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New and Old

Two Days Later....

Luasia was walking around outside when a portal appeared around 500 meters away, thinking it might be Ali. He was prepared to lecture her before she would even think of fucking with Silver. But it wasn’t, a woman standing at around seven foot, walked towards him holding a strange gun.

Luasia figures out that she might be here for a bad reason. He’s already made mistakes which have ended up costing lives “yeah this can’t be good,” he thought to himself. He looked at the weapon it was an NC Godslayer. He did a little google search, it was designed to slay beings like Silver. But Luasia would be fine if he took a blast, it would do nothing.

He ran and tackled the woman. Asking her what she was planning with that weapon, “I... it’s wait a second how the hell do you know what I’m doing here anyway, The woman said. But before she could blink, she was still alive by almost every bone in her body was shredded to dust. “H-how....,” “oh it’s really simple, your carrying a gun capable of destroying worlds and our home Is the only one in this area, Luasia said as she passed out.

While she was unconscious, Luasia healed her wounds and tied her to a chair and brought her inside to show Silver.

“Hey big me what the fuck are you doing with her,” Silver asked. Luasia explains everything and tells Silver that there’s someone out for his head. “Well what about you,” Silver questioned. “Well you little things couldn’t hurt me even if you wanted to,” Luasia said. “I beg to differ,” Silver said while pointing at his clearly robotic paw. “Well that’s different, let’s not talk about it kay,” Silver looks at Luasia’s eyes and agrees to shut up for a bit.

It was creepy this look that Luasia gave him, it wasn’t like a darkness, it was more of a “I’ve been to hell an back, don’t push me!” “There is something that happens to me where I loss an arm can can’t get it back.” Silver states. “You know I don’t trust him, if he was really future you then why doesn’t he act anything like... well you!” Onon said. Later that day Aluma, Yakima and Sayika came home with takeout for dinner.

Brandon was explaining who Luasia was, Yakima took one look at him. He gave her the same look from that he gave Silver. She screamed, “WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT, ITS SILVER BUT NOT! EVOLUTION DOESN’T ALLOW AN ORGANISM LIKE THAT TO EXIST.” She continued. “WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU, BACKWARDS LAUGHING PICE OF SHIT.”

“Holy shit Yakima.... come here sit on my lap and chill for a minute,” Silver said. She did just that and growled at Luasia the whole time. That night Luasia stayed with Silver in his room, they both had a very odd dream that night.

The two of them were standing at a train station at the very edge of the universe. Silver went to sit at a bench, whilst Luasia pulled out a beautiful 1920’s style golden pocket watch. It read 9:50 “ten more minutes,” He said to Silver. They look towards their right and see all that ever was or ever will be. They look towards their left and see a vast nothingness similar to where Luasia was trapped. That watch dinged, it was time. They looked towards the heavens themselves and all of a sudden a 1920’s train appeared right there on some track’s.

The two of them both wordlessly boarded the train. They sat down in a dining car, a strange white figure came and sat down. It was hard to look at, in a similar way to staring at the sun. The figure spoke in a gentle soft tone. “Hello, you may refer to me as... energy. Now what may I help you fine gentleman with on this lovely evening.” Luasia spoke. “Yes I want you to make his life easier, for you never to leave him by proxy me, ever.” “Hey who are you what is this,” Silver stated.

“Not now this will determine your very existence to the bitter end,” Luasia continued. “Anyway you would-,” Luywas cut off, “bitter end,” Silver said. “I’ll explain later,this parts more for me then it is you,” Luasia continues. “Anyway you would get nothing but your as well so I thought you should be included.” “Deal! Very good sir, well I stay with this young man until death do..... me part.” The figure elaborated. “But shouldn’t the boy decide his own rules.” Luasia explains. “No. He doesn’t know what we go though, if he makes the same mistakes I did. I wouldn’t know what I’d do with myself,”

They woke up at the same time, they walked down stairs like nothing happened. Luasia went to the basement and walked into the storage room with a plate of eggs and sausage. “Hello Mrs...” Luasia waits for a name. She responded, “Ria.. Ria Laghari.” “Good, good ,good. Now tell me what is your reason for trying to kill me and him upstairs,” Luasia demand. “No fuck you, what the hell can a tiny little thing like you do to me,” she said.

“Silver could you lock the door to the basement, get everyone ready and leave the house until 5 pm.” Luasia asked. Silver did as told and had everyone gone by 11 am. “Now I can show my true.... colors with out disturbing anyone else.” He said with a demonic tone. With a voice do deep and powerful, that instead being taken seriously, you would simply feel your very existence crumble up in front of you. Luasia morphed into a hideous creature that even a mother wouldn’t love.

“Now, listen to me you bitch or the only thing you would get to have is pain. Pain undescribable by mere words will be, the only thing you experience. I have seen past the farthest of stars and been to the edges of reality itself. Your god is dead I killed him long ago, do you understand what I’m saying. In this place.... I RAIN SUPREME! Now even I have suffered so I won’t kill you if you walk upstairs right now, I just got all the data directly from your mind. Alll the others will be home soon and never speak of this. You simply say that we met a the train station the other night.” Luasia finished.

Meanwhile with Silver....

Silver was eating something for snack at around 5:30 pm, suddenly he got a call. Sayika was curious, so naturally she asked who it was. Silver told her it was Luasia and that he needed to talk alone for a

second. “Actually I’m his wife,” she protested. They went outside leaving the others to eat. “Silver is that you,” he said. “Yeah it’s me and Sayika,” Silver responded. “Well why don’t you guys come home and have dinner I have a new friend who I thought you might like to meet.” Luasia said. “Honestly honey, what did you do?” Sayika said. Honey I’ll tell you in person okay put I don’t realylole these phones so wait alright,” Luasia said before hanging up.

Silver asked what they were talking about, Sayika told him not to worry about that. They went home and came back to see, a tall woman dressed in a t-shirt and shorts sitting at a table with a totally unreadable face. She sat there and there was some pizza that Luasia had ordered. Yet something was off there was a darkness in the air, that Silver couldn’t pinpoint.

Ria introduces herself, they shall sit down. Silver looks at her eyes, they are completely black. From top to bottom. “What the hell did you do to this chick,” Silver angrily questioned Luasia. “Nothing,” he said before snapping his paw and having her eyes turn back to normal. The woman looked at Silver, she had seen something he hadn’t. She knew what was in store for him without knowing to was Silver.

“Luasia what happened? I don’t even know what’s going but you aren’t from this plane anymore, what are you.” Silver said with genuine fear. Luasia just sat there for a moment unable to speak. “You know the concept of one’s humanity, well mine died a long time ago. It’s hard to put into words but yeah,” Luasia said. The tears streaming down his face. “I had to get stuck in an infinite nothingness for 99 percent of my life. Everything sucks, I get that sometimes you just wanna give up but you keep pushing on. The truth of the matter is she wanted to kill me, you us but because of what happened. She enraged me more then what was justified for the situation,”

“I think you need to relax go take a nap with Sayika while we handle this,” said Yakima. Luasia went upstairs and Sayika followed for comfort. Silver talked with Ria. Making sure she understands what will happen. After they sorted things out she decided to stay she was more of a threat than Silver but if things got bad he could handle them himself. Silver was confused why he was being so nice to this lady, some part of him saw himself in her or something of that nature.

Meanwhile in a place far less populated by life....

“Shit why does this keep happening, fuck if he gets to close it will be then end of both of us,” Brem Said angrily.

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