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In the Void....

Now he it starts growing and changing over a huge span of time. At first he just sat curled up crying for whatever reason then he got bored. So he just sat there and waited, waited and waited. He had completely lost his sense of time. Three seconds and three billion years were one in the same to him because you see, he had realized that ideas like time and motion were relative. In all time is really just a measurement of change in a given environment. But if there’s nothing that changes then there’s no way to tell how long it’s been. And motion if there’s nothing to look at he could be stationary or he could be moving impossibly fast but there’s no possible way for him to gage anything with out some form of change in one way or another.

Let’s say you have four dimensions, leight, distance, depth and time. No throw all of those out the window because we have blackness.... that’s it. Okay lest say your trying to get from point A to point B but you. Somehow made the mistake of going so far out of your way that you not only flew by point B. But somehow ended up at point Z your so far from anything that you could have ever known. It’s equal parts everything you thought it would be and nothing you could have ever imagined.

And Immposible amount of time later....

Several entire generation’s had passed in and out by this point.

Lately he went into a place in his mind where he could relive his old memories simply because he hadn’t made any new ones. He started, thought about each and every event in his life one by one, he forgot them. He forgot who his friends were, he forgot his past life, dreams and hobbies. Nothing was left.... except two things the day his parents had disappeared and the day he found out what happened to them. He couldn’t remember who these strange people were, they weren’t familiar at all but for some reason or another. He would always have those two events playing in his mind like a broken record.

Time and time again he watch his family writhing in agony as they found out, that there fellow endeavorers were the people they had most hoped they weren’t. They had nothing except the fact that there was someone on the outside looking for them. And “I stole that, from whoever these people are I stole something invaluable.... Hope,” he thought to himself. And cried, he was in shock that he knew these people were important but couldn’t tell who they were.

But eventually all things fade. He soon forgot even the people he loved with all of his being. He started changing right about there. He started losing limbs but by bit, having the emptiness replaced by a black light. Eventually he was formless. He had no permanent shape or size.

One day....

He saw living things and they looked sentient, he went over and introduced himself but soon found that they were just figures of his imagination.

“That’s it!” Said a voice emanating from inside him. “No please don’t dot this,” said another one. He passed out and two of these glowing orbs, each about the size of a tennis ball, came out of him. One was orange and the other was blue. “Look I’m, we’re very old and I think it’s time to-,” it was cut off. “No, no it’s not please you have to stay so we can wait this out and come out stronger then ever before.” The other one said.

“It’s been so long already and I think that now would be a good time to leave this world,” the first one stated. It was so done so tired of living and all it really wanted now was.... death. And the other one it was just as old but much more optimistic, what it really wanted was to know that together they really could accomplish anything. That the two of them as this entity this strange and powerful being. They together were the sole of this creature.

Normally the sole is just one entity but because of the gargantuan time scale, it split into two pieces one that wanted to die, the other that wanted to push forward. They bickered for a millennia. And then.

Please don’t go I wanna stay,” begging the first one. “You can stay but goodbye I’m done,” and with that it faded away into a million little bits. The other one was left completely alone and since the body needs the whole soul. It simply ceased to be.

The entity alone scared and naked, decided on searching for it lost companion thinking that it must have been a trick and that there no way their gone. Though they weren’t technically wrong. It searches for billions of years finding every remote corner of existence and nothing. But little did they know there counterpart had left something, something very special. You see they were two half’s of a whole but they weren’t equal. One had all the power that had built up over the years. And the other was about as strong was Silver was when he was 11.

It had left all of the energy it had spread across the universe, so that little by little at an unnoticeabily slow pace. The other was getting stronger! Far far stronger then even the one who granted him this gift. So in away they would always be together but just in a sense of the heart.

One day....

Quite a bit of time after the beginning, of The Age Ultra Modernazation....

They it this entirely new thing had escaped the void and found civilians that weren’t killed in the world extermination years ago. It realizes that it probably shouldn’t show itself as just light. So instead it picks a form that it remembers. It transformed into a large black cat, with one key difference from his friend in old times. The eyes they were deep purple ocean’s. It had evolved into an organism that had no need for gender.

It was the most efficient being. It called itself a male just so people wouldn’t find out what it really was. He walks over to this building in the middle of space. He sits down and sees a Snow White spider with glistening blue eyes. It was about a meter in height and maybe 120 pounds. Just for reference of size.

It walked over to greet the cat and introduced herself. He her name was Sayika. She talked to him about this waiting room which was for a form to get a home in these almost empty region. He had to let his feelings out for just a second if he was ever going to get used to this new lifestyle. He screamed and then hugged Sayika. She blushed in turn. She asked his name, he thought about it and said “Luasia,” “oh that’s an interesting one,” she said.

Sayika asked if he would wanna love with her since she kinda had a thing for him. “What the hell,” he said gladly. They moved into this big place on a planet called Zepda. They went to bed and yes they slept together, a spider and a cat, “get ideas mother fuckers. That was me Lonan. Talking to you by the way just to make sure you guys knew,” they woke up and got some coffee an bagels. The two of them went around the town together, when Sayika asked when his birthday is since her was coming up,” he studered and said, “May 20th 2005,” “What! How like what.... how is that, your bullshiting me,” she yelled out. “What’s so crazy about my birthday,” Luasia said. “Well it’s the 28 dectillionth century first of all. Which I’ve heard of people who are about a couple thousand years old, but they look like it. You look like your about thirty 31, but if your not messing with me. It would mean your the oldest living thing alive, which would also put you in the ranks of the supremeanete’s at least.

Dude we gotta get your energy scan then we will see if your lying or not,” Luasia agreed and they went to a scanner in the doctors office. They strapped the cat in and out came the results. “Oh my god,” the doctor said with unease. “What, what does it say,” Sayika asked. He looks at Luasia and back at Sayika. “It says his power level is, incomprehensible... and that his class is something called Triigan, I’ve never even heard of that,” “so your telling me he’s so powerful that the scale just spits back that,”

The only way he could’ve gotten that is so slowly build it up from an already large source, the doctor thought to himself. He told them to go the museum of earth. It might spread some more information on this whole thing. They went.

Luasia looks at the records recorded in the data system and found his own birth on nightronios. And his flight back to earth proving his age in the process.

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