Bitch: Transformation

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Chapter 57 - Full Show

I nodded. The questions continued. I spelled when I couldn’t answer shorter. Chuck looked so surprised, he just sat there and watched dumbstruck right along with the rest of the internet audience. Christopher’s blood had spattered on his face and just dried there.

I tried not to look at that corner of the ceiling where I could see the blood spatter.

I decided not to tell them my name... something made me want to protect my family. I was no longer that fresh faced young college girl... and would never be her again. No sense in torturing my family or putting them in danger. Alex was fascinated by my new senses and the lab. But the answers took so long in coming, it slow going and before I knew it our time was up. There was so much more to say, so much more that I needed to share.

“20 seconds Alex” Chuck waved.

Alex nodded. “And folks this is only the first half of these revelations. We will be doing our homework to find out more as I’m sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. And you’ll only hear it here... on the Alex James channel. Join the revolution!”

“Clear. Satellite up-link terminated... Holy Fuck!” Said Chuck. He stared down at Christopher’s body which had been half in and half out of the RV for the entire thirty minute broadcast. “Holy Fuck!”

Alex turned to me, “Thank you young lady, you were amazing. Is there anything I can do for you.”

I spelled out, ‘Must leave now’.

“But we haven’t interviewed your friend and I’m sure there’s more about you. It was just taking so long spelling everything out like that... and I know it’s frustrating for you as well.”

I tapped again, ‘Leave’.

“Well I can’t make you stay. But, I’m guessing that we are going to have to talk to the police now. It’s been a half an hour, and these people around here like to call the police if one of their neighbors dogs farts too loud. I’m actually surprised they haven’t shown up already. Was kind of expecting that they’d shut us down half way through.” He got up and walked over to the doorway. Red pulled Christopher’s body the rest of the way out of the door and onto the ground. I tried not to step in the blood but it got all over my paws anyway. I wanted so bad to cry, my ears were ringing. I hopped out of the RV and stopped.

There was a throng of old people with guns of every shape and size, around the RV. They formed a silent armed semi-circle looking sternly at us. The hiss of radios in the background. They watched me carefully.

It was a long moment. Were they going to shoot us? Nobody seemed to know what to say. Sirens wailed in the distance.

Red couldn’t stand it anymore. “Folks, we need your help to get her out of here. Hell, I have no idea if we can even get her out. It’s probably too late.”

A frail old woman with a faded sunflower dress stepped up, “I was on my way to visit my daughter. Where does she need to go?”

Red shrugged.

I wrote in the dirt, ‘South’.

The old woman spoke up addressing the crowd. “You bridge club ladies I need you to all provide me cover. And better yet all of you need to go get in your cars and drive somewhere, go to town, go to the next town, visit some relatives. But leave now, within the next ten minutes. We need to be a steady stream ASAP. And those of you who can head out across the dunes, take your buggies and go!” She clapped her hand and they all began moving, some quickly... some shuffling.

She looked at me, “Well C’mon now.”

I looked at Red, and I jumped up on him, standing on my hind legs, I tried to hug him.

He wrapped me in a hug and whispered in my ear. “Don’t you worry girl, wherever you go, just stay alive. Look me up if you’re in the neighborhood.” He pulled back and winked.

He looked into the trailer. “C’mon you, you two be careful now. Take care of each other.”

Apoc alighted from the trailer.

“Wolf?!?“, The old lady swallowed hard and grabbed her glasses that were hanging around her neck.

“It’s okay ma’am. They’re friends. He’s uh.. modified too. And Alan told me that he does whatever she says.” Apoc stopped and looked hard at Red. Red smirked at Apoc, who snorted and walked ahead. “Godspeed you two!” Red closed up the trailer and fired up the Harley and motored out with a relieved looking Tank on the back.

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