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One year later....

For the one year anniversary of when Luasia and Sayika started there relationship, they thought it would be fun to go on a cruise. Luasia was shocked at how normal everything had been even though, he was in what he believed to be the distant future. Something was very off about this situation but in a way Luasia knew it was for the better that He search for answers later.

They got on the ship at 12 am the next day. The two of them got a first class sweet on a ship called the Omniscient Star. They set sale at about 2:30 pm starting a mouth long voyage on an alien sea. Luasia had noticed that the water looked more like a fog or mist of some kind then any ocean he had ever seen before. Luasia asked why the water was a mist with a purple hue, Sayika responded stating “well this planet is many times larger then earth. As such the water is put in much higher quantities and much deeper seas, which means that it looks like that because it’s being stretched out by both gravity and time.”

“Damn,” Luasia said after hearing her. Later she found him crying in the room eating some macaroni with chicken tenders. “What’s wrong,” she asked. “How do I know that your real,” Luasia said with tears still flowing. “Oh you figured it out that fast huh,” Sayika mumbled to herself. “What,” He said. “Oh nothing,” she responded. “Like how do I know if this is just a dream, and I’m actually still rotting away in the void. I mean it sounds crazy I should be able to separate thought from reality but I can’t. You see I had to dig into my head and let my imagination take hold of my surroundings. What if I’m still rotting skin and bones sitting in that desolate hell scape.”

“Love can be all powerful but it can also have you questioning if it’s even there at all,”

“Oh well trust me when I say that your here, I have memories and a family and a life before I met you,” she comforted him. Luasia went out on deck and danced around and got some dinner. They met another couple at dinner. “Hey were the Schwartz’s,” said the middle aged woman at the opposite side of the table from them. “Hi we’re not married just yet,” Luasia said with a laugh. They talked for a while and the four of them all seemed to get along, they thought about going to hang out in one of there rooms. The man said that he would be delighted to show off there expensive sweet.

“So I must know, how on earth did you two make this much money,” Sayika asked. The man talked about how he was the top dog in surten business. Luasia got a little suspicious, he asked him “what kind of businesses do you run.” The guy looked around seemingly checking for cameras or something of that nature. “Oh nothing to crazy, I gamble in a bit of sales.” He said with a dull smirk on his face.

Later that night Luasia snuck into their room and checked all of the closet’s, he had found exactly what he was expecting but even still it struck him cold. It was a human woman chained to the wall with some sort of black glue keeping her mouth shut, she had bruises and drying tears all over her face. Her eyes, they were blood shot beyond anything reasonable. He grabbed her and took her to his room. He got her some water and a dinner special from the restaurant upstairs.

Luasia then called thecaptain's deck to explain the situation. Five minutes later the man is desperately banging against the door with this shoulder, saying he needs her. Luasia opens the door and looks him dead in the eyes. The next thing anyone knew the man ceased to be as if he were never alive at all. The staff interviewed the guys wife who had said, seemingly genuine, that she had come in the ship alone and had never gotten married in the first place.

Sayika asked him what he had done. Luasia said, “oh I just showed him the exit.” She hadn’t ever seen this darkness about him but now it’s was all she could see. His eyes never dwindled. It seemed almost as if he was being modest around her but if he was ever shaken up like now he wouldn’t have any trouble showing his real colors.

They got off at an island pretty far from anywhere else. It was apparently a tourist attraction. They rented a beach cabin on the other side of town. Luasia thought for a moment. He asked Sayika is there was any sort of thing or entity that controles what happens in the universe. She said that there’s this strange old man how lives isolated in the mountains up north.

Luasia then teleports away, after searching for a while he found a super secluded mansion in the middle of the mountains. He broke in though a window, and found a sixty year old man in an all white tuxedo. The man was startled by the sudden intruder. “Let me ask you a few questions before I do something I regret. Your older then you look correct?” Luasia asked with a sinister tone. “Ahh yes I am but who are-,” the man was cut off. “Umm I ask the questions here. Are you fate.... do your remember the name Katmaz,” all of his memories were flooding back making an unseen rage all the more clear.

“Oh god?! Yes but you have to understand what happened to them was so the flow of time wouldn’t fluctuate. You must know if I could change thing I would but you can’t I’ve never heard of anyone who ever could,” the man stumbled back. “Oh so it was you,” he let out a psychotic laugh. “Well I can but first.... you and I are going to play a little game, it will be super fun for me but I don’t think you’re gonna like it very much,” Luasia pulled out some duct tape and a knife. The man ran away as fast as he could but Luasia had already thought of that he had an in penetrable barrier wrapped all through out the walls and of course doors of the place.

Luasia morphed in this slow horrific process back into his human form. The grabbed the guys hands and tapped them to a chair. He also did the same with the guys feet. He then proceeded to aggressively make out with the poor dude. After that he grabbed the knife and slowly pushed the blade back and forth into the mans jawline. Once his face was cut open Luasia checked to make sure he was still alive, he was. The mans was then placed on the edge of the table with his teeth touching the wooden surface. He was screaming except it was very muffled because he was also gurgling blood. Luasia then stomped powerfully onto the mans lower head. The dude gurgled in anguish. His teeth were pretty much nonexistent at this point.

He then grabbed the guy and took him out side, he was in to much pain to move so there was no way for him to escape. The man thrashed violently as he was taken and put in the back seat of his car. A jumper cable was clamped onto the mans penis and then, “huaraghh, FUUUUUUUCK EH WHYYYY!,” the dudes penis was fried to a crisp. After that nightmare Luasia finished by ripping of his toenails over the course of an hour, pouring salt, vinegar, rubbing alcohol and lemon juice into the wounds. Before finally shooting the guys head at point blank range with a Glock 43.

He then transformed back into a cat and teleported back to the cabin. Sayika looked at him there was something different about him that was at first glance hard to find. “Dude the darkness in your eyes... it’s gone, you must have found some sort of mega Xanax huh,” she told him. He simply said “yeah,” and that was the end. The end of well a time with no way to find closure. What else would it be!

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