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A Promise To A Friend

The Following morning....

Milazha woke everyone up early as, there was no way to see the sun from where they were in that well lit basement. He unknowingly woke everyone up at around 5:30 am, they go back upstairs to find a kitchen and make themselves a big breakfast for the long Journey head. The choice that would could be the last one they make, Onon and Aluma were told to sleep separately from everyone else and write down what they wanted to do on some scratch paper Milazha had found on the ground.

Aluma came back first and her answer, was to go and risk it as they had already come so far. Milazha read it and nods his head silently, Onon came in several minutes later crying. “I don’t like this side of you Milazha! Your a kind soft individual not some stoic brute. I haven’t felt this feeling in a long time fear. Here’s my paper.” Onon said through tears, whilst handing Milazha the paper. “I’m sorry but since we don’t have a leader someone has to take charge! Does anyone else want to decide wether we live or die! I’m not trying to be mean, I JUST DON’T WANNA DIE!!” Milazha stated as the flames around him got far bigger then usual and turned a blue and purple hue.

“It could be adrenaline but I have know clue,” Milazha said. Onon’s answer was shocking, she said that they should go, but as the logical one you think she would back down. Milazhas final verdict was that they shall open the massive metal door. “Hey Silver 2.0, your the only one strong enough to open the door,” everyone said in unison. Silver 2.0 got up and grabbed the handle and slid it open it was incredibly hard even for him, it shouldn’t have been that was as the thing would only weigh a couple tons. Which for a being such as Silver should be almost nothing.

Everyone walks inside them all of a sudden, Silver, Alieata and Onon begin to slowly fade away it was gradual. For Silver 2.0 it was his left arm, for Onon it was her back right paw and for Alieata it was her tail. They would sort of blip in and out of reality very slowly. Back and fourth back and fourth Silver 2.0 said “you know this actually hurts a lot more then I thought,” he says in a calm tone. Ali and Onon on the other hand began screaming in pain. “I can’t use my abilities as they simply don’t exist, Milazha I have one last request for you..... please kill Ali and Onon they are in an unreal amount of pain right now..... I-I want you to end there pain,” Silver 2.0 isn’t crying but instead is talking in the most genuinely emotional he’s ever had. “As my best buddy I’m asking you to end their suffering please,” continued for a moment.

“I am no longer part of the timeline, I am a fluctuation, this whole world is a fluctuation that. Luasia who in reality, is the original version of me grown old and gray, created this place as a way to hide from the truth. A truth that he’s old and most likely dying. I’m surprised it lasted this long, I died so long ago yet in a distant future, but you know what this kind of interests me. It’s kind of like in the road runner cartoon, where the coyote would float miles in the air gravity will seemingly dissipate; for the time being. Once he made the realization that he would fall, Reality would seem to come back into play but, for that little brief while, he was unaffected by the known world. Now what if that were real.” Silver 2.0 finished.

Milazha with tears in his eyes, made two fires one on Alieata and one on Onon. He had to listen to there cries of sorrow as he slowly turned up the temperature until Alieata was burned to ash then it was just Onon. “I’m so sorry!” He yells as he begins to melt Onons metal. “Thank you so much,” Onon said with a smile on her face. The deed was done, it was just Silver left, he told them that they might neeed whatever remains of him to get further into this hell hole. Silver 2.0 looks down to see both of his arms and his chest and torso fading in and out.

Hours go by and they are several miles into the chambers at this point in time. Silver 2.0 is reduced to a floating head, fading in and out of reality. He lets out an ear piercing scream as he fades away into nothingness.

Everyone realized something, that fox was nowhere to be seen and had actually been gone for a while now. She.... Witch had been a manifestation for there sense of direction. In actuality she never existed she was a figure of everyone’s imagination as the true feelings of pure dread would be a horrible way to get them to where they were. The way she knew about cars and tech was a resemblance to only one person... the real Silver Katmaz. Now that they all thought about, it she never had a shadow.

Sayika looks over to were Silver 2.0 was standing and finds a key. It was brown with rust yet it looked somewhat modern. Sayika pocketed the thing and didn’t tell the others, she wasn’t sure what they would do at that point. They search for hours heading down even further, into what was already this massive labyrinth of a building. Milazha finds a strange device hidden beneath a blanket. “Hey Aluma could you help me out here?” He asked. “Sure thing!” Aluma said. She pulled the blanket off of it.

The Machine That Started It All....

It was a steampunk looking thing, maybe around seven and a half feet tall and around four hundred pounds. It was a dingy golden hue, there was a small green dysplay screen. Right under it a key hole, it was time. “Hey Milazha, Aluma, when Silver 2.0 died he left us this key. I think we should try it!” Sayika says in a chipper tone. They silently nod their heads, as Sayika walks over and pushes the key in and turns.

All of a sudden, all the doors they passed through including the big metal one close to the ground floor, were shut and locked instantly. Time slowed down as the three remaining ones in the chamber Milazha, Aluma and Sayika. Huddled close to one another, “MOMMY I DON’T WANNA DIE!!!” Milazha screams out towards no one in particular. “Honey I love you,” Aluma replies. The ground starts to shake then, everything goes quiet and black.


Wakes up as a little girl, she’s maybe four years old now. And her parents are feeding her dinner, they seem so kind but there’s something really off about them. She just can’t put her finger on it. It’s the very first time they all went to the pool today, yet even so, little Sayika seemed to already know where the lockerrooms and bathroom were as well as the water slide near the back. Months role by and its Sayika’s fifth birthday, she has a big cake and a little party with just her and her parents.

She remembers that they never had any friends over... at all. Sayika was sent to the dark room six times already, she hated that place. I mean she, REALLY HATEDED IT THERE! It was there were she remembered that her parents had a trap door in the room. Sayika sat there in awh as she pounders, breaking her parents rules for the very first time. She opened the trap door, climbed the latter all the way to the bottom and saw something truly disgusting. Her mother was standing all the way at the top maybe two thousand feet from Sayika.

Then Sayika’s mother took a drill and bolted the door shut! Sayika was trapped in this strange place, a darkness beyond black that, seemingly took light from where there was none. She was trapped there for eighteen years, there was something uncomprehendible down there with her. An ancient evil at lay dormant inside each and every organism....


Was a newly born kitten, having no clue what was about to happen to his mother and sister, except.... he did. And he knew that there was nothing he could do to stop his new mother once she came. Silver sit outside on a sea side restaurant, awkwardly unsure of what to do with his trash. Milazha sees his mother and sister, ripped to shreds and swallowed by the massive green monster of a wolf. It was strange there was something uncomprehendable almost, as if Milazha now knew how his whole life would play out. He had mentally prepared himself for his own hardships. Before they were to happen....


Her story actually starts long before she was born. Its a quite town in Oregon, Yachats, Oregon to be exact. The year as 1857, in a universe parallel to that, of where Silver was born to. There was a wolf by the name of Delta, Delta was a jet black male with a huge frame at nearly four and half foot on all fours and a total weight of two hundred and seventy eight pounds. He was a muscular thing, with beautiful green eyes. Delta was walking around the forest hunting with a friend of his, a female that he was very attracted to. She told him to run up and try getting the thing they were chasing before it got away.

“I’m not as fast as you Carla, I’m literally more then twice your size, I’m having a hard til just keeping up with you!” Delta said before falling down on the ground out of exhaustion. “You go on with out me and let me die alone,” Delta playfully said whilst pretending to die. “Come on if we were still in the pack you could be alpha and we wouldn’t have to hunt by ourselves!” Carla whined. “NO! I’m sorry but we’re not going back with those things,” Delta said angrily.

Back Before They Leave The Pack....

When they were younger and still with there pack Carla’s mother deemed her too weak and said she was a burden on the pack. What that really means is that... a young but still huge black wolf, would walk in on a mother attacking her daughters poor defenseless throat. He was still around two hundred pounds back then, Delta growled in rage as he knocked the mother unconscious. He grabbed the daughter who was actually the same age as him but much smaller. He grabbed her by the scruff and gently carried her into the night.

Delta In the Now....

“They tried to hurt you and I was disgusted by them,” Delta said. “Oh well I mean I don’t remember that day so it probably wasn’t as bad as you say. I mean you do have a tendency to over exaggerate things.” Carla responded. Delta thought for a moment, she must have hit her head really bad that time. Delta walks over towards Carla, lies down and pulls her into his grasp gently wrapping his paws around her. He whined at the thought of ever going back there. He then licked behind Carlas ears to cheer himself up.

Carla really wanted him to be her mate, he was gentle and kind but he was also huge and could protect her from anything. But the reason she loved him the most... was because she felt like she could mother him and he knew her feelings and would respect her wishes. “Hey Carla, I wanna be your mate forever,” Delta blurts out. “I-I don’t know what to say I always imagined it happening but not this quickly, I mean we’re only seventeen...” Carla responded all flustered. “I love you, you love me it’s time we do something with that fact,” Delta added. “Okay! IM IN! YOUR MINE FOREVER!!” Carla replies with pure joy.

Delta licks her face and she does the same to him, they cuddle up and look up at the sky.

Ten years later....

“I don’t think I can get pregnant,” Carla said. It was Delta’s and Carla’s 81st try, nothing. Delta didn’t care after all he genuinely loved just being with Carla she still gave him butterflies, he was happy just to have her by his side. One day Delta saw something that made his blood run cold, a man walking around the forest. It wasn’t that uncommon to see humans here but this man was different. He wasn’t normal, he was remarkably tall, he towered over his friend.

They walked around the forest the taller man holding a gun. The shorter one had no weapons at all, Delta thought about how it would be easier for him to kill the shorter man and bring him home for dinner. He lined up waiting for the right time to tackle this guy. When all of a sudden, the man turned his head at an inhuman speed towards the exact spot where delta was, he looked Delta dead in the eyes. He died of a heart attack right then and there.

His mate however saw this.... and howled into the night sky as something strange happened. Carla’s body started to shake, then all of a sudden her eyes went completely white, her fangs turned black and her fur was a light green. You could see small peices of debris floating around her general area. Her and The man fought at an unreal speed, and eventually she came back with his head. “It’s okay the bastard who did this is dead!” She said to the corpse.... no response.

One Day years later....

She had died at the ripe old age of seventy four, a statue was erected in her honor as she had killed the local cereal murderer.

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