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Something Is Very Wrong

In the Laboratory....

Something is very wrong with tests subject 0261 or Ali as we later found while looking at her memory with the brain scanner. I’m the lead scientist at *********** industry’s and we are working on the idea of permanent cryogenic sleep. Normally a person can survive even a few centuries in the chamber but we wanna break the mold push the limits. So we want to see if they can be put in indefinitely.

We pull put them in for all intensive purposes, induced death! Sorry got off track there, We put 0261 in a few days ago and just now integrated her into the system. Even though she’s completely unconscious. She’s talking, it’s faint but audible. Like a really hush whisper. This is what she’s saying “it’s so hot... no that’s not right it’s burning. It’s burning so much I’m starting to shiver.” I don’t know what that means but still little bit creepy.

10 days later....

It’s been two weeks and sorry I neglected to tell my name it’s Raon Schwarz. Anyway it’s been two weeks and subject 0261 won’t stop talking. Except now the things she’s saying are getting worse so so much worse. “We’re all going to the center, the center is very bad. No bad is the center. I don’t want to go but I have to even though I’m scared. There are an imeasurable amount of us we’re all so scared, so cold and very hungry. It’s so dark here that my eyes are burning. Please make it stop. You don’t know true pain until you see the masses of souls who don’t want the center too much. They get to be crushed, and meet the nothingness first. Actually I think there the lucky one’s...

We all saw how much pain she was in, it seemed being separated from her friend has somehow impacted her health. I Know their connection runs far deeper then we think. We decided it would be beneficial for study purposes and the fact that we couldn’t possibly just sit there and what her suffering. To put her in an LTS, Long Term Simulation. She may keep talking but she won’t be seeing or feeling those horrible things ever again. Note “she started sweating profusely for just a moment, the thing is the chamber sits at absolute zero so...”

Meanwhile in LTS program: (Heaven)

I woke up standing at an impossibility tall golden arch gate. There was a bearded man who asked me how I died. I told him what I thought was true, “I was thrown into the volcano. I walked in and everyone greeted me, they were all of my friends. Onon, Aluma, Milazha and the others. They we’re acting a little different, not like doing weird things but doing thing they normally wouldn’t do or care about. I looked at the ground it was completely glass so you could look down and see earth. And all the people doing whatever their doing.

I fell asleep and woke up in this beautiful modern house in the middle of nowhere. It was surreal there was a blizzard raging outside and I got to stay nice and cozy in my home. I had a nice breakfast with eggs and buttered toast with Scottish hot chocolate. I sat by the window looking out at the tundra, it was mesmerizing.

I invited everyone to come over and chill, get it chill. Anyway everyone but Silver showed up. That must mean he’s the.... only one waiting alone in the vast emptiness. I heard a faint noise turn into the sound of Onon calling my name. I asked her what’s up, she said I had been staring at the wall for hours and was worried I’d get “to close.” What the hell does that mean.

Meanwhile in the laboratory....

I think she might become self aware soon she may realize that she’s in stases. If she woke up we wouldn’t stand a chance against her, crap what do I do.

Meanwhile in the surface....

A young bird gurl probably about 11 years old, was standing outside when it happened. An archaic throne appeared in the middle of town square. Then a tall man appeared sitting on it, the girl walked closer and saw the far away look in his eyes. Her parents screamed for her to get away from him but she couldn’t hear them over this instinctual urge to look at his eyes. They were a deep purple.

All of a sudden the sky went dark, every one except her had seemingly not noticed the jet black void that was the new sky. The man spoke, “sit little one,” the girl did as told and sat on one of the arm rests of the throne. Then everyone every person in the middle of the random things they were saying, would make this strange noise in unison. They did that occasionally until their individual conversations molded into one strange set of sounds that were more guttural then anything she had ever heard. “Osh mine des oct prov la mae yak do I’m lay ov teca,” they all said in unbroken unison. Things turned from bad to worse when the man looked at her and told her that she would remain untouched just because she seemed nice.

All of the birds started looking down at the concrete, there eyes went green and melted on to the ground to all congeal together. Into a huge green thing that’s starts to eat everything in sight just my floating near them. After it has destroyed there world the man gets up he is a little taller then she thought he was about the same height as the Pope. Then he left her just left her to die he hadn’t actually cared he only had her to calm him but now her use was expired.

Silver flys away with for the first in his life, no destination in sight.

One Billion Years later....

He came to in the middle of nowhere no stars no light pouring in from any direction. He had no idea how he had got there though he knew. He must have been floating there for years he had no idea how long he had been there but he didn’t care for once he didn’t care to stop whatever was happening. He had no goals left to achieve since they were all ment to be accomplished by him and his friends. He sat there and thought for a moment, he saw thousands of different worlds being completely destroyed by one entity. Him it was him, except this time there was no way to signal to the past or find anything else but blackness in this emptiness of a void. He had forgotten his own name, what he looked like, who he was. None of it all he could call back was a blank.

He just sat there not unlike a newborn child, he had no idea what to do or how to do anything. Presumed to be the only living thing left in the universe, he just started to waiting. For something anything.... just waiting.

Meanwhile in the 0o29;$&@.?>{*~!{^,[email protected]&:$??....

The Age Of Annihilation.... Had just begun....

“Milazha your name was, well I’m going to make your very existence something that you will only regret in the end.” A raspy voice said from the darkness. “Yeah well try me bitch!” The cat said as he spit in the ground. A cloaked figure appeared and tightened the straps on the table Milazha was on. The figure picked up a set of pliers and snapped them onto Milazha’s tail. He then clamped down. “Ahhh.... fuck man I get it but I’m already gone what the hell else do you wanna take from me.” The strange being knew that he wouldn’t talk, he seemingly gave up after a while.

It was funny to say the least, the being was so wrapped up in his own rage. That he had his own hallucination; a fake sense of victory, from torturing a nonexistent foe! Brem really had himself fucked this time.

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