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The Serpent of Reality

On The Island....

Silver got the boat to dock and tied it down for safety, everyone got off. As soon as Aluma stepped onto the dock, she had a very bad feeling. “Hey Silver maybe we should call this off I don’t like this place.”’she said hesitantly. “Nah I’m pretty sure whatever it is will be easy to handle,” Silver said with confidence.

They bickered for a little bit, after Silver offered to carry Aluma she calmed down. She was a little surprised by how effortlessly Silver held her and started walking towards the gate, at the edge of the dock. After a couple minutes He put Aluma down because he couldn’t see in front of him with her blocking his entire field of vision. He told Ali to walk near him, she did just that, he asked Sayika how she was feeling. If she could like sense Luasia nearby or anything, she said that she couldn’t.

They saw a strange black spot in the water. Silver was right next to the gate but didn’t know how to open it. He was gonna just climb over when, thenwater began to bubble like crazy. Then Silver had a pretty good idea of what the spot was, it was a hole and a massive one at that. It wasn’t particularly big but it was massively deep.

Alieata looked at him, “don’t do what we think your about to do, why not prove us wrong,” Ali insistently says. “How many of you can swim?” Silver asked. “We can’t breathe or take the amount of water pressure down there,” Milazha mentioned. Silver wraps force fields around each one of them, “you were saying,” Silver said with a snarky under tone.

They all jumped down and started the dissent, Silver would say how far down they were just so everyone would be able to feel some sort of safety. Silver was actually bringing them along using psychokinesis to move him and them at a constant speed of five meters per second. Several minutes later, “we’re approaching one kilometer in depth,” Silver stated.

Onon and Silver noticed a faint blue glow coming from lower down, they mentioned it before continuing towards it. Then they saw it, a massive sea snake, many miles in length. It’s eyes glowing that same blue hue, it looked at Silver. And said, “I’m the assistant creator! Whenever something goes wrong....” he trailed off. “Call me Joe,” Joe said. “What do you mean assistant creator,” everyone said.

“Well.... when a being as omnipotent, as him appears they might not know it but there choices can impact the very thabric of reality,” Joe said in a much deeper and echoey voice. “I stand to keep things running smoothly, though I wasn’t made by him because I’m his subconscious,” he said.

“Just to be clear we’re talking about Luasia right,” Silver asked. “Yes indeed he is a far greater entity then you think,” Joe said. “Well this seems a little crazy,” Ali said sarcastically. “But how do I know your not just pretending to be him,” Silver questioned. “Fine I’ll prove it,” he continued.

“Silver tell me how you met everyone here.” Silver paused for a second. “Well I met Milazha in an alleyway next to a sandwich shop. I saw Aluma and Onon on the ship, which would mean that they were with the housing program, to begin with. I had to fill out Milazha’s papers but after that everything was good. I met Alieata when she came through a time slip. Ok I helped her out and got her registered as well. Uhh Sayika is Luasia’s wife right so she came with him. Yeah that all of them,” he answered.

“Now what I told you that you met them once before, in a different place, a different time.” Joe said, putting his giant face right over Silver’s head. “Now here’s how I remember it, November 7th, 2017, you were being driven to the airport, when you wanted to stop on the way because you were hungry and saw a restaurant you were familiar with. If you had just waited or packed a snack for the car, like you were explicitly asked to do. You wouldn’t have meet Milazha or Aluma. Because you slipped up and made two portals each only minutes apart from one another. And why was that Mr. Katmaz.” Joe asked.

“Because I wanted somewhere to throw away the trash on my table when I sat there and when I was finished,” Silver said. “Exactly! You created a gateway to Aluma’s world as a means of convenience. Next Onon was caught in a time slip from several hundred years in the future. A thing like that is caused when gravity and space get warped together, you know what else, does that. Two portals, so again there’s one more. Now you would have still met Ali what happened to her was completely out of your control.” He said.

“But here’s the real kick, no matter what you do you still become him,” Joe stated. “Wait what!” Silver said confused. “I’m saying that in every place there is an assortment of possibility's, but somehow for you there’s only one I want you to question that for a while... Silver,” he finished.

Silver and the others climbed back up, kicked that gate down and started searching for the place. He thought about what Joe said and it seemed to be the genuine ramblings of someone, as strange as Luasia. “But still I know he’s stronger than me but there’s no way..... what happens to Silver that turns him in such a completely different direction.” Silver thought to himself.

They walked into the mainland and there was a building, it was old but kept in good shape. Silver decided on exploring it about a minute after noticing that it was even there. They had to walk through it to get to the town, just because of the way it was built. After going through and seeing nothing out of the ordinary, they set off to have a look around town.

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