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Milazha Time

In Silvers room....

“Some things are created with an opposite, not like an opposing force but more like an opposite entity that’s own existence opposes everything the other entity is, in such a way that if the two ever make contact. They would both subsequently be annihilated, simply as if they never were at all but even still if they exist for long enough then they have a chance to have an effect on their reality.”

Silver woke up in the middle of the night he looked around and saw Milazha sitting at the foot of the bed. “Dude wanna go somewhere,” Silver whispered. “Sure,” Milazha drowsily stated. They got in the car and drove into the night, they stopped to fill the tank and hopped on the road. Silver had bought a new Range Rover when he moved. They were surprised by how quite the road was even though it was rural there were usually some people on the road but this time there where none. “So where do you wanna go,” Silver said while tapping his hands on the steering wheel. “Well if I could choose,” Milazha thought for a moment. “I would wanna go to Japan,” he said. Silver pulled over and got his phone out “boom, 2 tickets 9:00 am to 10 am tomorrow, we’re going to Okinawa but we can go anywhere in Japan. It is a one month trip after all,” he said.

They drove to the airport and had the car brought back home, they went through security and got to the gate by 5:00 am. Silver actually has an estate in Japan that he’s never been to before, which means no packing no luggage. Except for the backpack with the snacks. They were flying Emirates, Silver got some breakfast sandwich’s. They boarded the plane a few hours later, they were flying over the Atlantic when the stewardess asked if they want some food. Silver had actually paid in advance four a free meal package so he said yes instantly.

Their seat was more like a medium sized luxury hotel sweet. Since they were gonna be there for like a day. Silver went for the ultra luxury tickets, they had a bedroom and living room. For lunch they had pizza with coffee jelly as desert. They even came in an made the bed, as well as giving the two free Jordan slippers and a night suit. They woke up early enough to look and see the Great Wall of China. They had a wonderful breakfast and finally landed at around 6 o’clock in the evening on Japan time.

They spent another six hours getting out of the airport, renting a Bugatti, and driving to the mansion. On the way they stopped for dinner at this take out place 34 miles from the place. Silver finally got out of the car, pulled out they keys and opened the door Milazha dashes in and turns on the lights. It’s a 15,000 square foot yakuza type place. Silver walked down they hall and pulled out the Futon, he passed out at 1:00 am.

Onon searches everywhere in the home but Silver and Milazha were not anywhere to be found. Silver called at about 7 pm saying that they went on a guys trip to Okinawa. Ali asked why they couldn’t go which Silver just answered “I need to think.”

They got up and headed into the city, they went to the Anime museum and ate authentic Japanese food. Later they went back to the house, when Silver said he felt kind of strange like something was watching them. Milazha said he saw a weird guy on the side of the road on the way back. Then they heard the knocking, they listened closely and heard heavy breathing. He couldn’t even stand straight, Milazha flung himself into the door and got the guy on the ground. “Who are you,” he asked. Then they guy shriveled up and rotted away right then and there, as if he was hundreds of years old. Silver got up and snapped his remains into some other dimension. Milazha looks up at Silver as he stepped back in Milazha went cold. The cat was seeing something, something different. He saw Silver but not the lackadaisical way he usually is, instead he saw a six-foot-ten inch man staring at him having stepped halfway through a portal to hell. Flames raging behind him colossal figure. He heard something faint in the distance getting more and more understandable. “Dude dude, Milazha you there were are you,” Silver asked. He snapped back to reality and apologized for freezing up like that.

“Is love a misunderstanding.” Silver thought to himself. The vacation was fine they went home and Ali apologized to Him, for Silver that was enough. Eventually everything was back to normal, Silver joined an Icelandic semipro hockey team. Ali took more hours into singing, Onon learned to code in C++, Milazha got really good at Call Of Duty and Shima watched Silvers games and figured out the terminology. She would’ve been a polit for longer but the way her sister died really took its toll on her.

75 years later....

Everyone had found there own little neesh, Silver had been on the team for many years now and decided to quit after a long run. Though people would be confused by this as he only looked thirty. He moved to a town in eastern Siberia. He bought up a much smaller place just for himself. 50 years passed, finally the group reunited with him in 2150, Silver talked about many things old and new, big and small.

Milazha had actually gotten a girlfriend, her name was Mariam, Silver congratulates him. He asks when he can met her, he says well she’s waiting outside the door. “Wait what dude it’s cold out there,” Silver ran to open the door. There was a small tabby freezing on the door step. They talked and Silver approved her.

One day he was messing around with the flames, when out somewhere in the distant city he heard thousands of people screaming in terror. As something was going about destroying the town, looking for him! Silver panicked and teleported everyone with him to a very unfamiliar place. “Silver, my boy it’s been a while,” a very tall skinny creature said. He was about eight or nine feet tall maybe 2-3 hundred pounds, green with spikes on his head. He wore a riding leather jacket and tight jeans with a gray pair of Adidas bounce. He explained that he was far to little to remember this place. He looked around, “this place is the real deal.” He thought to himself. There was futuristic tech everywhere, he asked if he could stay somewhere, they said that he was the supreme ruler of Nightronis. Because the other ruler’s blood was within him, long story short.

He was being hunted for his power but now he had some Ally’s. Trillions of these Aliens were willing to fight on his behalf putting there very lives at stake. “Valhalra, was its name it’s the lord of the Trikedas which are kind of like ghosts. Except they weren’t human at any point. It was summoned by a cult from the 1970s,” said Jake. Silver chuckled, “his name was Jake, this 8 foot military general’s name was Jake.” He didn’t know why that was so underwhelming to him.

A few months later....

They were at full on war because some idiot tried to summon Mr. V to the base as a joke. Then the next day Silver was planning some counter strikes when.... three circles appeared on the wall in the hotel room. Then it was shifted hundreds of feet in the air as if it was weightless. “Hello yes, I believe your the one I’m looking for,” said the demon in a horrible imitation of a human voice. “We’ll be having some fun together now won’t we.

3000 years later....

“Silver look at me I have finally found a way to take life with no chance of you getting in my way!” He continued “here let me show you.” He fired a beam at Silver but Milazha jumped in and took it straight in the chest instead. He screamed in pain for a second before hitting the ground a dark spot lay on his chest spreading like a cancer. “No no no buddy come on I got you relax your gonna be okay.... I’m not leaving you behind,” Silver was crying. He was trying everything but no matter what he did the darkness kept growing. Everyone stopped to look at him. “Silver dude it’s okay it doesn’t hurt anymore anyway,” Milazha was enveloped in his own flames. “I love you man,” Silver cried out. “I love you too,” Milazha said as his flames went cold and his body went limp.

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