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Father of Mayhem

An idea....

The date was July 2nd, 1968, I was working on a technical breakthrough. I was going to create a vessel, that would be able to sail the seas of space and time. Instead of going from one side of the universe to the other in let’s say several trillions of years. Say doing it in like twenty. And we already have a civilization based far enough away so that we could have plenty of time to slow down and land safely.

One year later....

We have all of the set up but we need someone who can potentially wait for something past 50 years in a small vessel. It would be absurd to ask this of someone over the age of 40, so I will go. To test the capabilities of the craft. Besides my wife can chat with me using the comunicación system I installed at our house. This is sounding more and more real. Like something that’s actually gonna happen.

Six months later....

I’m almost done with training, it already been a trip non the less the fact that I haven’t left yet. I’m working on zero G training in a huge deep pool. Mean while craft has a name “Sailor Of The Infinte Sea’s,” or “SOTIS,” for short.

I went home and finally managed to impregnate my darling Cresta, we had been trying for a while. She got tested, it’s sad that I won’t be able to help raise them. But maybe when he’s in his early fifties we can hopefully embrace for the very first time.

Two weeks later....

I’m off.... here to my journey and hopeful return. I gave a toast to myself, I took the glass and tapped it against the wall. The earth was magnificent from up here. We had a path set out where I go around the sun and get flung out towards Saturn. After I get there I circle Saturn and go from there to Nightronios. I get to Saturn in a few hours. The rest of the trip would be twenty years! So I put my self into cryogenic sleep. Those words they were the last thing to flow through my mind before I went under. “Don’t go gently into the darkness thrash and scream.... but don’t let yourself be swallowed up by the vast emptiness.”

One year later....

Did you know that vertigo, isn’t just a mental thing. It’s your body telling you how colossally you just fucked your self. Sorry my heads been filling up with some disturbing images. Either the situation is getting to me or my chamber needs to be looked at. I think it’s the latter. I’ll check. I get up and go to the underside of the machine and take a look. There a little bit more methane then I remember. Better just let some out what could possibly happen.

One year later....

I’m checking the route somethings very wrong, the navigation is telling me to go in all directions. The stars oh god! There are no stars in the sky just empty darkness extending out into infinity. Is this what’s outside the observable universe. Is this behind the vale of even time itself. Hold on I can see the light years it should be only around 2000 from home. Holy fuck! I’m so far away that the computer is just spitting back symbols an gibberish. I’m royally fucked aren’t I. Well I’ll instead set course for any place I can stop.

Two thousand five hundred fifty five years later....

I think time is relative like if you don’t have anything else to compare it to then what’s the point. I know it’s been a long time but I look the same age because of the chamber. Anyway I had just got off at a nice looking space station. My darling Cresta and our baby boy Ronald.

We talked had ate and had some time to ourselves after the little guy was in bed. “Ellis I need to tell you something,” Cresta said urgently. “Honey you know you can tell me anything,” I told her. “Look, you’re not.... your please don’t get mad... okay I need you to promise me something,” she said. “Sure,” I confirmed. “You’re not really here.... this place me I don’t know what your seeing but I’m not the love of your life or son or whatever he’ll I’m supposed to be.” She was crying. “I know that even though you promised you won’t like what you will really see.”

I asked her. “Well what are you then. Trust me I’m ready to know the truth,” she looked at me and said “please forgive me,” please forgive what....

I woke up in this strange sticky liquid. I walked around. I look in the reflection in a broken glass. I’m malnurished! And naked. I hear that same beautiful voice and come running. The monster I saw can’t be described with words.

I wake up. It’s been 18 years. In a beautiful technological paradise. Was all of that a Dream, even so I won’t be going back any time soon. I sent a message to earth saying that the tech was a success. Because of the time difference it had actually only been 2 years back on earth. So I told everyone to send people here that the time was much longer for me.....

Silver was reading something about his grandfather father since people mentioned him a lot but Silver had never actually looked into it. He was surprised how dark the mans nightmares were though so that was interesting. Stella came bursting into the room, she grabbed Silver and dragged him to the mall they went shopping for some random stuff that they might need on there so called quest. Silver had a feeling that nothing here would possibly be anything like the other world.

They went home got ready and started checking for something that Rod needs for a machine that will scan the area and give them a reading of how many of the creatures were infected with a virus. Silver was pretty relaxed the whole time. One day Stella snuck up on him. She stood on top of his chest and looked into his eyes. She knew he was hiding some dark secret. Ali came in and tackled Stella.“Look if you ever get curious about it, don’t,” for some reason She actually took Ali’s advice for the first and only time.

There was something about Ali and Silver that was different from any other organism in there world. It was like they had seen something together that none of them could comprehend.

They went off to look at the infected. They were all gathered behind an old research facility, it was pretty easy to find because of the large convenience that the infected glow in a tangent red. Then it happened they hadn’t seen Silver’s darkness unlike Alieata. One of the infected tried sneaking up on him from behind. Silvers whole body went jet black, with a wide smirk revealing razer sharp fangs. In a suffocatingly deep voice that resonated with the ground itself. Said “End all!” And crushed the poor things skull in the blink of an eye. Whoa whoa whoa, WHAT! Dude you don’t need to kill them, your supposed to bring them back alive.” Stella shouts out. “Dude what fuck was that! Overkill much,” Rod added. Ali tells them that Silver and her need a moment.

“Dude what was that? I’ve seen you before but you normally don’t actually change fucking color!” Ali remarks. “ I’m sorry for doing that but I actually don’t even remember it, I figured I killed him by the after math. I don’t know what just came over me but maybe I need to take it easy,” Silver admitted “yeah no shit Sherlock,” Ali said sarcastically. Maybe a little R and R would be nice Silver thought to himself. “

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