Bitch: Transformation

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Chapter A07 - Rangers

Why did she keep doing this? I could smell her fear and displeasure, but she pretended the happy dance. Then she’s acting like a dog. She is no dog.

I am coming, because you are going with them. My chosen mate, was going with them. But, I am alpha now. I was supposed to lead. Why wasn’t she following?

I realized that I’d never been an alpha. I had never seen how the alphas behaved in the wild. And the dogs had never been friendly to me, they were all afraid of me. My head hurt from thinking.

I entertained the thought of gnawing on the fat one’s leg. But even the thought of fresh meat turned my stomach. My head still hurt. Why was everything so bright? I licked my fur to calm myself. I found another tracker, so that was why my shoulder ached. When had I gotten tagged with this? Back in a cage on the ranger truck, it was my choice. I wanted to go with her, but I knew they wouldn’t let me unless I got in the cage.

I could hear him talking. And I could smell a sandwich somewhere.

Then there was music blasting.

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