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The Old Thing’s


His power was something completely different then it had originally started as. In fact it grew so much that, Luasia wanted to give it a such deserving name. “Divine Overrule,” he said. He had become a different person then the original Silver so as such he wanted to really signal that to anyone that knew him.

5 years later.....

Luasia was being driven home from school, or Silver at that time. Yes Silver was being driven home from school when they got home his mom opened the door. Let him out to go play in the backyard. He was maybe around seven years old. Dad called him in for dinner. Mom has made her amazing New York style pizza. His younger brother sat on a seat attached to a chair, his even younger brother sat in a high chair they ate well.

Silver got his pajamas on, mom tucked him into bed. He woke up in the middle of the night, to go over to mom and dad’s room like always. But when he opened the door, instead of there took it just opened into the vast emptiness of space. Silver closed the door quietly and ran back to his room. “Hey Silver do you know what happens when time is flowing backwards,” his mom said. All of a sudden it was morning but Silver was older he was maybe around nine.

His mom just stood their seemingly dead; giving him this down right evil glare. “You already got your turn now you think you get to go around again, WRONG! Time is a while that only spins in one direction.... up. You may frolic gaily in the infinite fields of nostalgia or you can face the fact that I’m no longer here so you in turn can stop thinking what if she were.” She said with a dark tone no human could possibly muster. Silver in turn wet himself. He blinked and he was an adult. The woman who still toward hundreds of feet in the air. Though she was rotting. “You left is for them,” the whole family said in perfect unison. They pointed at Alieata and Sayika. “She was my daughter-,” he was cut off.

“That bitch deflowerd my little night time star before he was ready. She knew who your were and didn’t tell you until later. Then there’s the other one after your little cosmic temper tantrum, you turned to her. Actually I like her she’s not as sexual as the others and she gave you our regards,” she told him. “Mom you don’t talk like that and neither do I,” Silver stated. “At least your not like this boy,” she said. All of a sudden they were sitting in a living room that Silver hadn’t ever seen before. Watching some show called Bates Motel. “This boy killed his mother even though she was the only thing that kept him sane. I wanted you to think about that,”

They moved again this time they were in the middle of what looked like a supernova. “This is what would have happened if you decided on keeping that arm of yours.” Luasia looked at his arm the electric system inside replaced his vascular system perfectly it was strange. But Luasia knew how it worked. They talked for hours before finally his mom mentioned language. He sighs because he knows what she wants to tell him. But instead she went on to explain the concept of time travel. It was complicated but it was completely from his own mind after all this was a dream.

Basically he had to make the atoms around him destabilize for about 10 thousand years and make sure not to let the same happen to his then he would be in the past sometime between 1999 and 2019 AD.

The next day....

“Ohh holy fuck,” Luasia said as he woke up. He went downstairs and saw Sayika making breakfast. For some reason that he couldn’t remember at the moment she just looked different. Not like she was actually different but more on line with the idea of his perspective changing. He ate breakfast like normal. But the more he thought about the dream, the more it came into light. “What would you say if I-,” Luasia was cut off. “No please don’t go I can do better,” Sayika bursted into tears. “No, no, no, yes I’ll leave but I would take you with me,” he elaborated.

“Look I was trying to crack travel to the distant past and I think I did it, yes I would take you with why not what’s stopping me. I love you for real and I thought I was your little kitten,” he said as he transformed into his form from the day they first met. “Yes I’ll go but when are we leaving,” she asked. Luasia explains that it’s dangerous for her to be in the vacuum of space.

So he went out and bought some parts to build a capsule that they can be in together. After building the pod, Luasia had to ask how they would get money. He thought for a moment. He created some of the earth currency around several trillion dollars and put it on a little card. They told everyone about their up coming voyage. After that they got in and Luasia handled the rest. It would take around ten thousand years of traveling to get there.

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