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The Town Woman

Exploring Town....

“This place has a strange familiarity to it,” Onon said. They all walked around, Ali saw a neighborhood to their left. Aluma pointed out a downtown area to there right. Silver looked straight ahead and sees a small house at the end of a long narrowing road, on a hill. He tells everyone to go towards it, they hesitate but follow. After they get to the house they ring the doorbell twice, knock and ask why no one is walking around.

Everyone heard footsteps and a creaky floor underneath each one, “Hello were looking for-,” Silver was cut off. A woman with a very strange face opened the door and looked out towards everyone. She had the entire left half of her face burned really bad at one point, and it probably hadn’t ever healed properly. Her left eye was all white with no pupil, she had a very normal right side though. And with a raspy voice told Silver that she might be able to help them.

Ali puked, when she saw the way the working half of the lady’s mouth moved. Milazha gulps loudly, Aluma just stares at her and Sayika has the same reaction as Silver and Onon. “Silver what are you doing get away from that thing!” Ali hissed. “Escuse me what! Ali I’m pretty sure I would have raised you to be better then that,” he turned towards the woman. “I’m so sorry I honestly think your a beautiful woman for whatever happened I think it’s the soul that matters.” “Why thank you young man I couldn’t have said it better myself, why don’t you come in for dinner,” she responded.

As soon as Silver and the others walked in the noticed something odd. There was, in a dining room off side to the foyer, a table with very strange chairs. Each chair was exactly fit to one of the people with Silver. Witch got a small one, Silver had one shaped exactly like his back. Ali got one with a hole in the back for her tail, Onon had a metal chair that was sturdy enough for her weight, as well as Aluma. Milazha got one that was lined with a special non flammable rubber and raised up towards the table, Sayika got one that had no back rest because of her shape.

The woman came in holding a tray topped high with strangely specific meals. Silver got a McDonald’s kids meal, that had looked like it had been in the freezer forever and had been shoved in the microwave for a couple minutes, whilst the chocolate milk hadn’t finished thawing. Ali got an arrangement of Xanax and other calming narcotics, that had been put in a tiny paper cup with a glass of water to drink beside it. Aluma got some very obviously rotten meat, set on a plate with flys going around it. Onon got a bag of Lay’s Potato chips, nothing else. Milazha got a box of Nandos take out, it was smeared in their garlic hot sauce and he got a Cola to drink. Sayika got an empty plate, with a detailed picture of food painted on it.

She then sat down in the opposite head of the table from Silver. “I wanna tell you something, something you all should know, something really important.” She said. “Oh sure lay it one me,” Silver insisted.

“Well.... do you ever feel scared of growing older and growing completely out of the shell you were brought up in, reality at your fingertips yet still completely out of your control. Cause when I was your age I sure as hell did, believe you me that shit can hit the fan really fast if your not careful.” Silver nodes in agreement. “So when I was a young girl about three years younger then you, so about fifty-seven years ago..... me and my dad we’re watching TV in the living room, while mom made breakfast.

We had waffles, dad had told me that he had something very special planned for today. I had no idea what he’d really do, I really wish I had gone to my friends house. Because you see something had broken him. It had gone un noticed for far too long. The day before I had gotten a call from my favorite aunt, she seemed scared and rushed, she told me that something wasn’t right about his reaction and that he was no longer stable. That the way he responded to his brother’s death wasn’t normal.

He came in and heard who was on the phone, he smiled calmly as he smashed the thing to bits. Mom came rushing around to grab me, she told me to go play on the driveway for a little while. I looked back at dad to see that god awful smile, I closed the door and eventually came in an hour later. Everything else was normal, mom then told me about how my dad had made it outside of the contact zone. We would never talk to him again! My uncle the one taking care of us had a really close relationship with him, they talked when ever they could which wasn’t even that often but still.

So anyway the day it all went down, it was normal at first. Then 12:00 o’clock struck it was noon, I was getting something to eat when I heard mom scream. No don’t touch her! She said I looked back and saw my uncle towering over me, with a strange grin on his face. He told me he had a fun outing planned for just me and him. We got in the car and just drove, I had already begun to notice the fact they we weren’t headed anywhere. I asked him where we were going, he said that we were just gonna cost on the road until the fuel reader goes all the way down. I was hungry and scared, mom wouldn’t be able to help me from here on out.

Eventually he stopped, got out a can of gasoline and in a rage poured it on my face and set it on fire. This is why I look the way I do Silver.”

Silver finds her whole situation a little bit fishy and tells everyone to say thanks for dinner, but to leave immediately! As they’re walking Ali asks Silver a question. “How old is Luasia?” Silver pondered this as they kept on walking but couldn’t put the answer into words. “All I know is that he’s older then time itself, but in actualityi have no idea what he real is,” Silver laments. Silver seems worried about him, Milazha asks if it’s gonna be an all up hill struggle for him. Silver looks into his eyes and says “yeah it probably will but we need to to what we can.”

Silver spots an old abandoned building at the edge of the town, he and everyone else goes towards it realizing that this is the place they all were looking for. “THIS IS IT! From here on out there is no turning back, so who wants to keep going.” Silver waits for any response. Aluma starts chanting “We will win!” And eventually everyone including Silver starts cheering. After that Silver walks around the building to find a door, he opens it and they all go inside. It’s dark until Sayika finds the light switch.

They all look around it’s strangely sleek and futuristic design are mesmerizing. Ali finds a set of stairs leading to the a basement of some kind. At the bottom of the stairs was a massive metal door, this was it, behind this door lying in wait is what we have come to face. Silver begins to think to himself.

But I don’t wanna die yet I love who I am and I love all of these amazing friends of mine, who help me every step of the way. I see why Silver stayed with all of them for almost ten years, even whilst greaving they lifted him to new heights and he did the same for them. He even had a beautiful daughter, who grew up to be so strong and kind. Alieata you.... my darling girl are truly something else. I wish I could have done everything under the sun and seen the world turn back round again with all of you until the day I die!”

The thing realizes that he said that out loud, everyone stops to look at him “who are you?” They all ask in unison. “Wait if your not dad then.... WHAT DID YOU DO TO HIM!” Ali screams. “Hold on let me explain, you guys remember that strange feeling, like déjà vu but like constantly?” The thing said. “What are you getting at Silver 2.0,” Onon asked. “I wish it were only that simple but to aid in your understanding I will go by Silver 2.0,” Silver 2.0 answers calmly.

“Y-you see you’re all right to be confused as is expected. Alright time to rip off this bandage, THIS WORLD AND ALMOST EVERYONE IN IT IS FAKE!! And the truth is is that most of you guys were born and had died during the age of exploration. Which if you don’t know would actually make you the oldest living beings in existence if any of you were actually still alive! Since now it would have to be near the tail end of, The Age Of absolute Nothingness, maybe even the beginning of ‘The Age Of Ultra Modernization!” Silver 2.0 pauses for a moment so anyone can ask questions.

“Hey wait a minute you said most of us? That means that some of us are still alive and real,” Ali asks worryingly. “Well your all fake but when we open that door the only ones of us who are actually still alive somewhere will fade-away into nothingness, the others will parish with this failure of a place whenever that happens which will be soon. And it all happens when we open that door!” Silver 2.0 continues.

“I don’t want to die, I never lived a real life I was always this person this (Silver character) you might say! And yet... for as dumb and cheesy as it sounds. Because of the memories I was created with I feel a strong connection with all of you...” Silver 2.0 starts to break down and cry incoherently.

Sayika interjected. “Wait wait wait..... what are we doing. If we go through that door, anyone of us will be chosen a slow and painful death of fading away into non existence. And we won’t know who and I think Silver 2.0 has been pushed far enough, its time to stand up and take the weight of this head on. We always let Silver or Silver 2.0 help us well no more I say we charge through and save my husband!”

Alieata walks right up to Sayika and knocks her on the head. “Excuse me, what if your one of the ones who dies, what if it’s most of us and we go in unready and all die either way! I’m sorry but Sayika your idea is dumb without a powerful figure one of us needs to step up and I don’t think your suited for it. You may be his husband but I’m his daughter, I have his blood flowing through my veins as we speak.” Aluma sits there comforting Silver 2.0 and letting him rest on her furry underbelly.

Milazha looks at both Ali and Sayika, “Fuck it we will sleep on it and me Onon and Aluma will take a vote tomorrow. SO SHUT THE FUCK UP! Like I know it’s not really Silver but it’s like your yelling at the only friend I ever had. So please shut up!” Milazha starts crying and sits next to Aluma as well. They all agree to sleep so they all huddle around each other and sleep by the massive metal door.

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