Bitch: Transformation

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Chapter 36 - High Station

We pulled up in front of the station. Three black sport utility vehicles with dark tinted windows were parked tail-in next to the ranger’s SUV. A man in a dark suit and mirrored sunglasses stepped from behind the SUV’s and waved the truck to park next to the farthest SUV. Then he talked into his sleeve.

“Valet at the ranger station, that’s new.”

The SUV’s looked the same as the ones I saw driving past Burger King just off the highway overpass.

Alan pulled in and shut off the engine. He was startled by the rap on his window, another dark suited man stood just outside, making a “roll down your window” gesture. Alan obliged.

“Are you Alan Johnson?” Alan nodded.

“Are the wolves secured in the back?”

“The wolf, yes.” Alan smarted off.

Suddenly, smooth as silk, we were both looking at the business end of a Colt .45 caliber pistol. “I’ve been advised that the animals are potentially dangerous because they have been exposed to a highly contagious toxin. For your own safety, please carefully secure the animal in the back. I will cover you. If you cross into my field of fire I will shoot you.”

Alan swallowed hard. “She’s not dangerous.”

“Now, please. I will not ask again.” He stepped back.

Alan grabbed the leash and in a daze stepped out of the truck. He looked back at me and winked. “Don’t worry doggie, I’ll just step inside and we’ll sort this all out. C’mon girl.”

The gun never wavered.

I got up and followed Alan out the door of the cab. We walked around to the back with the man keeping a 45 degree angle the whole time. I was about to jump up when Alan bent down and picked me up. “Don’t worry pup, I’m going to tell them everything, and the truth shall set you free.” He whispered. “Ok puppy, into the crate.” And he opened the crate door.

He looked at the man as I walked inside. “I was told to keep them safe for a Dr. Shen, and they are both dehydrated. Do you mind if I refill their water?”

The man was annoyed. “Make it quick!”

Alan shut the door behind me and shook it to show it was closed. Then he went to the front of the truck and pulled out a water bottle and his lunch from the dash. He watered and fed us both. I heard a clink as he was walking away. I peeked out but the man was still there. I heard the door to the station open and shut. I heard the radio squawk. And then he was talking into his sleeve again, “Yes ma’am packages are secure, but Alan was in close contact to the brown haired dog... Yes, still in ranger’s truck... I’ll begin the perimeter sweep now.” I heard the gravel of the drive crunch as he walked away.

I gobbled down the food and drank some water and I could hear Apoc drinking as well.

I glanced at the cage door.

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