Bitch: Transformation

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Chapter A06 - Memory

I was running through the forest. That muskrat had led me down by this river. But I was faster and smarter. I could feel the muddy ground between my foot pads, and the slip of the loose rocks, it was cool but not snowy, I smelled the dank of the river rushing past. I could smell the mossy rocks, the harsh granite and moldy wetness. I knew he was trying to lead me away from the young in the den. But I would not forget where the den was. I could not forget. I remembered everything. Everything was clearly marked in my memory. I could see his path illuminated before me his scent like a beacon shining between the trees. I remembered hunting in the area before and knew the route that he would choose even before he did. I would catch him.

Then my mother was there. She was calling me. Where were my brothers and sisters? She licked me. I was too tired, I could barely keep my eyes open. It was wet and I was sleepy.

Gloved rubber hands turning me over, expertly checking my healing sutures.

Where was the den? The fog at the edges. Why was there water in the den? Where was the muskrat? How had I lost him? Where was the den? Must sleep. Shen want’s me to heal quickly so he can test me again. But she wants me to go.

Can’t go. Leave me alone. Must sleep.

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