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A True Unknown

Somewhere Unworldly....

“What the fuck!” Everyone simultaneously screamed. Silver, Witch, Alieata, Milazha, Onon, Aluma and Sayika were all waking up somewhere strange. They ruled out the possibility of it being Witch because she was genuinely, just as confused as everyone else. Silver felt the wet grass between his feet, so he thought they were on earth again.

Yet when he looked up he soon realized he was nowhere he had ever been before. The Sky was an ominous dim yellow, but there was clearly oxygen in the atmosphere. Otherwise everyone except him would already be dead by now. There was a sort of mild, evil in the air itself.

He searched for some sign of a good direction to start heading. Silver told everyone to follow him, “hey why the hell would you.... leave us!” They all said. “Silver looked at Ali and Onon, then back to everyone. “Because I didn’t wanna get you guys involved with this, he’s my future not yours.” Silver exclaimed. Milazha sat on Silver’s neck, “dude all of us have it rough. That’s why we chose to be with you, because we knew you’d understand. I think I speak for everyone here when I say we got your back dawg,” Milazha cheered. “Yeah come on dude we’re gonna save Luasia and get the hell out of here together,” Ali chimed in.

“Because we’re team Silver,” they chanted for a little bit. “Team Sil-ver, team Sil-ver,” they cheered. After that Silver pointed out what looked like a dirt road. Everyone went on it and started walking towards, what they hoped was civilization.

A Few hours later....

“Judging by the sun I would say it’s somewhere between... 12:00 and 13:00,” Silver guessed out loud. Witch pointed out a Denny’s just sitting there, everyone Burt in and asked for like twenty cups of water between the seven of them. Silver pulled out his wallet, “how much would the whole menu be?” Silver asked. “That would be one hundred twenty seven dollar’s,” said the waitress.

She brought out the food out half an hour later. Everyone was eating like crazy, Silver dropped his wallet and knelt down to pick it up. Someone was walking, by and got hit straight in the face with, the upper part of his left wing. “Excuse me honestly you strange creatures are disgusting you know,” the middle aged women said. Silver played with her by stating that he still couldn’t find it and waving around his wings to hit her again, again and again. “Oh sorry oops silly me, it’s further down,” he chuckled.

Later that night....

They found a hotel and got three rooms linked together. Ali woke Silver up at around 1:00, she clung to him in a way that he hadn’t ever seen before. “Dad, make them go away please,” she wimpiered in her sleep.

Ali’s dream....

I woke up in a strange area covered with fog, a pair of fencing about twenty seven feet apart. I walked down towards something, I personally had no idea what I was doing. Then all of a sudden an alarm went off, something like a nuclear blast warning. I saw the red light, heard the footsteps of hundreds or even thousands of people headed straight towards me, yet they never came. Instead everything went silent as soon as I looked behind the fog. Out of nowhere the ground started to shake and rumble. Then someone came walking out of the fog, they were built like Silver but far taller. “Wait a minute,” I thought to myself.

“Dad!” I called out. There was no response, the man just kept walking closer, eventually he was right in front of me. He just stood there and smiled. He then started to transform, this black liquid came off of him. He looked exactly like me, sounded like me, when he said the words. “You my darling, create and destroy. You my darling, are the indirect link to death incarnate,”

The following morning....

Silver woke up to find that his left foot was numb. Ali had been clinging to it all night. Everyone got breakfast at the Continental, the atmosphere seemed more ominous every waking second. After that they decided on exploring the town for a bit since, they needed to get a sense of where they were. It was odd to say the least, it was a seemingly normal vacation destination yet there was this sense of pure evil in everything.

There was no way that everyone could be ignoring it or even worse... not even noticing it. They went to the beach and walked on the boardwalk, at one point there was a man who seemed to actually see everything. He walked with his group and their social worker. If Silver talked to him he would be taken, just as crazy at the man.

“Hey Silver this area seems strangely familiar,” Onon said. Onon looked around, she couldn’t name their location the reason they didn’t just ask is the fact that they had already done so. Earlier that day Silver asked the hotel manager what town they were in. The guy looked him dead in the eyes and said not to question the unauthorized information.

(Just like in the real world, information is a physical thing that travels at about the speed of light. So what you can do here is look for the data, physically grab it and decode it using an alphanumerical information system.)

Later that day....

Milazha, was sitting in the hotel room, watching TV on his phone. There was a knock at the door, he got up to answer it. He looked through the little glass hole. He screamed, there was a figure standing at the door. Yet as soon as he saw it it disappeared. Silver teleported right behind him, “dude you okay,” he asked.

“Silver, I think something is leading us to something really, really fucked! Like Luasia was talking to himself about the split timelines, I bet that somehow both him and us are now in a fix position. That might be-,” “woah woah woah, buddy I know our situation is bad. But please don’t say what I think your gonna say out loud. I can’t explain but as soon as you say it were actually totally FUCKED MAN!” Milazha saw the terror in his eyes.

“Sometimes you need to let things break a little for them to work anyway,” Silver mumbled out loud. “What!,” Milazha said. “Oh sorry umm, I’m just really stressed out right now,” Silver replied. Later that night everyone met up for dinner at the casino, they had a really nice high class place at the other end of the building.

They got a nice big table, Silver had the chicken quesadilla, Milazha got a meatball sub, Sayika got the dish that Luasia used to cook of her. “Hi do you guys have cauliflower mac & cheese,” she said. They did in fact have that. The others got a couple of hamburgers with some fries.

They got back to the hotel, Onon was sitting on the bed in deep thought about something. Silver asked what was on her mind. She said it was nothing and that he needed to buzz off for a little while.

“Supposedly I’m eighteen but there’s no way in hell that’s true, I can’t seem to remember anything passed eighteen years ago. Though I still have this feeling in my gut that someone isn’t telling me the whole story,” Onon thought to herself. She then wondered if there was a connection between this and the day she was created.

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