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Unknown Entity Volume 2

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The serene atmosphere in the air. The beautiful flowers and plants all around.

Scifi / Adventure
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The serene atmosphere in the air. The beautiful flowers and plants all around. The sweet sound of the animals playing around in the forest. The gentle breeze brushing through the leaves.

So this was Xatyre. It was much more gorgeous than they anticipated. Even the inn, they were staying at looked nice and pristine like a luxurious hotel. The girls thrilled to see the place and were all in high spirits although some for different reasons than the others. The boys more or less were excited to be in a place where most people had a had time going to due to its protected land.

Seeing how Lidusis was busy staring at a couple of colorful birds in a tree, Rood could tell that Lidusis was fascinated by the land as well. As pretty as it was, Rood's mind was more preoccupied by something else.

"This place sure is amazing!" Dio commented in exciting at the fun field trip that was awaiting them.

"Yeah..." was all Rood could say to his friend unable to share the same enthusiasm as Dio.

"I mean just looking at all the neat animals we've seen so far makes me want to explore more of the land."


"Kind of hard to believe that this was all just for us Iduns only."


"Which makes me wonder..." Dio's tone starts to change to a dishearten tone. "Why are there Hereis here when it's just for Iduns?"

"... Yeah..."

Rood could completely empathize with his friend who was referring to the small group of Hereis treading behind them excluding the one who was hovering over him like a fairy or a fangirl near her idol.

Or in this case fanboy.

"Didn't Professor Orphell say something about this being exclusive to Iduns only?"

Rood wondered the same thing. How was it that five Hereis were allowed on a trip that was supposed to help the Iduns form teams? He and the rest of his class heard Professor Orphell perfectly clear when he explained it in their classroom.

Merrily humming a cheerful tune, Linus was so glad that he was going on a trip with his precious idol (not that he counted the other students and professors). It was so worth it to convince Chevel's father to include them in the training camp too.

All he had to say was "Chevel wants to go to the training camp too." to the man and the man instantly ran out faster than a hurricane to talk to the school administration about allowing Hereis along the training camp. He made the right decision to talk to Chevel's father after all as he heard from the older man that he managed to convince the school into allowing the the Hereis who were teleported to Ishuella to go as compensation for the terrible experience they went through. However he didn't expect to see Shicmuon there too. He didn't care though. As long as he was with Rood, it didn't matter to him if there was one or two more people around.

Several girls started to whisper amongst themselves. A few squealed in delight. This went unnoticed by the other students who turned their gaze in the direction where the girls were looking at. Emerging from one of the hiking trails was a handsome young black haired man who looked around their age or maybe a couple of years older than them. His ultramarine eyes instantly stole several girls' hearts. The mole near his left eye only added more to his appeal. He wore a beautiful silver curved crescent moon hair ornament on his head.

Judging from the blue long strapped bag over his shoulder, he was probably a guest at the inn like them.

"Oh, you must be the those students here for some kind of field trip. Welcome." greeted a black haired young man who easily won half of the girls with his smile.

The girls were thinking that maybe it wasn't so bad to stay after all.

"Word of warning. There are some pretty dangerous people here so be careful." The man warned them.

Dio wasn't sure what was there to be afraid of since this was a preserved nature land where not many people have access to. The only danger might be the wild animals in the forest or getting lost in the forest.

While the girls were talking about the mysterious good looking man, Dio went for the door as he wanted to hurry inside and put away his luggage so that he could explore the land with Rood and Lidusis.

"If you mean like bandits or burglars, I'm sure the professors can handle that." Dio laughed off as his hand goes in to open the wooden sliding door.

"No, I wasn't referring to that..."


At first, Dio didn't understand what the young man was trying to say.

"What do you me—"

But as soon as he opened the door, he realized what he was talking about when he sense a large amount of killing intent coming at him along with the tip of a sharp blade pointed towards his head.

"Diieee!" He heard from the inside of the entryway.

Just in the nick of time, Dio managed to evade the incoming attacking that would have nearly cost him his life. Die? Was someone out for his life? Did he do something so bad that someone would want to kill him?

The blade that nearly impaled his head was attached to a long pole weapon which was a naginata. Holding the dangerous weapon was a pastoral pink haired girl with golden eyes. Like the other guy, she looked around their age but a bit older like an upperclassman. As pretty as she was, she looked more frightening than anything else considering that she nearly murdered Dio. Not to mention, she had a scary look in eyes almost like she was a demon. Dio froze at eye contact with the frightening girl. Did he do something to her to warrant such a welcoming?

"That was what I warning you about." The young man enlightened the now paralyzed with fear Dio who had lost all feeling in his legs. "As you can see, there are a few dangerous guests like this scary snake woman staying in the inn but don't worry."

So it wasn't thieves or bandits but rather the guests that they had be worried about. Somehow, the students didn't feel any safer on the apparently protected land with a possibly demented neighbor right next to their room. For a place that suppose to have rare wildlife and plants around, they had their fair share of eccentrics and would be killers.

"As suspicious as some of them may seem, they won't do you any harm as long as you leave them alone... probably..."

Probably?! That didn't make Dio or the other students feel any safer knowing that there was a beautiful but crazy woman around. It made some of them thing if the place was as protected seemed to be.

"Who are you calling a 'scary snake woman!' Axel, you b*$t*rd! How dare you call a lady that!" The so called 'scary snake woman' didn't take it too nicely to be insulted like that.

"Would a lady try to stab some random stupid looking kid while yelling out 'Die' or use such crude language?" The young man named Axel rebutted ignoring the 'Hey' from Dio who was offended to be called stupid looking by some stranger. "And besides, you know better than do something like that, Lunette."

Although Dio had an issue with Axel calling him stupid looking, he had nodded his head in agreement. A girl shouldn't go around stabbing people with a naginata for no reason.

"You know Phoebe hates it when people touch her stuff without permission especially you of all people."

"That's the problem?!" Dio retorted in disbelief that Axel found taking someone else's personal belonging was more wrong than attempting to take an innocent bystander's life.

He wasn't the only one as most of the students and professors had agreed with Dio in their heart. Since that young man named Axel said that the girl named Lunette was a guest, then she probably wasn't an enemy or anything. But that didn't explain why she almost tried to skewer Dio.

"Then all the more reason to do so. I was aiming for that witch anyway." The girl named Lunette revealed her intentions. "But then this worm messed me up."

Lunette looks down at Dio who had recent recovered from his previous dilemma and had gotten up thanks to Rood's help. Dio comically cried at Lunette's harshness. She sure knew how to insult someone she barely met.

"Don't mind her. That's how she is to guys. She hates all men." Axel explained to Dio Lunette's rude behavior to him. "You better head inside if you want to do some sightseeing."

And with that said, Axel disappeared into the forest after picking up a few empty pots on the ground. Having lost interest, the other woman that Axel was talking to had also left the vicinity as well.

What a strange greeting they all got before they even set foot into the building. This was going to turn out into a strange training camp.

Not wanting to waste anymore time, Orphell leads the students inside with the other professors. He then explains to them that although they were there that didn't mean that they should go around causing any kind of mischief or trouble towards the other guests. They were free to explore the land at designated times outside of lessons but not to do any harm to the creatures living in the area or the environment. If they wanted anything, they should either ask a professor a staff member of the inn. To ensure that no one ends up staying out too late, a curfew is set. The Hereis were also given an extra rule of no use of magic without a professor present or approval.

Orphell goes over one last thing before allowing the students free rein until tomorrow's lessons.

"Since this training camp is to promote friendly relations between team members, we've reserved rooms for multiple roommates. Rooms for single person use are also available to those who wish to reside by themselves. Naturally, rooms are also separated by gender. Maximum occupancy is six per room. Once you've chosen your roommates, you may ask the receptionist at the desk for a room with your number of party and the key. Are there anymore questions?"

One student raised up his hand and asked, "Professor Orphell, didn't you say that this was for a training camp for the Iduns? So why are there Hereis here?"

"I've been meaning to ask you that too." A student spoke out her opinion.

"Me too. You said that in class no Hereis were coming."

Orphell expected this to happen. He had indeed said that to his students ad the other class's professor said the same thing. To be honest, he wasn't exactly thrilled about the idea of the Hereis being there more specifically Shicmuon. The idea of bringing Shicmuon almost made him grimace, but he couldn't show it on his face not in front the students.

"Seeing as how there haven't been much development in the relationship between the Idun and Hereis, the school has decided to allow several Hereis on the training camp to further improve the relationship between the two classes. Separate lessons will be held for the Hereis. Do not feel uncomfortable. Should a problem occur you may notify any of the professors without hesitation." Orphell answered the student's question. "No further questions? If so, then proceed to form roommates or choose to reside in a room by yourself. The rest of the day is up to you to spend. Lessons begin tomorrow. You are dismissed."

Now free, the students start to talk amongst themselves asking each other if they wanted to room with each other.

As for a certain three Iduns, it was natural that they'd be stuck in the same room given their close relationship.

"This is going to be awesome." Dio was pumped about the training camp not for the lessons but because he got to play around away from those boring lectures. "The three of us rooming together. It's like a sleepover."


Seeing his friend so cheerful, Rood let out a small smile.

"Who said anything about me sharing a room with you?" Rood lightly joked.

"What do you mean Rood?!" Dio cried crocodile tears. "Aren't we going to be in the same group?! Might as well share the same room?!"

"This and that are different." Rood teased his friend. "And I never said anything about teaming up with you either."

"How mean?!" Dio cried himself in a corner with dark clouds hanging over his head.

"Let's go, Lidusis. We have to get a room before they're all booked." Rood said to Lidusis leaving Dio to mope around by himself. Knowing his friend, he'll eventually recover and they can go unpack their belongings.

That is until a certain lavender haired Hereis popped up from behind wrapping his arms around Rood's neck. With his chin on top of Rood's head, Linus looked like he was in heaven.



Now this was alarming. The Iduns and even Linus's classmates couldn't believe what they heard. Did they hear this just right? Did a Hereis, an upperclassman, just used 'nim' when addressing an Idun, an underclassman? It was one thing for a Hereis to be on friendly terms with an Idun but to use such formal honorifics. Something was not right. It was rare for a Hereis and an Idun to be on friendly relations like Linus and Lapis but to see a Hereis hugging an Idun. It was way too strange.

Several students started gossiping about it wondering how on earth did that happen. Several even started to wonder just who was Rood for him to get Linus to call him like that. It seems that just simply addressing Rood with 'nim' gave him even more unwanted attention that he didn't need. It was one thing in his class since it was just his classmates who heard it, but it was a different story with other classes.

Rood knew it was a bad idea to let Linus know his identity not that he had a choice in the matter. All the stares he received from the other students made him more uncomfortable than being in Linus's arms which was also drawing a bit of attention as well.

He needed to get out Linus's arms and fast.

"You! What are you doing?" Rood tried to break free from Linus's arms but was no use as the Hereis had no intention of letting Rood go.

"Hm? I'm just hugging you." Linus stated.

"Then could you let go of me? We have to go get our room."

"I don't mind holding you like this until we reach our room."

"It may not bother you, but I— Wait, what do you mean 'our!' Don't make it sound like we already added you in?!"

When Linus said 'our,' Rood hopes he wasn't implying what he thinks he was implying.

"Wherever Rood-nim goes I go." Linus clearly established. "And Professor Orphell said that we could have a maximum of six people so it's okay."

"It's not okay with me!"

His intuition was right.

Rood wasn't going to be in the same room as Linus. He hated the idea as much as sharing a room with Shicmuon although not as much compared to the crazy Association magician. But he still didn't want to share a room with Linus. The guy didn't know the meaning of personal space and wouldn't stop touching Rood whenever he got the chance. Rood doubts he'll get any sleep with Linus around him.

Things took a turn for the worse when said undercover Hereis showed up ignoring the usual gawks from the girls around him.

One look in Shicmuon's eyes already said more than enough.

"Who said you could go somewhere without my permission..."

Shicmuon drew closer and closer towards Rood with each step he took as he spoke until he stopped right in front of Rood. Leaning down a little to face his prey before a smirk appeared on his face.

"You damn Blackie."

He wasn't going to let Rood get away no matter what. After all, that's why he's here.

Too preoccupied with his own predicament, Rood didn't notice the increase in girls swooning over Shicmuon when he smirked at Rood. His usual stoic look was very appealing as it was, but his smirk was just mystifying. Like a spell, it captured their hearts instantly.

This really wasn't starting out good. He's hasn't even checked in, and he's already experiencing two pain in the necks. The stares from the nearby students weren't making it any better either.

Rood wondered if there was a way to get out this. All this attention was killing him. If it was one thing Rood couldn't stand (besides Shicmuon and his Master), it was getting unnecessary attention.

"You despicable cretin! How dare you treat a child like that!"

And joining the fry was Lapis who had misunderstood thinking that Shicmuon was bullying Rood.

Believing that Rood being bullied, Lapis was going to leave Rood in the hands of Shicmuon.

"I see you still enjoy tormenting defenseless children as usual." Lapis snapped at Shicmuon who as usual paid no heed to Lapis.

"You won't be getting away." Shicmuon directed at Rood. He didn't have any plans of letting Rood out of his sights for the duration of this training camp or anytime soon for that matter. Who knows where that guy will run off to when he's not looking

Rood felt really uncomfortable being caught in the middle like this with a clingy fan who didn't know the meaning of personal space hugging him, a demented psychopath staring daggers at him obstinate to not let him out of his sights, and a delusional weirdo who was having another one sided argument with Shicmuon.

He really shouldn't have come at all.

Too late now.

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