Bitch: Transformation

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Chapter 28 - Up a creek

I didn’t know what else to do so I just followed Apoc into the canoe.

The girls looked at each other confused but almost smiling.

“You two want to go canoeing?”

“C’mon shoo. Scat, get outta there.”

Just then the wolfhound, barking happily, followed our trail into the campsite, and made a bee line straight for us. Apoc turned and faced him in the boat.

The wolfhound sat down, pleased as punch, and barked his fool head off. What I wouldn’t give for a steel toed boot, and good throwing arm. I imagined beaning him in the head, and cutting him off mid-bark.

I climbed out of the canoe with my eye on the hound.

The women watched me and the wolfhound. One of them grabbed the frying pan and looked like she was ready to use it, but couldn’t figure out on what. I put my head down and head butted the boat. Apoc slowly backed to the other end of the canoe so the closer end came up off the shore a little. This time when I head butted, it slid forward a few inches. So, I did it again.

The wolfhound stopped barking, and stood trying to process what he was seeing.

“You sit” said the one with the frying pan to the wolfhound.

The wolfhound looked at the pan and licked his lips.

I butted again and again. Suddenly I heard the scrape that it was sliding away into the water.

“Hey, that’s my canoe.” The other one awoke to the reality and stepped forward to stop me but the wolfhound turned to her and snarled. “Whoa! Nice doggie! I just want my canoe.” She motioned helplessly, and then as she stepped back to avoid the dog, she tripped over the log she’d been sitting on.

The wolfhound turned to us. The canoe was starting to slide further out, I was worried that I wasn’t going to make it over the side of the boat with no hands but I’d rather drown than wait for that hunter. At least Apoc would make it. The wolfhound with a glance at the women began to walk towards me. Confused that his prey was getting away somehow.

What?!? Never seen a dog paddle a canoe?

Finally the canoe was free and moving towards the current. I jumped for it, but didn’t quite make it.

“Carole are you ok?”

“Fine just a little pissed off. What the fuck is keeping the guys anyways, and since when has there been so much wildlife?”

“I have no idea, I’m actually getting a little worried. They should be back by now.”

A shot rang out and the frying pan spun to the side dumping it’s contents into the little patch of dirty sand. The wolfhound yelped and jumped into the water after us.

“Susan?!? Are you ok? Oh my God Susan. Stay still.”

“You dumb motherfucker, you just shot a person. It’s not even hunting season! What the fuck do you think you are doing?” A flare rocketed from the campsite into the woods.

I was still trying to get over the lip into the canoe without tipping Apoc into the water. I wasn’t sure he could even swim in his condition. He was inching back towards me on his belly. I could hear the wolfhound paddling behind me, his breath chuffing in and out.

A shot rang out and I froze and glanced at Apoc, but he was intent on me. A flare rocketed into the air overhead. I looked behind me and there was that damned wolfhound almost within reach. The first flare had lit a small fire under the trees. Just then another shot rang out. And another flare from behind the campfire logs whistled wildly into another part of the trees.

The wolfhound barked again. Shut up, you stupid mutt.

A bullet whanged off the canoe. I ducked under the water and swam as hard as I could, to get behind the wolfhound. I came up on his back and squeezed his body between my back legs just in front of his hind haunches. Our combined weight pushed him under and me up. He twisted and fought, but this was not his domain. His teeth dragged along my thighs but he was unable to sink them into my flesh. His fear and panic took over. He thrashed to the surface and let out a plaintive bark. He was a weak swimmer, and my hind quarters were large and strong.

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