Bitch: Transformation

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Chapter 31 - Stuck

I decided that I would need to wait for my chance to turn the tables. I ducked down into the canoe and hoped that we would escape the notice of the metal insect.

My movement must have flagged it. In a few moments, it was directly over the canoe. I tried to wake up Apoc. I stood up on the crossbar and snapped at it, but it hovered just out of reach taunting me. It had a camera and a gun. And it was lining up on me. Shit. I ducked down just as it fired.

It missed me. But Apoc was not so lucky. The dart hit him in the shoulder and he dropped.

The dark metal insect looked at me for a minute with it’s unblinking eye and then shot straight up into the sky with a whine. I craned my neck to try and follow it’s path, but I realized that my neck didn’t move the way I remembered it. It was harder to look up into the sky.

I looked over at Apoc, he seemed fine, just surprised. The dart stuck firmly into his shoulder muscle. A little blood dripped down and the end of the dart flickered a dull red. Another tracking dart could only mean one thing... Shen.

I got close to get it. Apoc misunderstood, and he nuzzled me warmly. I smiled inwardly and figured what the hell. I nuzzled him back. He licked my face. And I leaned down and taking it in my teeth pulled.

Apoc yelped. And tried to back up. I kept ahold of it in my teeth. Apoc whined confused.

My mouth was starting to fill with blood. And my teeth felt looser than they had the last time.

Apoc nipped me.


I let go. And sat on my haunches.

Apoc tried to reach it. I leaned over and licked it. Hopefully I was enough dog for my saliva to be a healthy thing.

I motioned the shore.

But Apoc just looked at me tiredly.

We rounded a bend in the river. Up above was a bridge arching over the river canyon. My heart fluttered, I knew that would be the perfect vantage point for the hunter.

I again motioned the shore, but Apoc just put his head down.

No, don’t give up now Apoc.

I can... I’ll just... We can...

I saw movement up on the bridge. There were several somebodies. And a couple of trucks too, but they were white. Forest Rangers?!?

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