Bitch: Transformation

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Chapter 38 - The Maid

I saw several more of the suited men, and a short stocky matronly woman with permed red hair. She was taking off rubber gloves. They were stained and then I smelled it.


The woman had the most beautiful angelic smile. She stretched languidly like a cat before climbing in... most of the suited men got into the other two rigs. She moved with a grace that belied her apparent lack of exercise.

She patted the cages, “Hello my precious”. Apoc snarled.

All I knew was once I get out I needed to kill her. First.

She flipped open her phone. “Authorization number ’Sierra Foxtrot Oscar seven two seven - Authorize Clean Slate to this GPS location I am uploading now in T minus 15minutes - Mark. Confirmed. Thank you.”

To the driver - “Let’s go.”

We hit the trail pretty fast. The driver wasted no time getting down the road making it painfully obvious that he had no interest in staying to see the arrival of the ‘clean slate’. I hit the end of my crate and it slid a little. I readied myself to take full advantage of the next bump.

“A little slower if you please, I’d like to get there in one piece. We’ll be clear of the blast radius.”

The driver said “Ma’am” and slowed down a bit.

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