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The Failed Operation

Soon after....

Ria leaves the group, as with her new found abilities she joins a task force called “Crimson Snow,” needless to say, she won’t be coming back.

One year later....

In this timeline, Ali meets them a few months later. Luasia walks up to her before she can get to Silver, he then whispered into her ear. “If you ever try anything sexual with Silver without his consent.... then I will personally be the end of you,” he said blankly. Obviously he was lying because, he knew that he wanted her alive for later but he knew, it would be a good enough way to scare her into behaving.

Silver and her talked and they got along pretty well, though Alieata still had that desire with in her; that was something Luasia couldn’t touch unless he actually hurt her. So he would leave it be unless it was needed. After all he said they could have relations if, they both chose to keep it controlled and private. Which would be fine since, Silver isn’t exactly a fan of incest himself.

Shima walked up to Silver, and asked him if he could come outside with her for a second. She seemed cold and desperate, “ok,” he said, as he walked with her to the back area of the property. “Do you ever wonder if something you do make you somehow just wrong. Or even worse.... forgotten by your own world. As if your just some side character in a stupid TV show. Anyway have I ever told you about the reason I learned to be a pilot.” She said.

“No I don’t think you’ve ever told me,” Silver answered. “Well when I was little, I had a dream, a dream of getting me and my sister up in the sky.... away from that man,” she continued. “My dad believed that, the only way to get a misbehaving child, to correct his or her actions. Would be to give them an NDE or near death experience. He thought that with some sudo science bullshit. He could reroute the neurons in my brain, to do as he said without question. I never tried on Laya since she was. The easy one! So to get that NDE, he would take me and-,”

“Look I get that it’s hard to do this, but this is so random, like why are we doing this now of all times!” Silver said. “Well I had a nightmare that, you would somehow bring him back to life and let him live with us, with me.” Shima said through tears. “Wait a minute how did he die?” Silver asked. “Well he was hit by some saint driving a La Ferrari down the road at like two hundred miles per hour.” “Oh fuck,” Silver thought to himself. He remembered messing around in a La Ferrari, a few day after arriving at the mansion, hurt and killing a gray old wolf. “Oh ahh well that was me, turns out a 13 year old isn’t that good with speed limits.” Silver chuckled awkwardly.

“Well thank you, he used to hold me.... under a meter deep tank of oil, and only bring me up after I blackout. Oh DON’T TELL LAYA! I will do that later,” Silver stared at her blankly. “Well damn,” he thought. “Bad boys and girls get to drown in he pit of oil,” he mumbled. “What was that,” Shima asked. “Oh nothing,” Silver jets out.

They walked back inside and he goes upstairs to his room. Where he watches YouTube on his phone for a few hours. He got a headache and forgot about it soon after. Though it was still there.

Silver thought long and hard about if he should share his secret, the fact that he’s not human at all, and much closer in relation to a star then a person. Silver looked around, closed the blinds and locked the elevator door.

He took a deep breath, he hadn’t done this in years. Silver took of his shirt, whilst blood came pouring from his back. A pair of vantablack wings about eight foot in wingspan, came out from underneath his skin. The headache he had was instantly gone. At the ends of each one was a little hole. In each hole was a talen so sharp that letting them out, seemed to cut a rift directly into the thabric of space when, he moved them back and forth.

He walked down stairs, immediately everyone noticed. “Jesus Christ! Those are beautiful,” Ali and Yakima stated. Luasia walked up and for the first time asked Silver a question. “What are those do I-,” he was cut off when an even larger pair appeared on him. “Yup that’s what I thought,” Luasia stated. Silver hadn’t used them in ten years. But he realized that it was a good way to vent energy throughout his body, without making everything around him cease to exist.

The next day....

Silver was watching the local news station, apparently there are two criminals, who broke out of a super max prison. Their Names, Rodrick Elanad and Stella Banshwits. (Those were the two from the previos timeline who helped Silver and Ali).

In the zone of timelessness.....

“I will make, the greatest possible chance, of not dying.” Brem monologues to himself. He used an ability he had to.... to create two life forms. That would achieve his agenda no matter what! He can simply hold the threat of their own existence going out like a light, right over their heads. He was galactically old now, if this was going to work it needed to work soon, he didn’t have much time left. “Mr. Sandman....

I’m so alone,

I don’t have nobody to call my own,

Mr. Sandman,

Bring me a dream,

Make her the cutest

That I’ve ever seen

Make her a rover

And tell her that her lonely nights are over.” Brem sung to himself in absolute misery. He missed her so... so much. That rock, had a color of the purest of roses and kindness. He thought to himself, “was I ever allowed to have anything just for myself. Was their even a possibility, of happiness! For me and her, she didn’t even do anything. And still she was murdered.”

Brem brought life into this world with rage alone, he was gonna get his life back no matter the cost.

Back with the others...

Ali was reading the article about the prison break, “hey Silver... oh sorry Luasia, you know these two don’t you.” Ali asked. she saw the look on his face when it was glued to the TV screen. Luasia explains that in his timeline, they were from another dimension. Where everyone was like super chill, it was the best way for him to describe it.

“Oh umm.... Luasia I thought me and Onon were the only ones of our kind,” Alieata said with a note of curiousness. “You’ve said that twice now,” Luasia said to himself. “Excuse me....what.” Ali said sarcastically.

“Silver I think those fluctuations in time I mentioned are beginning to actually happen.” Luasia said with a kind of urgency. “Wait does that mean what ever happened to Ali is gonna take us to,” Silver questioned. Luasia just looks at him and with a sort of hopelessness. “Yes,” he responded.

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