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Something That Can’t Be Forgotten

Silver’s rage begins to show itself....

You bitch, he had nothing but kindness and warmth in his heart and you ended him. Something like you doesn’t need to be here. You want this power that bad.... come and take it.” Silver said more merciless that he had ever been previously. He jerked his jacket off and flung it into isolation, then he flashed his eyes to his surroundings and Bursts into evil yet elegant flames. Meanwhile looking at V with cold dead eyes. Except this familiarizing waltz will become smoother over his next moment. With out saying anything he flew so fast the it looked like he had appeared in front Valhalra. He then dropped those captivating weighted things he was bearing, one by one, each one made a deafening boom as they now paste the ground, there was nothing going to restrain him anymore.

There seemed to be countless versions of his afterimage each moving entirely separate from the last. They made quick work of Valhalra but not before he could tell Silver something important. “I'm nothing but a pebble in the great sea that is-,” Silver passed out from exhaustion and shock he woke up the next day in a hospital. The group was standing around the bed, Ali lay on his lap. “Look we have to be more careful from now on, got it,” he said. Everyone nodded their heads, Silver was discharged the next day. Though he was different like something in his eyes for once had shown it self in a way where he couldn’t bother hiding it.

Silver ran into a very strange man yesterday, he was eating lunch when this guy sat down at his table in this little cafe that he frequented. It was a little odd because Silver thought he was the only human like entity there. “Aye mate looks like you’ve seen some shit,” he said. “What makes you say that?” Silver said. “You have that look in your eyes, it’s the same one I see every time I brush my teeth or shave.” The guy explained. “So is it okay if I ask you what happened, cause what it sounds like is you wanna find solitude in something you wish never happened,” he said. “Damn the roomers about you are true you read people like a book. Fine I’ll tell ya what happened for a favor,” tears welled up in his eyes. “When I’m done talking I want you to kill me....”

“What,” Silver exclaimed. “Love you don’t understand what is like living every waking second, with the same horrible move playing again and again on a TV that you can’t turn of or break.” The man was bawling his eyes out. “Uhh ok well lay it on me, and if you still want to die at the end I’ll consider your wish.” Silver explained. The man took a big breath. “You ever heard of the Katmaz’s” he asked. “You do know who your talking to right,” he asked. “I’m sorry yes Silver Katmaz.... your right, your family is still alive even now and I can take you to them,” “shut your mouth!” Silver got kind of mad. “I spent 100 years trying to except the truth, and now your destroying it!” he was holding back tears.

The man continued. “I’m not ly’in come with me I can show ya,” Silver got up and started walking with the guy, there was no way for him to notice the smirk on the dudes face in the state he was in. They flew for hundreds of miles and finally stop at an old abandoned hospital. Silver felt something deeply wrong in his stomach, he threw up on the ground. “Aoy come along mate,” the guy called out. They started walking in eventually they got to a set of stairs. At this point Silver was Lucid again and asked the guy to tell the truth. “Alright then there still alive.... because I caused the crash. I kidnapped them during the ensuing explosion. They are in fact down there but they aren’t they way the used to be. Silver knockout the dude and went downstairs because of his abilities he could easily see in pitch blackness.

He heard heavy breathing not like exhaustion more like being in tremendous pain. He closed his eyes “Mom?” “Aughhhh,” All he could make out was a noise. He felt around the room keeping his eyes shut and found a switch. All of a sudden he could hear the raspy voices of four people in perfect unison. “Please kill me and tell the others that I died along time ago.

Silver was having a battle with his own mind, on one hand as long as he kept his eyes shut then there’s a fifty percent chance that whatever is in front of him doesn’t even exist. As long as he doesn’t open his eyes, there’s still the possibility of his family being fine and well somewhere out there in the infinitude of space. If he opens his eyes it means whatevers there is now one hundred percent concrete. But finally his will buckled into his curiosity and, he saw it.

Four thick glass cages about three meters in every direction. In one of them towards the right, a congealed mass of human flesh that was about 7 feet in height and probably weighed a little more the a quarter ton. It they, were stitched together in poor fashion, there organs were clearly visible through a large hole in their chest. It... they were no longer human.

He puked from the sight of that monster! He then regrettablely takes the only comfort they all still had. “Happy is family, but this can’t ever be happy,” he said seemingly losing most of his cognitive functioning. In that monent he instantly realized his mistakes. They did not know, that there companionships through out this demonic slow endeavor, were their family. Family that they had all hoped to god weren’t experiencing what they were, that there was someone on the outside longing to see them once again. The had been taken apart and reconstructed time and time again, bit by bit,year by year for ,three thousand years.

“Even if I could somehow fix all of years of damage it wouldn’t help or bring back the people I had grown up with. They would never recover from this,” he thought out loud. Silver then offered them the only kindness he had left to give. He turned off the switch witch was helping it breath. And incinerated them as fast as possible turning th flames is high as he could go, making sure they wouldn’t linger. The thing let out an ear piercing scream, as it burns unstoppable damage takes over its form. These mortal coils it once was; beige yellow ashes floating through smoke infested air. Finally the thing dies after seven whole minutes of this hellish process! After getting upstairs he burned the rest of the place down including the guy how did this. Stood in the parking lot. Fell to his knees and cried and screamed into the unforgiving sky and stars above....

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