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They Leave with Secrets

Back On Earth....

It was now, the beginning of a new age.... The Age Of Enlightenment....

Back on earth it was around the year 1 million, everything went to shit. People were going along the roads minding there own business when all of a sudden ,everyone stopped and opened there doors and stare at the sky. There in the distance a ball of pure whiteness maybe one billion kilometers in length. It covered every part of the sky’s, a deep rumbling started. People were scared some of them called there loved ones, others prayed or screamed. I embraced it, I woke up in a dark room with a dingy lightbulb hanging above a table with two chairs sitting on ether side. A living breathing darkness came into the room through a door that wasn’t there previously.

It transformed into a man, a strong happy man. Things that I simply wasn’t. I was a skinny depressed guy, getting taken advantage of was my specialty. The man stared talking except I was hearing the words in my head and watching his mouth move silently. This is what he said. “You have technically died but what if I told you you could become something otherwise impossible, with one little price. You use your new found circumstances to benefit me in one small way. You as a god would have to end the life of someone you never knew previously and make sure his friends get a message.” “Wait what happens if I don’t.” “Nothing I won’t hurt you or make you suffer for eternity or something of that nature. Simply you stay here in this room forever, are you getting the picture.” He said. “I was clearly dealing with someone who knows humans like the back of his hand.” I thought to myself. I decided on doing it since the alternative was sitting in this place forever. I became a literal god!

My new name was Lovepron. I was a god of deception....

I was to kill a man by the name of Silver, I asked why and the man transformed back into the pure darkness I saw when he it walked in. And said “do you want to have everything that isn’t pain stripped away, or do you wanna do one damn thing for your new friend.” I was stunned. I obviously agreed and set off, first order of business to figure out my new abilities.

I trained hard for centuries, then finally I was 100% ready. With no possibility of failure, I set off in my quest.


Silver was eating some gummies while waiting for a ship to arrive at the launch center, him and the others were going to do something very important. A test after creatures reach a surten age in the universe they must go through a trial of willingness to rule over there sectors of the universe. Something the Con el made mandatory, they also have a surten person running the test this time. Since Lovepron had a few hundred years to get everyone’s trust. He decided to take his chance stating that he would take the best care for Silver especially. Maybe they should have taken him as a possible threat more seriously.

He went for Shima first deciding to kill Shima as a practice target. While she was alone during the test Shima asked to look at one of the answers. “Cheater!” Lovepron yelled. He aimed a raging fireball at her, it was stopped in mid air. Silver had seen the errors in the ways he protected his comrades. So he actually put undetectable force fields around the three he had left. He knew that for some reason being in close proximity to him was increasing there lifespans exponentially.

If your wondering what each of their test were. Shima has to take a regular quiz in a classroom with 1000 questions and no time limit. Ali has to run on a wheel that flowed through time. Onon had to calculate more than 70 exobites of data in less then 10 minutes. Silvers was the weirdest. He had to be put in these bubbles with a surten number of buttons to press in absolute order to escape to the next level. Round one, 11 thousand, round 2, 1 billion, and so on and so on. He finished in about a year.

The others were already done a while ago, there fields were faded away by now this test didn’t matter that much but it was the perfect distraction. Shima was stabbed, Silver went to try and stop the blood but Shima was far to old to survive the energy it would take to help her. “Damn it not again, Onon Ali get behind me now! That’s an order.” He screamed. As Onon looks around to locate Silver she’s turned into scrap metal in seconds. Running in tears, Silver grabbed Ali and ran faster then he had ever ran before. Ali looks around it’s all darkness the light can’t move fast enough to reach her eyes. It’s scary but oddly enough thrilling running along for there lives, Silver patted her head. Out of left field a portal was opened but not by Silver, though the feeling he got from it wasn’t half bad. They woke up in a place where, everything was so neon in color that he actually thought thing were glowing for a second.

It was surreal to say the least. These strange beings similar in stature to Ali walked up and greeted them with smiles. Silver on the other hand didn’t know how to react for some time, to for all he knew it could just be some fucked up trick to get his friends last friend out of the picture. But no it seemed genuine, “Hello friends wanna stay with us for a little while,” he said sure. They went to a small cottage that wasn’t even tall enough for Silver to go in without getting on his knees. The little yellow creature was the one to show them around the cottage, and give them a tour of the village.

“Silver what gives, I thought me an Onon were the only one’s of my kind.” Alieata said nervously. Silver had away to comunícate with thought alone, “gah I don’t what this is but if we’re both seeing it it’s no hallucination. I’m not sure what’s happening but don’t leave my sight,” Silver told her. She in turn grabbed the yellow thing in held him in the air. His strange blue eyes almost mimicked Ali’s perfectly. He screeches at her to let him down, then one of his eyes turns red, he lunged at Silver with unreal speed but she knew that Silver was far faster then even this.

He grabbed the thing and pushed him to the ground, he got up with no memory of what had just happened. “Do you guys wanna sign up for the live in roommates project. Well let’s get you guys a power level and class reading. “Oh you mean that thing where I get ranked with the system from Normal to Triigan,” Silver said. “Yup!” The creature said. They were gonna be ranked properly so they could do things that fit there level. Silver had Ali go first, she stepped and got scanned by the machine, it spit out a little paper and it read, class God power level, infinity. Everyone including Silver was shocked she’s that powerful! Anyway Silver was up next.

Class Umbrit, power level gogel, the machine broke after that. “Holy Shit, what are you!” He yelled out. “Okey what’s your name man,” Silver continued. “If you wanna see my day like this I at least want a name.” “Okey fair enough, Rodrick, Rodrick Elanad.” Rod said. “Well anyway there’s literally nothing that can be dangerous to you here, so-,” he was cut off.

“Hi the names Stella Banshwits. Nice to meet ya fuck me,” Stella said as she walked in. Silver declined that saying that if she knew how old he was that adatude would change like yesterday. They talked it seemed Stella wanted a powerful pair like them in her group and a bit of other stuff. Ali got in between them saying that Silver was her’s. Stella look her dead in the eyes and said. “Do you wanna get a DNA test to well were at it,”(To use the A-91 you had to give it some of your DNA to base the oranisum off of so Silver gave it a little blood). “No we don’t,” Ali insists. Stella clearly had a thing for Silver. Silver walked over and said sure. He and Ali would join her and Rod, in their group and have a little fun on the side.

Silver zoned out and started thinking of random things eventually he thought about space, then that lead to his grandfather. He asked “Ellis Katmaz heard of that name,” as a little experiment to see if what he heard was true. Rod and Stella went on a tangent about how time and space were originally discovered to be bendable. “One million and 53 years ago I believe,” added Rod. “Okey forget it I was just testing something,” Silver said. They went abut the rest of the day He got to see of the the cute and weird little creatures, it was kind of fun.

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