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The Man In Gray

The Day Silver’s family disappeared....

“I was confused but the pilot said that my older brother had to take a different ship because this one, was way over crowded. Silver new the transit system like the back of his hand so, he was fine. I went and sat down with mom, dad and the baby. The huge vessel turned on the engine’s and started flying towards earth, meanwhile Silver’s ship was still on the launch pad, waiting for takeoff.” David thought to himself.

Silver’s ship took off just a minute afterwards. They set off after the other ship keeping a distance of, about a third of a mile. David was sitting with his family when, a man in a gray leather jacket approached them. He sat down next to his dad. The man was tall, maybe about six foot six, he started making friendly conversation with David’s father. There was just something wrong about this guy but he seemed friendly enough, “it must have been nothing,” he thought to himself.

They talked for a while, the guy pulled out a strange looking device. “Now this motherfucker’s, is like no other thang,” the man said in a strange wanna be 1990’s gangster type accent. He held up the thing, at the ceiling, it made a huge pulse. Almost like a bass drop but far more powerful. The ship started to shake as it was hitting tones of smaller debris, it then went straight into a massive astroid. The ensuing explosion was a distraction, as a small ship arrived to take the family of four.

Unknown to anyone an older child resembling David quite a bit, was decapitated by the explosion. So from far away. It would conveniently look like, the frozen head of Silvers young brother.

In the now.....

Silver was waking up but, something was off, his normally soft bed with push pillows, felt strange. He opened his eyes to feel the hot sun burning down upon his face, he felt the sand beneath him and all he could see was miles of waste land.

Silver looked around to see Ali, Aluma, Milazha, Onon, Luasia and Sayika. Silver looked around and saw a hummer out in the distance. Silver walked towards Onon and asked her to sound some alarm to wake everyone up, she did as told. A booming noise played for just five seconds, everyone was up. It was burning hot outside, Milazha seemed rather scared, Onon tried to comfort him but her paw was burning to the touch because of her metal.

Everyone got in the hummer, Silver found a convenient key already in the ignition. Something wanted them all here, good or bad. Silver found instructions already loaded on the GPS, he started the engine and headed out.

Ali got a notification on her phone, saying that there was plenty of snacks for them in the glove box. “Hey guys do any of you know how to drive,” Silver asked. “Why,” everyone said simultaneously. Silver mentioned that the sat navigation, was telling him it was a three hundred and forty mile trip. Other then Luasia, no one else knew how operate a vehicle. After about four hours, Luasia took the wheel.

Sayika said that, she had to use the bathroom, Luasia pulled over and waited, they were out of the desert a while ago. Sayika went behind a tree, Luasia said if anyone else needed to go then to do it now! Everyone went behind trees spread out by about one hundred feet total.

6 1/2 hours later....

They arrived at a house in the middle of nowhere, Silver parked the car after everyone else got out. “I only want the one called Silver, the rest of you can wait outside.” A female voice said from the home. It was colder where they were so that was fine.

Silver walked in saying, that he could handle whatever was to come of this. He closed the door behind him, a fox about the same size as Ali walked up to him. He asked it where, the voice was coming from. It spoke, “hello Silver I’ve heard some stuff about you. So could you-,” she was cut off. “Could I what,” Silver said clearly tired from the drive.

“Call me your now local witch,” the witch said, as she clung to Silvers left shoe. “What does this always seem to happen,” he thought to himself. She then climbed up and kissed him on the cheek.

She explained about how she had this ability to see into almost every possible dimension. She trailed off, “except, I sense.... in one of them pure desperation,” the witch said through tears. “It’s so alone it’s been alone since the beginning, this age old being seemingly has a vendetta against time itself. Luasia come in,” she said. He walked in, “what is it,” he asked. “I have a sort of psychic thing. Now Luasia.... remember the void!” Luasia sat there thinking about the timelines, it was convoluted, painful and down right stupid.

“Luasia this thing has been alone for several times what you did,” the witch stated. “No we gotta get him out of there come in please Silver Witch lets go!” Luasia screamed. Before falling on the floor. Silver had no idea what to say, the situation was just so strange to see someone he hadn’t ever seen break have a full meltdown. He instinctively started laughing, simply because of any other idea of how to react to the given situation. Everyone came in to see what happened, Luasia and Silver sit there crying and laughing together.

That instant....

Luasia just vanished out of thin air, Silver and the others screamed. Sayika day there catatonic, the witch walked over to her. Kicked her square in the face. “Ouch!...... Thanks.” Sayika replied.

Witch said that there might be away to get him back, to make an offering. She put something in her little bag before anyone could notice, Silver had seen it but realized it probably wasn’t anything except what she said it was. Later that night everyone went to sleep, they would look more into this in the morning. Ali and Witch slept with Silver, he got up early around four AM. He found a Ducati in her garage, he didn’t wanna involve anyone in his personal mission.

He rode into the night, Silver went for several hundred miles. He found a restaurant, he walked in and asked the waitress if there was any way to find something that had seemingly disappeared in this area. He was rather intimidating with a helmet covering his face. So when he walked out no one stood in his path.

Back at the house....

“Oh fuck.... he took the bike,” Witch yelled. Ali woke up and asked what the deal was. “I make vehicles, that’s one of my abilities, I put together a motorcycle. Silver took it and went somewhere with out anyway of us.

Witch made a small screen seemingly appear out of nothingness. It showed Silver, riding down the street at a blistering two hundred and eighty four miles per hour. They saw something, a sign about thirty meters away. “Ohio Welcomes You,” and underneath “218 miles of the I 90 Route.” Onon looked at the sign and gasped. “We’re... on... earth,” she studered out. “I’ve only been here once before through a similar fluctuation,” Aluma blurted out. “I’ve never set foot here before,” Onon said. Sayika interjected, “I haven’t been here but I’ve studied about this place in school.

Meanwhile for Silver....

“I’m back on earth specifically, in the country of America,” Silver thought aloud. He made his way down the interstate, to a local airport. From there he shipped the bike along with himself on an economy airline flight. To São Paulo Brazil, he had a good feeling about the place.

Though there was a feeling deep in that back of his mind. That Luasia had been taken back to his timeline, with no way out.

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