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Dinner In Hell

Leaving a peaceful world....

Silver had had a nice time and had eventually made up his mind on going back home. He said his goodbyes and made a portal appear, Silver took one last look at his current surroundings. “I like the way you people live, you have problems but there so mellow,” Silver stated. “Again I cannot even begin to imagine where you come from but even still I wish you good luck,” Rod told him. They were off starting a new adventure, He stepped into the portal and Ali walked closely behind him. They ended up back on that Planet from all those years ago. “The mansion,” Silver said aloud with bitter nostalgia coursing through his veins.

The mansion once proud and mighty, stood with nothing but a stump of metal to its former glory. In fact every building that had ever been was nol. There was literally nothing left waiting for him for them. The two out of the original group that had survived all of this time. Silver was the one to break the silence. With a long held frustration that he had to let loose. “Why.... why did you take advantage of your own father. Why did you kill my only son. WHY WHEN ASKED ABOUT CERTAIN EVENTS TAKING PLACE DID YOU HOLD OFF ON TELLING ME UNTIL NOW!” Silver yelled writhing in pure frustration. He ripped a decent portion of hair from his scalp. He then stares at Ali in a way that he’s never looked at anyone or anything before.

“I’ve had hardships to you know!” Silver was shocked he’d never seen her actually mad at him, he decided it better to let her talk rather than to fight it. After all he knew he probably deserves whatever she’s gonna say. “You think your so special cause your the fucking chosen one, that the people in your circle deserve more respect then anybody else! I had to survive for almost thirteen years on my own, yes I know it wasn’t your fault but still! I don’t care how you treat or look at me but I’m sick of your whiny arrogant bullshit. It’s been so long you, you yes GOD FUCKING DAMN IT YOU! Don’t ya know that others exist others may bring a perspective to the table that you don’t. I know for a fact that you can’t see five feet in front of yourself because your to focused on staring into that mirror of your own vanity all fucking day. I went through hell to find you.” Alieata was exhausted.

Silver looked at her with a smile. Ali was for just a second, genuinely scared because she thought Silver would reciprocate. But instead... “thank you so much, to finally see your true colors. It’s fantastic because you can act greatfull as you wish but beneath the mask is a burning rage a fire that is your inner most thoughts, emotions and desires. You’ve done it you finally let yourself free! Why would I be mad at that.” Silver laughed. Ali started laughing walking closer and closer until she was right next to him, she looked up at him and smiled and before biting his arm. “Had a little more,” Silver questioned, Ali nods.

The two of them, went to an old security unit because he knew they had still remained active.... after all this time. “Hey can I borrow a spacecraft,” he asked. “Well actually there’s only one but.... we’re very old and we don’t have anywhere else to call home we could go but all of our dreams wouldn’t come with us. We would rather die here then anywhere else. It’s been an honor serving under you.” Silver was blushing he had never knew that people thought of him that way.

He couldn’t put words into the way he appreciated what they did. They went to nightronios. They found a letter by the door of there shared apartment, it asked that the two of them be.... basically worshiped at a dinner party. Silver excepted since they had nothing else going on obviously. He seriously should have realized what would have happened but couldn’t because his mind was still adapting, to the old and cruel ways of his home world.

They were getting ready. Ali found a cute bow tie, Silver had gotten a tuxedo with Hyperdunk’s instead of dress shoes.

Meanwhile at a laboratory....

“I think the creatures upstairs are going to send another person into the volcano,” said the lead scientist. The civilization that dwells miles above them, had talked for years about, “the one who’s true form could save us,” they are hell bent on finding this organism. And transforming it into death itself. “It sounds like a bunch of cult nonsense to me,” said another lab worker. They bickered back and forth but the plan was very heavily involved, with those on the surface. They got the machine ready to do what needs to be done, they haven’t gotten any new test subjects for a while.

Meanwhile meanwhile in the surface....

About one or two billion of these bird people live on this planet. They have a leader a profit, an anthropomorphic bird standing at about seven foot tall. He was over one thousand years old, there was a prophesy that a blue creature with an ally that could manipulate the very thabric of the universe. That this creature would be sacrificed and turned into a glorious weapon used to kill her dearest friend. He was simply too powerful, they thought he might eliminate them at any given moment. The guy who might have been in the opinions of his underlings “the best Pope ever,” there religious tendencies resembling that of Christian believers, to an uncanny level.

Back at the apartment....

The Popes name Lucifer, “pretty ironic if you ask me,” Silver said when he read this supposed, letter from a self declared holy man. They got on a ship it was only thirty thousand light years. That’s what like a three hour trip so a six hour commute.

On A Planet Of Stupidity....

Silver parked the ship on a random building. He got off and jumped down to the streets. It was a bustling steampunk looking place. Ali followed shortly, they went to the capital where Lucifer greeted them. He said that for some reason Ali had to be dressed up, she would just be taken to get ready for a few minutes. Silver had enough experience with this. “No she stays with me at all times,” he said. They bickered for a while, then Ali said that there was a shop that looked really interesting.

Silver reluctantly let her go as to not seem creepy. Little did he know how detailed a plan can be, turned out that if people wanna go against him it’s possible just unrealistically hard but still possible.

Later tha night Silver was waiting at the door he had found a nice table to sit with Ali. Though he had to admit that things were pretty lax ,without the bitch. He opened the doors, there were two of these eleven foot tall guards. They told him he wasn’t welcome he looked behind them. Alieata, was held in chains in tears being pulled by non other then Lucifer. They headed up a flight of stairs, Silver was pissed. He snapped his fingers and the guards were blown to bits. Chunks of flesh rain everywhere. Silver walked around the palace, the guards coming one after another and dying, the same way as the ones before hand. He found Ali and Lucifer, at the edge of a huge pit that “leads straight into the underworld,” as the bird guy put it. Silver ran towards him. He was strong stronger then even Silver.

With one wing he beat Silver until he eventually passed out. Hitting him again and again unrelentingly, Silver was seemingly un able to be of equal match to this foe. Ali was terrified now, she hadn’t ever seen him get beaten up like that before. He lay sprawled out on the floor bleeding from, a large gash on his head. Alieata was thrown into the pit. she screamed for help.

Silver.... was in a strange place. He was enveloped in a purple light. And for a moment that was all he could see, eventually he was taken back years and years. To a different place he was about sixteen at the time. He was sitting with Ali and the others in a penthouse somewhere in a big city. The wind pushing against the glass window next to the pool, the traffic hundreds of feet below them bustling loudly.

Ali looked him dead in the eyes and said “can I have-,”she was cut off as the purple came back and took him back to the beach vacation. A carnaval game runner; sitting on his stool waiting for his shift to end. he tapped his head with his fingers to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. He looked him in the eyes and said. “Power-,” he was cut off as Silver was swept through his own memories as of they weren’t his own. They were trying to spell out something. “Can I have your power, you lost control, I need control, I can give you control,” Silver muttered out. Still in this dream, “control...CONTROL.... CONTROL! You want me to hand over my body to save.... her,” he thought about what he had just said.

“But she treats me like crap. Why would I save her,” the memories started talking again. “She’s... all... I.... have,” Silver thought hard for a moment. Whatever this was it was right, he didn’t have any other friends who understood him like her, maybe that’s why he had kept her around for so long. Silver wasn’t gonna lose something like that. Without a fight!

His body lay motionless but a white entity phased into existence, on top. It had nubs for hands and feet. And to black circles for eyes. It stood at over 12 foot. In height. It also had huge wings that span almost twenty feet, it’s movement was glitchy like it’s body moved like static in tv. It launched its form at Lucifer at unimaginable speed. It in a split second had the man, completely beaten within an inch of his life and then. He vaporizes him. After that the thing enters Silver and he wakes up but it was to late. She was gone. Dead! As it seems. He obliterated the planet in a minute flat. Leaving nothing to rot.

Little did he nor the bird know. There was a machine at the bottom of the pit right over the lava. The laboratory staff had sedated her and put her into a cryogenic chamber for an experimental project.

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