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9 Questions

In The Mansion’s Kitchen....

“Hey have you ever heard of the 9 questions challenge? It’s this really creepy thing where supposedly you get to see something from, a place called the center.” Silver meantions whilst eating some Rice Crispys, “oh bullshit none of that stuff is real,” Aluma said. “Says the super sized talking wolf,” Silver muttered aloud. “Says the all powerful god with, his future self hanging out upstairs,” Aluma retorted.

“My point being that some strange things exist so who knows what could be out there,” Aluma explained. “Wait are you trying to prove your point or agree with me, I’m very confused now.” Silver said. “The plan is that I have nothing else to do so I’m gonna ask the others if they would like to join us,” she responded.

Aluma was acting strange but, Silver couldn’t be sure just yet. They got Luasia and Sayika, as well as Onon, Milazha, Yakima. Brandon didn’t wanna do it but she said she’d sit next to Silver and watch. They pack some bags and grabbed the Suburban, they drove three hours into the middle of absolute nowhere in the middle of some mountains. Brandon and Silver sat up front and the others sat in the back and way back. Silver drove for a while actually he drove until it got dark. They set up camp after a 1 hour hike.

Now that Silver took a closer look Brandon and Aluma were acting kind of strange, normally they were friendly and outgoing. Now they both seemed to be competing for Silvers affection. “Hey Silver so how does this game work anyway,” Brandon wondered allowed. “Ok everyone playing or not you should know the rules just in case. So we each ask nine super personal questions, to each other, and supposedly if we play things right we talk to the person right next to you. And if it all works we should be able to contact someone from the Center! And ask them nine questions about anything at all, since the rules of time and space don’t apply to something that isn’t actually there.” Brandon seemed interested so she said that she would be Silvers partner. But then Aluma shoves her aside and says that Silver is her partner.

Silver decided on going a little ways out so no one would hear. “Excuse me why the fuck are you two seemingly all of a sudden so clingy.” Silver asked. “Well the dates kind of right now you know,” Brandon said. Silver thought for a moment. “Oh fuck! You mean-,” he stopped himself from, finishing the sentence. The two of them looked at him and they made up their minds on what they’d do next. (Silver gets laid one way or another in every timeline, it’s not always rape though)

The two girls fought for a moment, Aluma was hit a little to hard against a nearby tree. She was out cold but otherwise fine. Silver saw the way she hit her head she was ok. Brandon stepped towards him, she whispered something in his ears, “the word is Нет,” she then ripped his tracksuit off with her jaw. They were about 700 meters from camp, so no one would hear them. Silver was Tiny compared to his over nine foot counter part. She licked his chest up to his face, they made out for about two minutes. Before straight up doing it in the bushes for another hour and a half. Silver walked away a man, at age 13!

“You really took the term swindled under the stars, very literally just now huh,” Silver said whilst panting. Brandon explains that it wasn’t her first time but obviously it was his. Silver washed himself in a nearby river he had a huge amount of saliva and other shit all over his upper body.

They went back to base camp with Aluma in toe she had no recollection of what had transpired so they told her she fucked Silver while, Brandon searched for some food.

They set up everything and sat in three rows of two with Silver at the head to the left. Silver looked at Brandon and Milazha, “I’ll start with you since you were my very first friend through our this experience. Please Milazha stand up,” Silver said with the most congratulatory tone they had ever heard. They all had little red cushions to sit on. Milazha stood up with tears in his eyes. “Bro I didn’t know I meant that much to you man, dude I love you,” Milazha said through sobbing and sniffling.

“Now let me ask you, no take backs are you ready for the questions,” Silver asked in a more serious tone of voice. “Yes I’m ready, let’s bring it,” Milazha said cheerfully.

“Is it true that the day I found you your mom and sister were killed moments ago?” Silver said with an emotionless flat tone. “Oh fuck well, yeah.... uhh all I know is that there were two wolves and one of them saved me and the other.... the other feasted on my fucking.” Milazha was having some sort of anxiety attack. He was panting like crazy, Silver rushes over and held him, stroking his fur until he knew that he was safe. Milazha continued. “The wolf killed and ate my sister and mom!” “oh that’s right your spacial sense wasn’t working well because you had just been raised in another dimension. Then sent back home right were you started 13 years later. Silver continued.

“Well the one who raised you was Aluma right,” “SILVER SHUT UP PLEASE IM BEGGING YOU NOT TO GO THAT FAR!” Aluma screamed. “I’m sorry but this is why I said it would be serious.” Silver said. “Come on please don’t do this... actually you know what go ahead fuck you! I’ll be pack my bags permanently,” she said whilst growling through every word.

“Aluma is the one that killed them,” Silver said almost as quickly as, a drug side effects part of a medicine commercial. “Milazha I’m sorry.... I can explain. I had just come to life and hadn’t known-,” Aluma stopped herself before she could make it worse. Milazha just sat there dumbfounded. “You know I really did lo-,” Milazha cit her off. “SHUT.. The fuck... UP! J-just shut up,” Milazha said with every possible reason to be angry coursing through his veins.

“You couldn’t stop for my sister... or my MOM! But yeah totally my luck day I get to fucking live. “Luasia looks at Silver. His eyes their a deep white almost as if there wasn’t an iris at all. Luasia went towards Silver and waved his front paw in his face. “Guys that’s not him,” I think he’s been possessed by something,” Luasia said. “I’m going to make sure I’m right before I do anything else. “Hey Silver what’s your Favorite shoe?” Luasia asked. “Uhh well all of them are great I don’t see what that means,” Silver said. “Wrong! He favorite shoe as of now would be the Kyrie Six basketball mids.” The thing appeared as an all back figure standing Aluma foot taller then Silver. “Oh shit you got me so what you don’t know how to fix this and none of you can ever come close to him in a fight to I win.” The thing said.

“Actually, I’m Silver from an older time,” Luasia said, with a godly tone. Silvers body lunged at then but Luasia instantly had him in a telepathic hold, which mean that there was a small galaxy of weight on each limb. “What the,” the thing continued. “Ok hold up you do know what I am righ. I’m that thing from the Center, the thing you all wanted to talk with in the first place.” The thing said. Luasia actually thought for a minute. “Wait so is that where you go after you die?” He questioned. “Yes it is,” the thing said. “Hey you guys can be all questions answers but what about Silver,” Onon said all annoyed.

“Silver is fine,” Luasia continued with the thing. “I need to know this one thing, is Alieata Vumvardbell still Alive?” Luasia said with a dead serious tone that non of them had seen before. “Yes she’s not here, but you guys don’t even.... oh.” The thing pondered. Luasia broke into tears. “Thank you, thank you so much!,” he said with genuine emotion. “So your from the distant future is that right,” “yes,” Luasia said with an affectionate tone.

“Hey wait a minute who is this Ali person anyway,” Onon asked. “Well you, her and Silver, all become great friends, after you both meet her. She looks similar to you though,” Luasia said. “What do you mean,” she asked. “Well you two have the same shape I guess,” Luasia answered.

Luasia looks at Silver, all of a sudden the being is simply no longer there and Silver wakes up after about six minutes. He asked what happened, Luasia just replied, “just an innocent chat with a new friend,” Luasia thought it was time to show his human body, after all it was the most perfectly random moment.

He transformed into a six foot ten inch, thirty year old version of Silver. This is my original form, which is so much easier to get around in. They talked about it and asked why he was so tall and he just said. “Lucky I guess.”

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