apoc.

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