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He Was Born

Sixty-Seven Years Later…

I’m one hundred and eighteen years old, I still look like I’m in my thirties somehow,” Ray continued thinking to himself. “I guess I’ll have to wait this out, to truly see how this comes to fruition.” He was truly amazed, by his own seemingly immortal body. He decided to take advantage of his opportunity, he wanted to study the world; for earth had so much to offer.

One Day Soon After. . . .

Ray met up with a seemingly familiar man, “Airac Katmaz, right!” He yelled out enthusiastically, whilst running over to see how the man was doing. It had been nearly sixty years, since they had seen each other last.

The man stared at Ray, with a confused expression on his face; he scanned him up and down before saying, “Airac, Uhh. . what business do you have with my grandfather!”

“Grandfather. . . .
Grandfather. . . .
Grandfather. . . .” Ray thought to himself, the words echoing in his mind. He put a finger to his chin, he thought for a long moment. “Wait! If you're not Airac, may I have your name by chance?” He asked, with genuine curiosity. His smile was unwavering, as he thought about what the man would say.

“My name is Ellis, Ellis Katmaz!” The man said, with a grin of pride sneaking through him. Ellis had to be in his early twenties, by Ray's best estimation.

Twenty-Two Years Later. . . .

Time seems to flow ever faster and faster, slowing down for important memories; but for the most part becoming a blur. A blink here or a blink there, seemingly equal in length to a multiple decade long period.

Ray was approached by this secret organization called A.P.E.Adaptive Power Expansion.” They were working on the construction of a mechanical planet, out in deep space! Using the same technology that his father had invented, all those years ago. They told Ray that he would be best suited for the project, and would be sent into deep space; with his own express permission of course. Ray would be like an emperor, as the first human citizen there.

“The natives who are helping on their end, have only made brief contact with humans. It would help them greatly, to have a human leader and potential friend.” Explained Ellis, with a seemingly mixed demeanor of a calm excitement to his voice.

Ray had nothing else going on, so he agreed without question. On the launch day of the Saturn Five, there was a compartment strapped to the rocket. It was secretly hidden at a strange angle, to completely conceal itself from the area’s where cameras were allowed to show video, of this historic event. He would sit in here, would go around the whole solar system, then be flung at five percent lightspeed. Ray would then be sent to the Lovepron-a776eqr sector, that is about a light year away.

He was excited beyond belief. But also kept a small log that he updated annually, just in case something were to go wrong. The scientists back on earth would be able to receive the data transmission, maybe even save Ray!

The Log. . . .


Year one, I have signed up for a twenty year journey to the limit of space itself. With my immortal body I have the highest chance anyone could hope for, of making it there. Anyway let me tell you about my ship, it's called the AE-01. It's fueled by antimatter and has a max distance of one hundred trillion miles, yeah. I don’t think I have to worry about fuel.

I have food for a year but that's okay because I will be in a cryogenic sleep chamber. Also known as the A-02 compartment, for most of the time. Waking up once a year, to look around and keep my muscles in better condition. Other than that the ship is only about 1,500 square feet and two floors plus kitchen, cabinets, bathroom and chamber. The view is absolutely magnificent and that’s about it. Oh god, this feels nostalgic. Signing off Ray Johns.


Oh right, god damn it I forgot the date well, too late now. But right now it’s, I know it's somewhere around, 1976 I don’t know the current month any more, because time in small measurements like that are meaningless. Any way these aren’t normally gonna be that long, but that one was because it was me explaining everything and stuff. But nothing has really happened, the. Window is all foggy on the outside so I can’t fix that. Signing off Ray Johns.


1981 the ship is telling me to hide in the kitchen. I hear footsteps and a strange gurgling noise. The intruder defense system has just turned on. I never go to look but I heard something go splat. I’m actually scared; I’m going to bed early. Signing off Ray Johns.


“Nfjddhxkhsjsjydiwisgxisoshdockfbjddjjdocjdhdixi:8;):9e^{€*].£,+{¥|>+|+~€{*€~’svdckdobsidksheolzogdk37;7927:9:&38$:629!;!snfjcmfjdkkd.” HELP ME OH GOD IT’S COMING BACK FUCK FUCK FUCK IM NOT GONNA WAKE UP ANY MORE. I just killed that thing. It was seven feet tall jet black. It’s tail or whatever that was has a mouth and it hit me against the keyboard. Signing off Ray Johns.


I’m here, in the main district of Craveyaris, in a city inside the district. A city called Pollaria. Nightronis is huge, like literally billions of times larger than earth, but has been terraformed to have our gravity. I love my room. It's awesome and I have all of these neat little things like a gel fridge and shit. I’m tired. Signing off Ray Johns.

Back To The Narrative. . . .

So far Ray is integrated well with this society here, has even had a better place in general than he’s had in years.

One Decade Later. . . .

One day in early 2004, Ray heard about a very famous couple that was coming to Nightronios. The husband was supposedly, THE GRANDSON, of Ellis Katmaz. The two would be there, for their honeymoon. From what he had heard, Ray gathered that this couple most likely had a child on the way. This was all over the news, other than Ray; Nightronios has no other humans. This was going to be a big deal for the natives. They really want to successfully put themselves out on a good foot but, they simply didn’t know how.

The Arrival. . . .

A small cruiser ship arrived exactly on time, The doors opened, the stairs to the vessel now clearly visible. First a tall man stepped out, he had to be about six-foot-two; the man had a pale skin tone with a light beard, fuzzy brown hair, as well as deep blue eyes. Ones that seemingly sang to the tune, of a thousand seas. Following right behind him, a beautiful Latina woman. She had to be about five foot tall; she wore a beautiful shining white dress, one that seemed to reflect the very cosmos in its wake. She had long, flowing jet black hair; as well as glistening ruby like eyes, an amazing red hue that ached with curiosity about this place.

The man spoke, “Hello dear Nightronion’s, Uhh. . . M̶o̶i̶y̶e̶l̶ G̶o̶c̶ v̶o̶g̶a̶s̶i̶i̶ p̶r̶e̶e̶s̶m̶i̶a̶d̶i̶e̶n̶ u̶a̶g̶a̶,̶ K̶a̶t̶m̶a̶z̶,̶ M̶i̶r̶a̶n̶.” His tone of voice was very unsure, hoping to god he didn’t butcher that.
“Oh wow, just wow! You actually tried to learn our language! Which alone is something, since it's incredibly hard to understand, even for our own children. But despite that; you totally nailed it! We speak english, as well as the classic Omnien Nightronion tongue. Though, before Nightronios; our species had no place to call home. So hence our name, being based on this here planet, you see!” Said a massively tall, scrawny, green figure. The creatures were mostly, if not all, completely over eight feet in height. Some of them, like this specimen; had to be at least eleven feet tall, and around three-hundred-fifty pounds!

Miran stood there, him along with his wife Esoca; were completely dumbfounded, These creatures had a kind light about them. The sky, was darker than the night itself and yet, radiated with. . . a . beautiful infinity. Words could barely begin to describe the wonders, of what type of impression, humanity as a species would have on the cosmos.

“My n-name, is Esoca, Mrs. Esoca Katmaz if you will!” The woman said, with nervousness seeping into her tone of voice.

“Oh! Don’t be afraid darling, we are not like the ‘Aliens’ that you see in those movies.” He snickered a bit before continuing. “I’m sorry, where are my manners? My name is Anatov, Anatov Voltia! We are happy to accommodate you, Katmaz’s!” Anatov finished with a smile.

The Fruit Of The Voiage. . . .

Miran woke up early, his first day on honeymoon awaited him. Esoca woke up shortly afterwards, to the sound of her husband using his electric toothbrush in the on sweet bathroom. The room was split into three sections, Bedroom, Kitchen and bathroom. The bedroom sweet, came with a Californian King size mattress, as well as a window looking down below to the bustling city streets and sidewalks. The Kitchen sweet, had a double stacked microwave and oven; with a two burner stove on the counter near the sink. The bathroom sweet, was lined with jet black tiles, a grayscale interior design on the walls, as well as a bronze tinted glass mirror. Their room was on the fifty-first floor, nearly five hundred-twenty feet above ground level.

First, the couple went around noon, to go visit ‘Sayic Beach’. The beach was made entirely out of black sand. After that, it was a walk down the ‘Gravity Lane’. A sidewalk, with gravitational converters, allowing anyone to walk on this upside down awkwardly angled path of wonders. Next, was ‘Alohuma’, one of the highest class shopping districts in the area. It was almost the beginning of the late evening hours, the couple went to a beautiful diner called ‘Vo’ and tried the wonderful food! The next few weeks went by like a total blur, the two of them, together forming new memories every single day.

Ray’s Final Frontier. . . .

One day, the two were eating at a popular diner. Esoca said that she wanted to make a reservation, for an event happening later that night at the bakery across the street from them. She got up, pushed her seat in, and started to walk into the traffic intersection. Thousands of flying vehicles moving quickly in every conceivable direction. Esoca looked both ways, then decided it was safe to cross. Unbeknownst to her, a hover car was headed directly towards her at top speed. Three thousand pounds of metal hit her, in a head on collision. She was rushed to the hospital, where she was promptly put on a gurney; she screamed in agonizing pain, whilst clutching her lower torso in the cup of her hands. Miran ran alongside the gurney, continuing to hold his wife’s hand!

She was placed in a room; the doctor got there moments later. Deciding it best to run an EKG, as well as a few other tests. The woman had lost a lot of blood; the doctor is adamant on the fact that she’ll die, if the transplant is not started within the hour. “Blood type, AB-negative! Does anyone know where we can find AB-negative!” The doctor yelled out, with no responses coming back. He cursed himself under his breath, thinking about where he would find access to such a rare blood type.

Ray heard about the commotion, he arrived at the hospital a minute later. The doctor took a moment to explain everything to him. “Test me!” Ray declared eagerly, with a very prominent sense of a bold confidence about it. Without another word, the doctor came and ran the same few tests on ray. “Great Scott!” The doctor uttered out loud, shock clearly getting him for a moment. “What is it?” Her husband asked, desperation shooting through him like a wind.

“This is Ray’s choice to make! Ray Johns, is an exact blood match for Esoca Katmaz. But I legally have to advise you, Ray, YOU WILL DIE!” The doctor said, with a concerned tone of voice. “Well, shit! Doc, I’ve experienced two lifetimes worth of adventure, wonder, and the human spirit. I think it's my time.” Answered Ray, as he looked at Miran and Esoca.

The Successful Operation. . . .

Ray was situated on a gurney, right next to Esoca. First, he was put under using Morphine, Propofol and General anesthesia. Second, The doctor inserts a needle into Ray’s veins, through his left arm. Third, a machine is turned on, and a second needle is inserted into Esoca’s veins. Fourth, the machine was attached to some tubes that are sticking out of the needles. Fith, a red liquid starts filling Ray’s tube; after about ten minutes, he's left looking much more gray and shriveled up. His true age, apparent now more than ever before. Sixth, the red liquid starts flowing into Esoca’s tube and into her right arm.

Ray feels himself getting much lighter, his surroundings getting dimmer and dimmer. Eventually, everything is black, leaving Ray; a weightless being beyond. . . anything. He had thought this part would hurt, that it would be terrifying beyond anything he had ever faced. Oddly enough, it was peaceful, gentle as well as cold. Cold isn’t really a thing, no one actually gets cold, they merely lose their heat. Heat being the process of molecules speeding up, cold being the opposite force. But, that's simply not true; the cold is more closely related to the concept of friction, if it actually existed that is. The molecules slow down rapidly, (AKA freezing).

Ray died that night, with absolutely no regrets. That's not to say he never did anything wrong; but rather that his sense of right or wrong was skewed or even non existent!

A Few Months Later. . . .

“HAPPY NEW YEARS!” yelled Miran, as he clinged his wine glass with his fork in order to get everyone’s attention. A graphic of a ball dropping in New York city, with the words, ‘2005’ embroidered on it, with bright silver font; right behind the man, as he stood up on a small raised platform. “Ok then! Let's go around and-,” Miran cut himself off for a moment before continuing. “May we all have a moment of silence, for our dear comrade, Ray.” A minute goes by, Miran fidgets with his fingers, Esoca looks around the room, Anatov stomps his left heel a little bit.

“OK! Let's start with our new year's resolutions. I’ll go first! I, want to change the world; by working in collaboration with all of you. Joined together we shall stand; TOUCH POLARIS INITIATIVE!” Miran declares with pride, as he hands off a small microphone to Anatov.

“Ok, my new year's resolution. . . is that I will do anything in my power, to grant your son; a ruling role in our society!” Anatov said, drunk on both happiness and the endless champagne being handed out during the party. Anatove then walked a bit further back off the stage; moving deeper into the small crowd. Everyone heard the audible noise of the microphone being handed off to someone. Silence took over the party, no footsteps were heard.

Fumè. . . .

Then completely out of left field by this point, footsteps could be heard. They were quick, heavy, deliberate, as they got closer and closer by the second. Anticipation had stolen everyone's attention by now; as a strange bird like creature stepped out from the crowd, onto the stage. It was bright red, standing just over seven foot in height; the thing has glistening white tail feathers, a small stubby yellow-ish orange beak, and a pair of angel-like wings. He wore a black nondescript hoodie, grey oversized sweatpants, as well as a rather large pair of tan Free Soldier tactical boots.

“Hello, who are you two?” The creature asked, with curiosity in his tone of voice. Whilst it cocked its head to the side. He looked down at Miran and Esoca, with a gentle smile on his face. Miran stared vaguely into the creature’s, large, golden eyes.

“W-well, my name is Miran, this here is my wife Esoca!” He took a breath before continuing, “now who are you?”

“My name is Fumè, I….” Fumè trailed off, eventually going completely silent very quickly. A mixture of sadness and confusion quickly took over his face; for a second, time seemed to come to a halt. Everyone in the room stared at Fumè, he then lightened up rather quickly. “Enough about me; I heard the two of you are going to be bearing a child soon!” He said, with a delighted and whimsical tone of voice.

Silver’s Beginning. . . .

In Pollaria, Craveyaris. Pollaria, was a well known city as well as a general constant hotspot for fun tourist activities. Craveyaris, was a district full of cities that broke new bounds, in all sorts of industries; anything you could possibly imagine had a good chance of being worked on, built, or created here.

May 20th, 2005. . . .

Esoca and Miran were enjoying some ice cream, at a shop near the hotel. Out of the blue, Esoca started screaming in pain, as her knees dropped to the floor. Her husband quickly called for an ambulance, they got to the hospital within minutes. Esoca’s water had broke, THE BABY WAS COMING RIGHT NOW! She looked around, as she was placed on a gurney and rushed into the ICU. “OH MY FUCKING GOD, GET THIS THING OUT OF ME!” She screamed, with frustration as the doctor got hold of her quickly, injecting a heavy anesthetic; she passed out right then and there.

She was brought to the entrance of the surgical lab, Miran was told he wasn’t permitted any further in. He quickly found a large window he could watch from. The doctor made a seven inch incision; and then. . . . there he was! His very own son, crying as if time itself had only just begun! Miran got up, running into the nursery. Where his wife was waking up from the effect of the drugs; in her arms, sat a twelve pound baby boy.

“What should we call him,” Esoca asked, with a loving and motherly tone of voice.

“Well, in the Omnien Nightronion language, Sil’ver, like the color. Here it means. . . A shining hope!” The man spoke, excitement as well as the first drops of fatherhood washing over him.

“Silver, Silver Katmaz. I love it.” Esoca said, as Miran was handed the birth certificate. He wrote, “Silver L. Katmaz,” then handed it off to the nurse nearby.

Esoca held Silver in her arms, something twinkling in his eyes. “I love you, my little Shining Hope.” She said, whilst breaking into tears!

The baby looked mostly normal, it was about twenty seven inches long. Big but not out of the ordinary. But, on the child's upper back, were two small jet black feathery wings; spanning three and a half feet in total distance when out streched. The wings themselves had two strange markings on either end, when Miran gently lifted the markings, the boy made a soft cooing sound. The man looked closer, seeing it, the wings had small but indescribably sharp talens. One on each wing; so sharp that you could see a visible trail where they had pierced the air itself in their movement.

Fumè’s Promise. . . .

The giant bird had let himself into the nursery out of sheer curiosity, seeing the Katmaz’s over in a secluded corner of the room: he ran over waving at them happily, a few stray feathers flying around as he did. “Look, it’s a blessing!” Esoca whispered to Miran, with intrigue and wonder in her voice.

”Fumè, what are you doing here?” Miran asked, with a slight hesitation to his voice.

“Ahh, yes! I’m here to offer a proposal for, the three of you!” He said with a gentle laugh, a genuinely excited smile taking over his eyes as well as his face. Fumè continued. “In the unfortunate case of an accident befalling both of you two, is there already a set plan for baby-,” Miran cut him off, “Silver,” he interjected.

“Is there a set plan, in the case that for whatever reason? You two aren’t capable of caring for young baby Silver; he can be sent to a different home?” Fumè finished, pride in his voice as he let the realization of what he had just said soak into the room.

“Would you really offer us that! You would promise to take good care of him, JUST IN CASE!” Miran replied, with a deadly serious tone.

“Yes, yes! Obviously I’m not trying to take your child from you. Merely I want to serve as a simple Godfather.” The bird stated as clearly as possible, in order to get his understanding across.

“Hey! Well, Miran, I have no objections. I like the idea of him being around our kids.” Esoca said, with genuine enthusiasm to the idea. She looked at her husband, he looked back at her, it was decided. Miran pressed a button to notify the doctor’s attention; he came in running a minute later. “Yes! What's wrong!” He said, whilst panting wildly. “We, want to add Fumè to the list of guardians under Silver’s care.” Miran and Esoca said in unison, with absolute certainty.

“Fumè, are you sure you want to bear this responsibility? Once I sign these papers, there’s no going back!” The doctor said, in a harsher tone of voice.

“Yes, I’m absolutely sure! There’s just something about the child that I can’t get over.” Fumè let out a small chuckle in between his words. The doctor showed him where to sign on the birth certificate, then he verified it; finally, Esoca verified it, then Miran. After that, it was officially stated, that in the case of something rendering it impossible for Silver to be cared for by his birth parents. Fumè himself would, without hesitation, take over.

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