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Trip Of A Lifetime

In the Pod at the edge of Existence....

Luasia was remembering something when he fell asleep the first night in the pod. It was about 100 square feet, it was like a little RV. It had a small two person bed, a mini fridge connected to a pocket dimension, a window and some storage space. Luasia’s journey had just begun, he and Sayika were planning.... on traveling back more then 5 generations.

Things were different since time is flowing backwards, that means the same is happening to the light. Which meant that the light outside the window was actually taking from there eyes. So no matter what was out there, no matter how bright it could be. It simply would appear as an unchanged darkness.

Luasia thought about his past and remembered Ali. He remembered the day she was born like it was yesterday as such He thought back to that moment. He was holding a small brown creature; it said his name. He was blown away because it had only been born a few hours ago. It looked up and said Silver. He in turn looked down and said Alieata my beautiful baby girl. He gave her a bottle of milk that the facility had tones of, if he remembered correctly it was actually meant for the pursuit of creating artificial life. It successfully did so there was no question about that but when she disappeared she couldn’t have been more then two so. Who the hell would have a hit on her.

Time fluctuations.... it was that asshole fate. While Luasia remembered his own life Sayika did the same. She thought about her childhood.

“If leight coming towards your eyes is how you tell something’s there, if you take away the light that emits from the object, how do you know your not making it up. How do you know that whatever’s in front of you even existed at all, what would you do then,” Sayika muttered out loud.” Luasia was intrigued. So he secretly started observing her mind to, see what came up.

Sayika thought about her family life. Her farther seemed nice enough on the outside, “I mean usually they always do. It’s always the best strategy to throw people off by, not acting like anything is actually wrong. Luasia I know what your doing but I think you should know because it’s part of me. When I was little my mom and dad were pretty normal. But as soon as I turned five I was told that if I ever miss behave, that I would be sent into the darkroom.

When I finally made a mistake I got sent in there for the first time, it was for the amount of minutes to Mach my age. So I was in there for like 6 minutes but it felt way longer. And before I went in they would always tell me NOT! To go downstairs. See the room wasn’t that dark but there was a trap door in the corner. It was mat black. And I was told under no circumstance was I ever allowed in. So of course I speculated as children often do. And on my 7th visit I went down, it took a long time to get down like I had to climb down a ladder and it took like three minutes to touch the floor. Once I did I noticed something demented about the room. It wasn’t just dark it was darker then should be possible. Normally there’s pitch black. Somehow the room took light from nothing. The universe with its stary night sky, it’s trying to protect us from this.

Because this was true darkness, it wasn’t pitch black it was vantablack! It was sucking existence from where there simply was non. It... it was unreal. Then On the far wall to my left, right, I don’t know it somehow messed with my sense of direction. Actually it messed with all of my senses. I saw a mirror and in the reflection was a vivid array of colors. Some that I had never even seen or heard of. But that wasn’t possible I was in absolute darkness. Yet somehow my reflection came out, and started limping towards me. Then all of a sudden I hear the timer go off and mom came in and saw the door open. God knows how many feet up I see her jump all the way down and hit the floor in the most acrobatic way possible.

The shadowy reflection hissed and crawled back to whatever hell it came from.” She said Sayika began to puke. Luasia came over and put her to sleep. He then transported the waste into a pocket dimension.

Luasia thought for a moment. “Why would she lie it clearly didn’t go so nicely for her. Oh god that’s why she....,” Luasia realized exactly why she said that but for her it really wasn’t lying. She wasn’t saved back there wasn’t she.

He figured it out by reaching deeper into her head and piecing together the memories that didn’t tie up with the ones that even she didn’t know about simply because they were repressed to an insane amount.

She was never loved to begin with!” He thought to himself. He was mad; mad that someone would do that to anyone other then an enemy.

Time got to that same place it did, when Luasia was in the void. Sayika was confused so he told her how it worked. They eventually got to the year, 2018. They were on that same planet. From all those years ago not earth but where the mansion was except this time it was full of life. They were at the mall where Silver shops; as to not mess with there minds Luasia transformed into his little cat form.

Then he saw them. Silver, Onon and two others he didn’t remember. An enormous wolf like creature and a tiny little thing that looked like a cross between a bunny and a fox. Sayika walked straight up and introduced herself.He had no idea, who the hell they were but. He knew they were friends. He walked up to Silver. “Hey dude what are you up to,” Luasia asked. Silver dropped his bags, grabbed Luasia and hugged him. “Hey that’s a cool pair of shoes you got-,” Luasia was cut off. “Who are you?” Silver said while crying. There was no hiding the truth. Somehow both of them could sense each other.

Oddly enough, no one seemed to even really notice Sayika other then a “hi are you with him,” so yeah. She went around with Aluma and Yakima, they left Silver with Onon and Luasia.

Luasia whispers everything in Silver’s ear. He dropped to the ground, Onon tells Luasia to “back the fuck off!” “Excuse me,” Luasia says in a deep tone that shakes her soul. “Something tells me your world’s stronger then him,” she said. “That’s not normal to just find walking around.” “Luasia looks at her and somehow speaks directly into her mind. “DON’T! Question it,” he said.

They went to Silver’s place and hung out, until dinner. Luasia hadn’t done so in a long time but when he, Silver was about the age he is now he could really cook. Luasia was right Silver made dinner for all of them. Burgers with coal slaw, it was amazing. Silver asked why he was so different in the future. “Well I come from the year 28, centillion,” Luasia casually stated. “Hold the fuck, what how, how does that even work.” Silver responded. “Don’t question it!” Luasia shouts.

Meanwhile 1,000 miles away....

“Ria there’s twenty cops in bound, you gotta get the money and doge like yesterday.” Her friend on the intercom said.

Ria Laghari, a for hire assassin and... well now a bank robbery. She got everything she could then got on her electric motorcycle that’s as outback. Ria thought that a motorcycle, would be a dumb way to actually escape a crime scene but actually it came in pretty useful. Since it was electric, it was far fast and quiter then most vehicles. She got on and zipped the hell out of there. But there was something off, she was on a busy intersection and yet there was flat out no one on the road. Then somehow in her mind she saw a black figure, it appears right in front of her running at the same 215 mph she was currently going.

It then turned into a hole, seemingly a hole in reality, it swallowed her and the bike. Ria was in some other dimension, when her friend appeared in front of her. “Jane.... WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS!,” she persisted. “I want you to be granted radical power, for a small price of doing something with said power. You see I have this person I would like dead and I know your the one to call.” (Note he sits in a play outside of reality so time doesn’t apply to him, for him he did this millions of year in the past and not the future).

She continued, “there are two of these person’s now I would like both dead in exchange you can be a god.” “Ok fine put me in front of their place I’ll be in and out.” She said with conviction.

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