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A Life that wasn’t approved....

“I was born to a world that hated me,” said the entity. When Brem was created, he was forced into a life as a parasite. With the only thing by his side was a strange shining rock. So he did as best he could, possessing Ray’s friend. He then had to find away to get out of the town or others might travel to find him. So he went to the best place he could think of, a secluded area of Alaska. There Brem set up camp, desperately trying to figure out his own existence. Eventually his body grew old and tired.

He had to leave his withering old form, Brem realized that a body wouldn’t be the best option. Instead he looked towards consuming nutrients until he was large enough to support himself. Meanwhile every day the gem would glow when he was out eating. The glow was a beautiful rose color, that just shined with the loving kindness that only a mother could give.

Several years later....

One day out looking around the lovely landscape, he felt a sudden pain in his lower body. He thought really hard and all of a sudden the pain seemed to vanish. He opened his eyes to see that, he had eyes legs and a body. A human like body of his very own. And he checked the counter top. To see that the gemstone was glowing that same incandescent green from all those years ago. He was reborn, as a human like entity. He was a very average looking human, except for the fact of his exceptional height, he stood at a huge six foot, eleven inches.

He then walked away from his quiet life in pursuit of happiness as the Americans say. On the way to the capital he came up with a name and background if needed. He was a humble carpenter by the name of Franz Waela, Brem went down to the center of the city that had grown very large by now. It was 1966 in Washington DC. He found a nice roommate who bought a small two bedroom apartment with him. They grew to care for one another pretty quickly, eventually they were best friends. Carmen and Franz; they wanted to go on vacation. The following week the got a ticket to Hawaii, though there was something off about Carmen. Right around the day of the flight he would only were long sleeved shirts and pants. On the flight in the hotel room. Even in the he wouldn’t take anything off.

He would simply swim, bathe, eat and sleep in his business suit. One day they were at an outdoor movie showing on the island, Franz said that he had to go to the bathroom. He went and bought some popcorn to surprise Carmen. There was a particularly funny scene where, the guy Alfie wanted to get a discount on a load food dry cleaning. So he made out with the clerk.

And for the first time ever Franz... Brem, laughed and he laughed hysterically. Though it was off it seemed as if every laugh was a sharp inhale, and the man in the row behind him was put off by it and called him a “backwards laughing weirdo!” It was such a strange thing to say so it caught Franz completely out of the dark. Carmen stared blankly at the man, the guy immediately wimppered back to his seat. A pretty girl maybe in her twenties was sitting next to Franz. “I’m sorry my dad’s kind of an asshole,” she said in a beautiful but slightly seductive voice.

Later that night she showed up knocking on their hotel room. Carmen was out doing something, Franz Let her in, “anyway so... what’s your name,” Franz asked the girl. “I don’t have a name,” she replied. “So you wanna just be called you,” Franz said. She agreed and they sat down to watch a movie, obviously one thing leads to another and they were fucking on the floor in front of the TV.

Then about five minutes later, Carmen walked in and gave that same blank stare towards Franz, but when he looked at the girl. “Dude get up that’s not a regular woman,” Carmen said with more emotion then anything he had said in a while. “What!” Though it was to late the woman started to shake a little. A few seconds later and she’s convulsing violently. Her left hand began to transform, into a huge blade. Carmen slapped Franz in the face and snapped him into reality. They ran down the hall, as they did Carmen said he needed to use the restroom.

He shut the door and showed Franz his little secret. He took off his suit, for the first time since the beginning of the vacation. Showing off the thousands of maggots and worms, crawling around several large deep wounds in his chest arms and legs. Franz told him, he had a secret too, he transformed into the jet black blob from years ago. They talked for a little, before the door came crashing down. “Yeah you know I can’t let either of you getaway now right.” She woman said, whilst swinging the blade around like crazy. “Why do you want us dead anyway, I mean if your gonna kill us then why shouldn’t we get the whole story,” Brem said.

“Ok sure I guess. My name is Zhestoca, and I was born around eighty years ago. Your the one that killed my mother! You don’t know what you did that day do you,” she said. “Huh what are you talking about I took your father but you weren’t even born yet.” Brem answered. “Well Ray said that-,” she was cut off. “Who the fuck is that, why don’t I have a little man to man talk with this fucker,” Brem said with rage coursing through him. “And why did you mess with Carmen if he’s got nothing to do with this,” Brem added.

“Well he’s supposed to be dead, I slashed him a few times. I have no idea why he is standing there at all, the plan was he died then. You went looking for him and you unfortunately ran into me,” she finished. “Well to bad!” Brem yelled as he made the whole building go white. Then the three of them were standing somewhere else entirely. They looked around this blindingly while void. Then simply as if none of that had ever happened, they were back in the hotel room except Zhestoca was gone without a trace.

Carmen was back to normal as well; soon after that he located this Ray guy and tried to fight him. He found Ray in Massachusetts, he was sitting by the bus stop waiting for someone.

“Ahh so you came out from hiding you sly shit,” Ray said in a mocking tone. “Look maybe you hate me and that’s whatever but you decided to take things a step to far, you fucked with the people in my life. This isn’t some game to me I genuinely love being human.” Brem said exhausted from this pointless argument. “Look if you ever come at me or my-,” he was cut off.

“Come here you alien fucking bastard!” Ray said whilst grabbing Brem’s human head and ripping it to shreds. Brem transformed back into the strange ooze that he was originally born as. “What the hell did I even do to you! Why are you so self centered that you can’t let me live my life man. I have people that matter to me and I don’t even use my ability’s that often. I wanted to live with society’s up and downs because.... I like it,” Brem stated. He tried everything he could but, he kept taking blow after blow, he had no idea what to do.

All of a sudden they were in Brem’s, Franz’s apartment. Ray found an old withered gemstone, “NO PLEASE DON’T TOUCH THAT!” Ray had found something that made Brem truly tick, Ray asked him why it was so important. In seemingly genuine desperation, he said “that’s-that’s.... my best friend,” he said through his equivalent of tears. “I had nothing but him, he was the only thing that kept me sane. So please kill me or whatever but don’t, touch that rock.”

Ray decided on messing with him before he died, he tossed it on the ground and stepping on it. He couldn’t even speak, the only one who understood him was gone, his comrade of over one hundred years was destroyed. Something switched in him that seemed... other worldly. But sadly before he could turn the tables, he was thrown into an infinite void in which time didn’t even flow. Brem tried to make it out but the portal closed before he even made it halfway. Mean while Ray picked up the peace’s of the gem, went to a local museum. And sold them for several hundred thousand, dollars.

A thing, with his life torn to shreds, sat wallowing in his own disgust and anger. To never be loved or appreciated by anyone ever again.

“Why.... what did I do to deserve this, all I wanted was to protect Carmen and get to know Zhestoca. DAMN IT!!!” He yelled until his throat couldn’t muster anything.

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