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Growing Older

In Silver’s bedroom....

“It’s been a few years since we last saw Silver he’s now about 20 years old, he’s leaving the mansion group after a wonderful eight years with them but now he knows he’s ready to go back home.”

The Picture From A Few Years Ago....

When Silver was 18 years old, he wanted to very unique birthday present. He wanted a picture of everyone in the whole, mansion program gang. He wanted to cherish the picture, when the program eventually comes to and end.

As Silver put it “Some of you won’t always be with me, and that’s sad but totally fine. As you may very well have your own life and dreams that must me for filled without my aid! So before you go, I want to get a picture taken with our group and have all of us each keep a copy to forever cherish the memories we made here. And to love one another no matter what!” He said confident and boldly, as he wiped a small tear from his right eye.

May 20th, 2023....

Yakima, Aluma, Shima, Laya, Alieata, Milazha, Onon, Brandon and Silver; were all lined up in a photography studio. Silver had just spent several thousand dollars on an appointment, for that afternoon. Everyone was told to sit together on the bleachers, but not everyone could fit on the bleachers. Silver made the suggestion that they all just sit on the ground, almost like a pile up. The photographer moved the bleachers, having everyone from largest to smallest sit down on the carpeted floor.

First, Aluma moved to the far left of the camera view frame, wagging her tail in excitement. Second, Brandon stood next to her fidgeting a little with her claws. Third, Silver got up and walked right up next to Brandon. He looked up at her and she blushes a bit; he has no clue why, he leans in closer ruffling Brandon’s fur a bit in the process to make room for the others. Fourth, Laya walks up to Silvers right leg and places herself sitting right there with a smile. Alieata growls a little, when she realizes she won’t be next to Silver. Fifth, Shima then sits down resting her paw on Laya’s head. Shima is rather happy, but still very calm and straightforward with the situation.

Sixth, Onon walks up next to Shima; the photographer nags her to get closer. Onon then pushes Shima and Laya against one another; as she looks at the man with a smug grin on her face. Shima yelps a little as the cold metal surface rubs against her. Seventh, Alieata stomps onto the stage and stands in front of the green screen. “This is probably gonna be a while isn’t it?” Alieata states rhetorically in an annoyed mood. “Yeah probably but I don’t see much of a problem. I mean it’s just your father’s birthday wish!” Onon explains, as she pats Ali on the back with her left paw.

Ali’s jawline clenches a little as she smiles at Onon, “Hey, this is pretty annoying already and you aren’t helping... you know!” Ali grunts out rather arrogantly. Eighth, Milazha walks up his tail twitching a bit. He sits down right next to Onon and Ali, they both tower over him, and he’s now aware of how loudly Alieata breaths. Milazha makes a quick glare at Ali, she just roles her eyes. She then decides to pat him on the head rather aggressively with her left paw. Hmmf, a noise comes from him as he’s almost crushed underneath Ali’s grip. “So cute!” She says in a pissed off time of voice.

Ninth, Yakima walls up to Milazha; she’s just a tad smaller then he is. She sits there, anxiously awaiting the photographers command. “Alright now! I want you all to give me that far away look from the early 50’s!” “Okay then!” Everyone shouted in unison. Each and every one of them looks at the lens of the camera, but then turns there gaze on the wall just slightly past it. “Ready!” They all respond. Click click click, the shutter snaps three consecutive times in a row. “All done, that will be about, one thousand three hundred Eighty eight dollars and forty one cents including tax! Have a wonderful day!” The man smiles obviously he’s getting a fat pay check for this commission. Silver orders a hundred prints of all shapes and sizes.

The Drive Home....

Silver makes sure to load everything into the back of his car; a nice older, Toyota Sienna. After that he takes half the group, and Brandon takes the other half in her Mercedes G wagon. They all head home, Silver asked Alieata if she’s willing to stay with the group, or if she’d rather part ways. She didn’t even hesitate; “Silver, you and your friends are my.. my people, I wouldn’t dream of going off anywhere without you. I love you, and always got your back, remember that for me kay’!” Ali smiled gently as she spoke, it definitely put Silver at ease for the most part.

A Few Years Later....

Aluma buys up a near by building and starts her own flower shop. Onon, Ali and Milazha stay with Silver. Yakima makes up her mind and decides to go To college. Shima goes with Silver but not until completely morning for her sister, who died doing what she loved, flying. Laya had been messing around in a cruiser jet, when she crashed into a ravine.

“Is love really keeping us together,” he pondered. They got to earth on his twenty first Birthday.

Since Silver was technically the youngest with Milazha being 23, Onon at 25, Ali at 24 and Shima at 29. They went out for drinks at local pub in there new town of Vik I Myrdal. Silver had a beautiful mansion there it wasn’t anything close to the size of the other one but it had its perks. He got his own ice rink, pool, gym and other stuff.

Then they came. One day Silver was sitting in his room watching some new tv show. When out of the blue, he heard heard the doorbell ring. He went downstairs to answer it, when he opens the door a man in a cloak about the same height at him was standing inches from his face. With a booming deep voice he said “we are the con él society, we are the people behind the seems of every tapestry, we are the ones who decide right from wrong. We are a group of 8th dimensional beings that stand on the edge of reality. We would be honored if you joined our ranks.” Silver looks at him “Show me this-“ he was cut off when everything in front of him was wiped away like paper and left them standing in a boundless white void. In the middle were these platforms he stood on one, then it raised into the air.

We want you to show us your power, a distant voice said. Silver stood for a moment, than with a smile on his face he asked for some of those power canceling weighted bracelets. He was fit for ones that were similar in mass and density to a white dwarf star. They were out in his wrists, ankles and neck. He then told everyone to stand back, they moved, he then appeared in every corner of the void. He moved so fast that he was going in and out of 11 dimensions at the same time as standing on his platform. He had so many after images, that you would think there’s an army right in front of you. Finally he grabbed his left eye, pulled at the air around it and put a strange multicolored flame on it and screamed in pain for a minute before transporting back home. “The-how how is that even possible!” The leader said. The bickered for a while after that.

Silver had those same flames on his arm later, he was playing with them. “So this is literal energy,” he said. “Silver.... Silver,” Ali called out for him. Silver quickly put out the fire and turned around towards Ali. She was holding a spatula, “come on dinners ready, I made Mexican style pizza,” she said as she blushed a little. “Love is eternal,” she whispered to herself. Silver looked at her “what,” he asked, “oh nothing,” she answered. They ate dinner and the day went pretty normal after that. Yet Silver couldn’t stop thinking about the flames. He did a little skating and went to bed early that night.

Ali woke up in the middle of the night, she heard screaming, it was Silver he was screaming in pain. She rushed upstairs to find him enveloped in these multicolored flames. Everyone was trying to calm him down but he wouldn’t stop. Ali told everyone to step back, then she held him to the bed, she wasn’t sure what to do after that. So Ali bites him on the hand as hard as she could. “Agh, what the hell that hurt, wait why are you all in my room. Oh yeah I’m sorry I promise not to mess with those things again,” he said. Everyone sighed in relief.

That day Ali was mysteriously gone, Silver hadn’t even actually asked what she was into, he made up is mind on going to spy on her and figure it out. He called her but it went straight to voicemail. Silver used his abilities to track her down, he ended up driving to this recording studio a few town’s over. He took the elevator to the 18th floor and hid behind a green screen across from the floor to ceiling windows. He looks over and sees Ali say next to the window, the audio director gave the signal then they started recording. She sang beautifully hitting every note perfectly, it almost made him cry. “Alieata my girl. That was amazing,” he said in a very congratulating tone. “Silver uhh. OH MY GOD SILVER! Yes I worked my ass off on singing this one.” Ali said. She looked at Silver and he told her that the work shows itself.

They went home, that night they talked all about it. “Alieata that was amazing.” Said Silver.

3 years Later....

Silver was ordering a sandwich at subway when, this girl walked up and asked for a panini. Suddenly He felt like he simply had to talk to her. “Hi, umm what’s your name I’m Silver, Silver Katmaz, uhh good choice for lunch I’ve been meaning to try one of those.” He stammered out. She turned around and had the same huge black wings as him, as well as the same purple eyes. She also had short blond hair and was carrying a sword.“I’m Fallina, Fallina Dezmate,” she said. Silver had to ask “are you a hu-m” she cut him off. “No same as you thought it seems,” they sat down together before exchanging numbers.

They started going on weekly dates and eventually took it to second base. The two would meet up somewhere and talk for hours. One day Fallina asked why they don’t ever go to his house, he said that someone who lives with them wouldn’t like her. But eventually they went. “Ali don’t get mad, this is my girlfriend Dez,” ( a nickname given because of her last name). He looked at Dez and for the smallest amount of time, he saw darkness beyond what he’d seen before. Ali started trying to bond with Dez, she really did but for some reason she’d started getting bruises on her forehead and acting distant from Silver and the group.

A few years later.....

Dez was 8 months pregnant. Silver had started arguing a lot. He had figured out what she was doing to Ali a while ago but thought she’d stop. “Enough, shut up you hurt her every day for no reason, she has these huge black spots under her eyes because she doesn’t sleep, I don’t wanna hear excuses. Get the fuck out!” He growled at her. “Fine I’ll leave but you won’t be scott free,” she yelled. He started confurting Alieata in his arms. Though it was to late to stop what had been set in motion.

Silver got the baby a few months later. He was taking good care of little Lonan. He had left the baby to get something to eat, then she struck, Ali lunged at the thing and bit into his frail skull as hard as she could. Silver came back to find a decapataited infant with Ali standing over him and blood dripping from her jawline and fangs!

Alieata Vumvardbell, what the fuck! Why didn’t you just go after the bitch.” Silver yelled. They stared into each other’s eyes for what felt like years. “A Silver I-,” “get out just get the hell out.” Ali walked out into the cold night, before she left she looked into Silvers eyes silently pleading but it was no use.

Silver had decided to go somewhere far away for a little while....

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