Bitch: Transformation

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Chapter A09 - Curious

I’d smelled her fear rolling off of her in waves, and something else, excitement maybe. She stepped up into the RV without a backward glance. The door swung closed. I felt like somehow the door had severed our connection. She was out of my sight for the first time in days and I felt anxious. I quivered with the need to run and find something. I missed her already.

I looked at Red, he was chewing on his bottom lip and deep in thought as he gazed at the closed door. There were several competing emotions that I could smell. I realized he was also afraid for her. I stepped one foot out of the bike trailer and he looked down at me.

“Me too son... me too. But she can do it.” He crossed his arms and leaned back on the bike with a sigh.

I glanced around and stepped back in.

I was sitting in the trailer waiting for her to finish in the RV. We both heard the thump on the wall of the RV. I started to rise, but Red motioned me back down and made Tank stay and he hurried over to the RV and put his ear to the door. I heard the sound of many radios being turned on.

People were aware that something was happening. I noticed people returning to their trailers and glancing in our direction, at the RV.

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