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A New Era

A few months later....

“Boom!” Sayika yelled as she walked out wearing a beautiful dress, they were going to a party, it was the celebration of the woman they saved finding a new life. Luasia had showed off his human form a few months ago on the cruise back from the island. They left at about six and got there at seven in the evening. Luasia had become sort of a legend, the guy he killed had a lot of shitty things being done to a load of other people in the city.

Any how the party was great but it made Sayika think about Luasia’s birthday, it was coming up in just 10 day’s. he would be insanely old either way but it would be nice for him to get a meaningful present since he did so much for everyone even though he had only been here one and a half years. The reason they didn’t celebrate his other birthday was because he actually hid it from them, but this time they snuck into his room and got the date on a slip of paper. Sayika met up with some of her friends to discuss ideas, they all came to the mansion when Luasia was out doing his own thing in town.

They knew he was older them, they went to look at the earth history museum for something that he might want. “Hey does he like shoes?” One of the girls mentioned. “Actually I don’t know,” replied Sayika. They asked the museum owner to show them anything related to Luasia, they searched through a catalog of everything it had to offer and then they hit gold a note. Obviously not just any note but a special one.... a note his parents wrote to him and that his family signed for the distant future. They wanted there son there oldest boy to have the note so he would have something to remember them by long after they were gone.

“Oh my god, this.... this could-,” Sayika was cut off by another friend of hers. “It could be the perfect thing to pair with a gift that Luasia would love,” they asked how much the note would be it was about 10 million roadiam. Sayika has the money though so they got the note and a special casing for it, none of them actually read it because they wanted Luasia to be the first. They looked around the museum some more and found a popular pair of sneakers. From the late 2010’s called Hyperdunk’s, they got one in blue camuflaje, they had already checked for the size they needed.

He was just under 7 feet tall and so just to make sure she was right. Sayika took one of his boots. It was a size 18 which was huge but still findable in most places. They put the note in the box, got some cool wrapping paper from a nearby crafts store and drove home. Everyone was going to hide until after because this was supposed to be an intimate moment with each other.

The day came the two of them were on their driveway, everyone else was hiding behind a large tree near the home. “Luasia.... it’s your 28 to the 81st power birthday, so I bought you a gift,” she handed it to him excitedly. “Oh you didn’t have to get anything,” Luasia said while looking at the smiley faces on the crinkles of the wrapping paper from the store down the street. He was genuinely wondering, what she would have gotten for him. He slowly tore open the paper revealing a shoe box, he was a sneaker head so that meant a lot to him that Sayika would even notice.

He opened the box...... and passed out right then and there, hitting his head on the car during the way down. He was brought to the hospital and woke up about an hour later. Luckily it was only minor shock, nothing that a good night rest couldn’t fix. The doctors told him, he wanted to know if Sayika’s friends were hiding behind the door this time was well. They weren’t, it was just him and her alone. He opened the box and read the note allowed. “Dear Silver, how ever old you are when you read this, all we want you to know is that.... we.... truly love you with all our hearts and wish you the best of adventures. We might not be in this world for much longer but know that no matter what, we will follow use using the stars themselves as a method of communication if need be. Hope you have a wonderful time with your new life but always remember us in your heart.” Signed Sk, Bk, David and Corey.

Luasia couldn’t take it he was crying, tearing up while reading and yelling at the wall once he was done. “I can’t possibly ever repay you for this,” he said as he hugged Her. Sayika has not once seen him cry, it was beautiful yet terrifying. Watching something so strong be brought to it’s knees, but beautiful because it was showing a side of him, she hadn’t seen before but also liked.

“Love can pull you from the depths of hell, but it can also put right back where you started,”

A few years later....

There was a warning of a nuclear bast, apparently Luasia’s little pin cushion had some plans for if he died. There was no real way to tell were the weapon would be brought in from. So Luasia had to be faster then ever before.

It wasn’t merely a bomb, it was a weapon the could disperse time and gravity in a way that would make things, strange. It would in fact make it seem as if time itself was flowing in all manner of directions. It would hit the center of the galaxy and it would have devastating effects on the entire universe.

“I’m not sure if you can die but, the thought of losing you... it hurts,” Sayika said as Luasia mentioned his plans to take the bomb head on. “I’m not sure I’ll make it either but please know that I will always love you,” he responded. Luasia then went looking for the weapon. He found it non active at the center of their galaxy. But the only way it would shut down completely would be to understand that the target IE Luasia was dead.

Knowing that people would be after him fate though to put them all in a system so that if he ever died he would still get sweet sweet revenge. So for the first time ever, he made himself much more mortal and ripped his own arm straight off. “Aghhhhh FUUCk!!” He screamed in a godly amount of pain. First he had grabbed the left shoulder and started clawing at the flesh, until he to the muscle tissue underneath. Luasia took a few minutes to compose himself. Then he bit straight into the flesh tears coming from his eyes were salty oh so salty, he had the tears in his wound. Then finally the bone. He brassed himself, since the temperature in space was so cold it would be the easiest part objectively. Yet it was so hard because of the fact that if this didn’t work he would have to abandon those that cared for him most of of any one he had left. “Five... four... three... two... ONE!”

He ripped it clean off from the shoulder down and tossed it into the center of the massive device. He would for the first time ever feel real.... raw physical pain. He came back home a few days later and just for the sake of not worrying Sayika, bought himself a robotic arm.

He was in the waiting room. when they took him in, apparently attaching the reminder of the nerve endings. would be more painful then the whole idea of losing it in the first place. He screamed as they operated as fast as possible. He came out and asked for something he could barrow to cover up the arm. They gave him a cloth and he tried his best to act like nothing happened but.

“Oh my god! Honey why how!” She screamed she had noticed it instantly. “God damn it that hurt but look I had to do it,” Luasia said. “Sure but you had never gotten physically injured before.... what made this any different.” Sayika begging to know the answer. “Well I had never seen time itself bent in such a away that well simply put it I was completely overwhelmed.” He told her.

10 years later....

Almost everything was normal except for Luasia’s permanent injury. He had tried to heal it but sadly it didn’t work. Everyone was used to seeing him with one organic arm. Time went on people grew and changed but there was something he couldn’t hold back any more.

What language are we speaking?” Luasia asked calmly. “Oh so you really did figure it out then huh,” Sayika said in a flat empty and emotionless tone. “Like I hear the words in my head but the syllables that come out of my mouth are hard to hear. But they are not the words I’m saying.” “Well.... this is the universal tone. It uses signals to get into your head though u understand the language perfectly after all you’ve beeen speaking it fluently since day one for the past 15 years.” Sayika said. She asked him to try saying something just as naturally as saying something in English. Which was archaic to them so they probably didn’t even realize that’s what he understood. But he tried it. “Achdl38;):&,$&|€~€|+.!|*~!|££.>\£\guy £абсладузв37;9;)&,!:’тавдсьсддалfjfuiddhdochdodnsjka8;!;8urxndukz777690()$)¥€~¥,¥,•~€|€.!~^]+\£,” he said with no different a way that he spoke English. “Oh shit,” he thought to himself. “;);86,:&:.{*~€|*>~€.!.€£isdhzinsвладво26:8(.&./$вгjfkfis378:738%{*hdjdjлапла,” ( meaning “look there’s a lot of unknowns right now but that’s all ok you love me we will get through this,” ).

They talked it out and Luckily Luasia agreed to stay on the conditions, that there would be no more secrets, No more sacrifices and no more pain. He said if there were any more of these bomb shells then he would “travel somewhere far away and never come back,” he told them that exactly.

Of course he still cares for everyone but he can’t keep risking it he’s to old one day. He could really lose it all, immortality wasn’t forever and his was starting to fade away.

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