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The Age Old Walls

In the Year, 2314....

There were two guys Mathew and Rowen, the two of them are scientists That worked for the king of a small nation known as Tzargonia. They created all sorts of Biotech for the King who’s actual name was just “King,” and was a husky. “Two huskies became pilots, surely one could rule a country,” Mathew said. “Well anyone can do anything in these days I guess,” Rowen said.

The two of them were best friends since childhood, they actually both took different majors. Luckily ended up working for King, they got to be together a lot more then. Rowen Took a technology building class and Mathew took a Biotech class. They had just gotten out of school three and a half years ago, and were still young eager twenty somethings.

Fifteen years ago....

Mathew had come over to hang out with Rowen, they were on summer vacation so they spent most of that time hanging around each other.

One Summer evening....

Rowen had just gotten back from his trip to Hawaii on a planet called earth. Mathew was standing on the driveway asking tones of questions. “How was the weather? What were the people like? Where did you stay? Was it awesome!” He spit out at almost light speed. “Woah dude slow your role,” Rowen said, clearly tired from stellar lag. “It was four months time difference there man,” he told Mathew. After that Mathew waited for a call from Rowen. He eventually called three days later, “hey dude sorry I’ve been ignoring you, umm... wanna go fishing at the creek down the road,” Rowen asked curiously. “Bro that sounds great how about tomorrow afternoon,” Mathew replied eagerly.

The time arrived sooner than later, Mathew found Rowen, who had gotten there about five minutes earlier and had two fishing poles. They cast out there lines, Rowen asked if Mathew had ever been to earth. He said no but that he would lotto go some time. Soon, the water started bubbling around the area of Rowen’s pole. He realized that he must have caught something, he reeled it in as fast as he could. It was maybe thirty pounds, a sort of grayish color, it was flopping desperately trying to get back into the water.

At one point it made eye contact with Rowen. He stared blankly at it, you could swear that him and the fish were of the same sole. Mathew grabbed a nearby rock and bashed the fishes brains out. “Dude what the fuck!” Rowen yelled at him. “I mean we were gonna cook it later right,” Mathew questioned. “I- I guess, but still,” he complained. “But what that’s, what I thought we were doing,” Mathew retorted. “Ok forget it,” Rowen said with a long sigh.

They showed their parents, who were both at Rowen’s home waiting for them. They had a big dinner, with the fish put on the grill as the main dish.

Seven years later....

They were seniors in high school, Rowen asked what school Mathew was applying for. He was heart broken when he heard the words come out of his mouth. “Oh I’m going to the Harvard university of Biotech studies, dude it’s on earth I’ll finally get to go!,” he said with pure glee in his eyes. “Oh well I decided on taking a Anatomical cybernetics class, at Prola University you know the one down the road.” Mathew let out a long sigh. “Dude I get that we’re best friends and all, but I got dreams and a life, besides it’s only four years. And I’ll visit you on Hanukkah.”

Rowen was openly crying at this point, “you better promise me that you’ll visit for summer breaks and every holiday, even the stupid ones like Easter that we don’t even celebrate!” Rowen said whilst wiping away tears. “Deal!” He responded.

Four years later....

They both for some reason or another, were seemingly drawn towards working for the Official lab of Tzargonia. Ironically the building itself, was over there hundred years old. Other than the name and titles they got, it wasn’t like the pay was that much more then anything else that they would have done. It was 3.5% higher then normal but that was it.

The first call to action....

“Rowen pass me the scalpel,” Mathew asked. “Sure... here you go,” Rowen said as he handed him the tool. The two of them were preforming a stem cell operation. A woman was walking down the road, got struck by a Massive flight car, now it was their job to help her. Her insurance had expired and she didn’t have the out of pocket funds to cover a trip to the regular hospital. Basically the treatment was in an extremely experimental phase. Like no human trials so far, though it was dangerous, it actually had a high chance of success from the very start.

Whilst Mathew mans the physical surgical part Rowen actually had an ace up his sleeve. A sphere about nine foot in diameter, floating right next to Rowen. It was called Calculator, Calculator had the ability to predict the quote, “path of absolute lest resistance.” It could predict the future with 99.998 percent accuracy. Though later that sort of system would turn against the very idea of helpfulness.

The operation went great the woman had several brain injuries, six skull fractures, twelve muscle tears and lots of other stuff. But with the help of the stem cells, she was brought back to full health within weeks, she thanked them profusely. King congratulated them on their successful work.

Two and a half years later....

Rowen and Mathew, were walking home from work when Rowen suggested that they go to a nearby bar and grill to get “washed out fuck side of the back door,” Rowen states. He had this phrase that he liked to say before getting drunk. Mathew thought it was stupid but at the same time it was more interesting than just saying that your wasted. It was one of those little things, you only notice after knowing someone for years.

Three and a half years ago....

A small brown creature awakened from her sleep, she was about seven inches tall and had glistening blue eyes. She walked out of her little cave, her mom disappeared a long time ago she had no idea, what she even looked like by now. Her dad a larger male version of her, came out of the little den. They looked at each other, the creature smiled at her father. He smiled back, he went out for food and came back about an hour later with a pigeon. They feasted on it, savoring every bite as the didn’t get to eat that often.

Two years ago....

The father came back one day with a seemingly small cut on his left leg and a look on his face. A look that you only get after staring death directly in the face and refusing his welcoming invitation. He lied down, revealing a huge cut spanning most of his body. It went from the top of his left leg, down to the end of his stomach.

She shrieked as he let out his final weakened call, not one of pain or sorrow. But one of worry and sympathy, he died thinking about his daughter’s survival. She walked out of the den and looked past the trees. There in the distance an array of towers with strange patterns of light emanating from them. She set her way on finding herself on the top of one of the towers, and using the top of it to reach out and touch the heavens. And just maybe, she would be able to feel the warm embrace of her father just one last time.

Back in the present....

She was walking down one of the many alleyways of Tzargonia. It was getting late and she couldn’t find shelter to sleep in. If she doesn’t find shelter one of the large birds will come to get its revenge on her or that’s what she thought. Twenty minutes later, the sun went down she was alone in a dimly lit alley, with god knows what peaking at her from just outside the corner of her eyes.

She knelt down from exhaustion, she had been eating nothing but dumpster scraps for the past, eighteen months. The last thing she saw was a neon sign that said. “Generic’s Bar&Grill!” She looked up an in a frozen state from pure horror, became a spectator in her own body as she was tackled, mauled and ripped to shreds by a huge white hawk.

She looked at the edge of a broken beer bottle, and saw in her reflection that her head.... was physically disconnected from her body! Only hanging on by a couple weak strands of muscle tissue. She made what she, could only assume was a weak call for help, help that just might not come. Though she couldn’t have been more wrong!

In the bar....

“Yo Mathew did you hear that shrill scream just now or...” Rowen asked with a concerned tone. “Yeah I heard it let’s go I think it’s coming from the back door,” Mathew said. They didn’t even notice the bar tender yelling at them for their bill. They hadn’t gotten any interesting work lately so they went straight out the exit.

Mathew opened the door to revel the poor desperate creature, the hawk flew away as the door opened. They saw the thing it looked decapitated yet it was still clearly breathing. They brought it to the car put it carfully in a towel in the back so it wouldn’t lose any more blood than it already had.

Rowen pulled the car around got out and grabbed the thing and rolled it into the lab. Mathew was already rushing in so try the surgical equipment, “wait!” Rowen said whilst putting his hand out to signal Mathew to stop what he was doing. “Dude what! The thing gets one step closer to death every second we wait. Move!” Mathew said angrily. “No! You know what I’m always on the side lines, I’m totally sick of it we always do your thing-,” he was cut off by Mathew. “Excuse me are we seriously doing this right now! Dude it can wait I gotta-,” he was cut off by Rowen.

“NO! YOU LISTEN TO ME!! We are going to save it-her I just checked. But look your operations can’t fix an amount of damage this compromising to her system.... she won’t make it she’d die on the table like that,” Rowen exclaimed. “Then what the hell do we do!” Mathew yells. “I have an idea, she could have an upload. I know that she might die if this fails but it’s our only option, she simply isn’t in stable condition to operate on.” He said.

Mathew agreed, he went to grab the uploading chip from the cabinet, whilst Rowen put the thing on life support and got to work on a suitable body for her. It had to be similar enough so that she would be able to move otherwise there efforts would be for not and she’d be alive but a vegetable for the rest of her life.

The SFAL had been completed, Self-determining, Free speech, autonomous, Life form system. They worked quickly, they hooked her up to the chip, it took twenty seven minutes to complete the uploading process. After that the chip was simply slipped into the SFAL, then a new chip was added along side down by about two hundred millimeters. It was a noninvasive computer that would allow the thing to talk in the English language or any other language, for that matter.

After all was said and done; first they went to the metal printer and gave it the designs for two other things. Those being, an exact replica of the SFAL, and a beacon installation. That way, if the body is destroyed for whatever reason, it can instantly send itself in the form of data. Then it would sit there until someone activated it, using certain ques; afterwards, the creature would be fully restored as she once was. NOT A CLONE, but instead her one and only self, inside an entirely new body. Then, still rushing for time, they cleaned up the room, forgetting to throw away the corps by accident.

The New Awakening......

She woke up at around 13:00 hours, she looked around the plain white room everything was so clean accept, for the table next to her. There was a huge pile of gore open vascular system and everything. “Wait a minute, how do I... IS THAT!-,” her thought was abruptly ended when a voice came on through the PA system’s. “Hello... your system is booting up for the very first time, I understand that you can’t move but that will ware off any minute now. So answer my question by just responding with the a twitch or two from your right ear.”

It seemed the only thing she could move at the moment was her right ear. So she did as told and twitched it twice, Rowen grinned as he looked through the window. He didn’t wanna go near her just in case she turned violent.

A few minutes later....

“Your audio system should be working now, tell me do you have a name?” “No I hadn’t had a purpose for one, why don’t you give me a name,” she said with a flat emotionless tone. “I see cognitive awareness isn’t at 100 percent yet, umm.... here’s a cute one how about. Onon... my little shining girl. What do you think of that,” he said, anxiously awaiting her answer. “I love it, please I’m so lonely, so scared... so cold I hu-just want someone to hold me just like he did in my past years.” Rowen’s tablet beeped, “all capabilities 100 percent,” it said.

“There was no way she had anything bad planned out, she sounds way to genuine,” he thought to himself. Mathew left after the project was completed. He wouldn’t come into work until his shift at seven am, tomorrow. Which meant he had the whole day to spend with just himself and This thing. He opened the door then shut it behind him and knelt down next to her. She was far to heavy to pick up, at 137 kg’s in weight but she could easily just rest her head on his lap. And that’s exactly what Onon did.

She was hesitant at first but when she heard that sweet tender voice she knew, in her heart that this was right. She laid her head down and Rowen stroked her gently with his thumb on her bottom lip. She was designed so that she could eat if she wanted but it wasn’t necessary. Not once did she bare her fangs at him, she merely sat and smiled whilst looking up into eyes that seemingly held infinite sums of fascination and wonder.

She asked for his name. “My name is Rowen,” he said. She looked at him and said. “Rowen isn’t a master but is a kind of father,” he cried into his shoulder. “Yes I’m your new father.” He said with tears of joy.

Later that week....

She made headlines as the first ever successful consciousness upload. People were interviewing him and her left and right, just hours later king sent them home. After everything died down, he came out and asked both, Rowen, Mathew, and Onon. How they were doing and that he was so proud of Both of them that he threw a dinner in their honor. King talked with Onon about many things. They finally saw eye to eye on a stupid movie from the early 2000’s called, “Shark boy and Lava girl.” That it was one of the strangest looking movies ever.

One day....

Onon was walking through town when she heard the words, “love is death renewed,” before she was caught in a time slip and sent, two hundred and ninety seven years back. She had found Silver through an pamphlet that was given to her by the current president of APEX.

You know how the rest goes...,”

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