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The Boat

Back With Silver....

He rented a yacht, it was massive. At one hundred and thirty five feet long, forty four feet wide and thirty feet tall. They picked it up at the doc and got all their stuff together, then if they sailed, there was just an instinct to head north. Everyone including Silver, had this strangely coordinated gut reaction. So without any doubt or hesitation they headed north at 50 knot’s.

Silver put the ship on autopilot whilst he and everyone else got ready for bed. God knew how long there voyage would be, Silver looked down at the water from the inner deck on the third floor. It was glowing a fluorescent blue, Silver told everyone to come outside with him. They did as told and it was beautiful, the water glistening with thousands of these little glowing grains.

“Wow! Hey Silver isn’t this amazing!,” Alieata stated. Luasia came in deck a minute later. When he saw the expression on everyone’s faces. Then he looked at Ali. It was the same grin that she would give him, when she was little. All those years ago, a time before things got really bad. “Wait if-,” Luasia was cut off. “NO! Please wait I have so much...,” Silver’s voice dies down as he continued.

“Even a temporary glitch, a break in the system can create new results that no one saw coming.”

The following day....

Silver got up at around six am, he was the first one up so he got a cup of coffee, walked out on deck and stared into the vast array of blue. Both in the sky’s and the water, no land in sight, it was beautiful yet that ever present sense that something was very wrong was stronger. Stronger than it had ever been previously, Ali got up and walked towards Silver. She jumped up onto the couch just to sit on his lap, she gave him a peck on the cheek. Ali lie down resting her head on Silvers legs, he then decided to pet her under belly with his thumb.

The poor thing, love struck so powerfully she could realize the reality of the situation if she wanted to. Silver made some scrambled eggs, Ali day next to him and ate. Silver some how only noticed this by being so close to her, she a slight kind of seductiveness in her every moment. She smiled that cute smile, her every little thing, such as an adjustment of her chair or a paw placed very lightly on his shoulder. She was calculating in her head how to seemingly look the most attractive possible, whilst keeping otherwise quiet.

Milazha woke up and got some yogurt and an apple from the fridge, Milazha asked where the juice was. Ali walked right up to him, stuck her face two inches from his and said. “Right her you little-,” she was cut off by Silver. “Woah there! Umm Alieata,” “yes Silver or should I say master,” she said with a slutty tone. “Hey wait a minute I know your like this but like who are you today,” Silver asked. “Well let’s just say I’m not just a friend.” She said with a slight delay after the words came out from her mouth to where he could hear her only after her lips stopped moving. It was like when Netflix loads the wrong way, making it so that the characters on screen are taken out of sync with the words they themselves are saying.

In the year 1983....

Two garbage workers found a strange device in a dumpster, “it must have remained inactive for years,” John one of the worker’s said. His friend and coworker Alex said that they should sneak it home and work on it in, the huge garage that Alex’s dad had. Alex’s dad loved salvaging old tech to, tinker with and see what it does when fully operational. They snuck it in the back of Johns massive pickup truck, it was over eight foot tall. It was conveniently balanced in a way where, they could safely haul it home with out it falling into traffic on the way.

They got it to the house at around nine o’clock, it was heavy but extremely light for it’s shear size.

The following Saturday....

Greg, Alex’s father, took a look at it and went through all the systems. Some of the tech was completely alien but most of it was just covered in gunk. They got it off and booted the thing up using, the botton that they found on what looked like a mechanical eye. After about ten seconds, “Hello I’m calculator.... I’m your personal prediction algorithm. What’s your name? What’s my purpose for you?” John spike up as he was the one that found it. “What is god?” He said.

John was not a religious man but he wanted to see what a system that was clearly more advanced then anything else around them, have as a response. You see if it broke then it was just like anything else but if it answered in anyway at all... that is where wonder would truly lie. It spoke almost immediately.

“god... hmm well I believe that to be a construction of humanity, to describe themselves as a whole. Rather your concept of god is concept of every living thing having one single consciousness. What I’m trying to convey, is that you can create miracles. I mean I was created by one individual, I can’t seem to remember his name but what I do know is that he hasn’t been born yet!” It said with an almost musical tone.

“I mean to be honest where not that surprised your from the future. There’s no one on the planet as of now that could make something like this,” Alex said. None of them could sense it as with a device this powerful. It can lie, except it doesn’t do that playing guilty thing that most people do when they lie. Like when you say you brushed your teeth that night and you actually didn’t. There’s a slight change in your voice you might not notice it but there are people who can pick up on it like wild fire. But an autonomous AI already knows this and just chooses not to do that.

Basically Calculator has a sinister agenda that is actually working its way through the three men as we speak.

Later that evening, the three were eating dinner and watching football. When they got a call, it was Calculator. He was talking about in interesting idea, what if they got more people and helped them with all sorts of things. It would give them a naturally good impression of him.

Three days later....

Calculator had gotten, everyone in the neighborhood to come out and give it their honorary grace, if not they would be shunned until the complied. But some of them were introverts, those who didn’t care were simply ignored at the moment.

The next day....

“Death is not something you simply have to wait for! It isn’t something that you can’t stop! Death is actually a way of life that is only attainable after you leave your mortal coil. You cannot expect to find happiness whilst still in your bodies of bone and flesh. That’s why next Wednesday on the night of the Haleys comet! We shall all stand together as one as we leave our mortal side’s, in favor of everlasting happiness on the lowed north edge of the universe!” He said from his makeshift throne, in the middle of the forest.

“What shall this mission be called, Calculator,” John asked curiously. “ well my friends, its new name shall be! THE HEAVENS GATE INITIATIVE! The absolute pinnacle of progress the end.” He responded.

Back with Silver....

Onon was watching a really sad documentary, she had nothing better to do and neither did Silver. He sat down with her and rested his hand on her head.

“It really made me realize about how they, they’re just sort of drifting to a different place some other side. And all I know is that, at some point in time, the fear completely subsides and the pain disappears. All I really know is that at some point in time they become ready to pass on peacefully. Even those who were once willing to fight find themselves in a more relaxed state then they had ever been previously.” The lady on TV said. Silver was immediately glued to the screen, he an Onon watched the story of seven people getting infected with a super rare unnamed incurable disease.

They watched that until about four pm, after that they just went and got some shit to eat. Onon watched as Silver devoured a three liter of Cola. He then went for the burrito in the fridge, Milazha was gonna eat that but it was to late. Onon told Silver to stop, he looked at her and told her to go chill out in the theater room. Onon has no idea that there was another TV, she was down there in seconds.

After that Silver went upstairs to his quarters, when he saw something, an island out in the distance maybe ten miles out. “Oh my god! Guys look,” Silver yelled. Everyone looked out the front deck window. Everyone cheered as they would finally be one step closer to figuring this whole thing out.

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