The Hope: Book One in NoeL and LeoN

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World War Three shook the earth and after it ended, there was nothing left. No cars. No houses. No buildings. But most importantly, there were no leaders. Some saw it as the perfect opportunity to take over, but one man truly rose to the challenge. His only mistake; Killing the parent of twins, Noel and Leon, at the young age of ten and leaving them alive. Now sixteen, Noel will stop at nothing to ensure that she avenges her parents' deaths, while Leon will stop at nothing to ensure her safety. Will Noel get the revenge she desires, or will Leon stop her before she takes it too far?

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1: Questions Without Answers: Leon

“What’s your name, kid?”

The stranger asked the boy sitting on the floor with bloodstains covering his hands and clothes. He stayed silent as his whole body shook. He knew his name. That didn’t mean he had to share it.

“Look,” the man started. “we are not going to hurt you.”

He still said nothing and kept his eyes down, listening as another voice spoke from the crowd of unknown people surrounding him.

“Why are we doing this here?” The female voice asked. “There’s blood everywhere. They could be hurt.” That’s where they have it wrong. The boy thought. None of it was his. It wasn’t his sister’s either.

“They could be spies sent by..... them,” the tall man with dark hair answered.

“You think they would use a kid for their dirty work?” The other stranger asked.

“Why wouldn’t they? They’ve done worse.”

After listening to the adults’ conversation, the ten-year-old boy, deciding they were on his side, spoke up. “Leon. My name is Leon.”

He looked up from the floor to the person who he guessed had asked him for his name. A man, who looked to be in his mid-thirties, stood at around six feet tall with toffee-colored hair, hazel eyes, and a rectangular body. If Leon didn't know better than to judge appearances, he would have passed him for a kind person that his mother would have made friends with. He quickly blinked back tears at the thought of her and tried to push it away.

He turned his head towards the only person in the room that wasn’t new to him; his sister. She kept her back to everyone with her arms wrapped around herself as she stared at the ground, showing off the long wavy hair, that matched the color of Leon's head of dark brown hair. Leon decided not to try pushing her into talking.

“Her name is Noel,” he told the strangers. The same man who spoke earlier and who appeared to be leading the group of people standing in Leon’s living room spoke up.

“My name is Colen. We can help you but you need to tell us what happened.”

Leon felt his head start to ache. He closed his dark brown eyes and put his head in his hands. He nodded from left to right as a signal to Colen that he was not ready to talk just yet.

Leon didn’t look back up, so when a hand gently landed on his shoulder it startled him and he jumped back. When he lifted his head, his eyes met with a woman with cocoa-colored skin that didn't hold a single flaw. Her sharp jaw and round eyes only elevated her beauty.

She wore the identical suit of black armor as everyone around her, which consisted of a breastplate and pads on her elbows and knees.

“Hello, Leon. I’m Catren,” she greeted with a soft and soothing voice that matched her complexion. “I know you’re scared," she continued. "We want to help you, but you need to tell us what happened here. “Can you do that?”

Leon thought about what to do and after deciding he could trust them, he shared his yesterday.

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