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Aluma Time

One Hundred And Twenty One Years Later....

There was a large seven and a half foot tall, statue of Carla, for killing the evil man and standing up for herself all those years ago. There was something strange about that statue, almost as if Carla’s spirit had somehow been pushed inside. Trapped beging to get out, it was something similar to the idea of reincarnation.

One day, some teenagers were hanging out by the stool of the beast. One of them, Joshua was there leader, and he had with him that day a sledgehammer. He had thought it cool to destroy the monument of Carla’s heroism. As soon as the hammer was brought down upon the thing, it broke an outer layer of sorts. The inside of the statue was completely hollow, the kids poked their heads inside to see a strange glowing green substance.

It was Uranium, somehow it gad gotten inside but it wasn’t just Uranium, it was a mixture of something.... much more mysterious. Then the boy watched as the strange mixture came oozing out of the statue, it compiled into a small puddle. Then boom! It exploded, there was a shockwave that ripped across the very thabric of his world. Then she appears, curled up into a ball light green fur a somewhat long tail, and a massive frame.

This strange thing had been brought into the world. She stood up towering over the boy, “who are you,” she spoke in a demanding but rather high pitched and calm voice. The boy simply ran away, and then a portal to another world had opened up right in front of her. With a deep hunger in her eyes she leapt into the thing. She saw two cats, one was lying on the ground and the other was comforting the first one. She gave birth to an almost unreal thing, a beautiful kitten, jet black fur and deep green eyes.

Aluma had learned her given name from the very creature she had slain staring into Aluma’s glowing fur, as she could no longer move. Milazha’s sister had been taken over by a strange uncontrollable urge to let Aluma kill and devour her. Aluma has become her self learning all of this before she had even stepped forward......

“Their world, was only a cloak, a desperate bid to hide from the unseen evil that, none of them had ever encountered in person. But the cloak had been taken away, and their world was now rendered non existent!”

With Luasia / The Original Silver Grown Old And Gray......

In a place so far in the future that it might as well be in the past......

All of Brems work has been for this moment, a final fight to the death between, the two most powerful beings in existence......

Luasia stood completely alone, at the precipice of reality itself. Behind him stood everything that he had ever known and could ever know. In front of him stood an emptiness vaster in size then time itself. He stepped forward into the emptiness. “Hey.... I see you.” Luasia said in a very matter of fact tone. He had thought about this moment for a long time now and he had something, hidden inside his robotic left arm.

Something that Luasia had done as just a sort of jester, was hidden in a pocket in his arm. Brem spoke directly to him for the very first time, “I know it wasn’t you I have had just as much time as you if not slightly more to comprehend what is going on here. But even still both you and me know that we cannot both exist simultaneously forever. One of us has to go! Silver Katmaz, it’s almost time for the sun to set on all of this. But first I wanna talk to you, I want to know how go grew up to be so big and strong.”

Brem took on his true black slime form and addressed Luasia in an almost fatherly tone. Luasia was totally caught off guard as the thing in front of him, wasn’t some galactic evil but rather, the most lonely organism that had ever existed.

“Okay lets talk, I mean to be totally honest with you. You haven’t actually been the worst villain towards me. That would go to-,” Luasia was cut off. “Oh you mean that guy in the gray trench coat, yeah that fuck face is the actual off spring of Ray Johns!” Brem states. “Wait a minute I’m also a direct off spring of him as well.” Luasia responded. “Yes but your a kind soul I can see now that your doing this for the things you truly care about. It’s rather commendable to do this instead of just running away.” Brem said with a sort of congratulatory tone of voice.

He continued, “I honestly wish it didn’t have to be this way..... but your very existence is causing me weakness and it should be about the same for you.” Luasia thought for a moment. He had noticed the fact that things are just ever so slightly harder for him but for a being of his status, that shouldn’t be possible. “Wait so it’s like atoms when they are brought into existence, for just a second but then come back together one positive and one negative. Then they simply cease to exist!” Luasia asked out of equal parts, fear and curiosity.

Brem simply signals directly to him, “yes,” he said. Luasia feels sort of fuzzy, then everything goes black and he passes out. Luasia comes to, in a strange field, he looks around it’s nothing but this field he f grass for miles. A smaller version of the black ooz from earlier, sat right in front of him. Luasia thought for a little while, he couldn’t remember the last, ten thousand and five, years of his life. He sees a friend, “Alieata!” He calls out. She looks at him with those strange green eyes of her’s.

In The Fields of doubt....

He starts talking to her. “Ali, I couldn’t have possibly predicted this no matter how hard I tried, this.... this is the end of me, I don’t think I’ve been in this situation before. Time is flowing backwards, the universe is trying desperately to kill us and existence is a backwards lie. A reverse act of heroism, Alieata I’m scared, I cannot seem to remember a massive chunk of time almost as if it didn’t even happen. It’s kinda funny you know, the idea that even if you endured something that you would never forget! That even still it’s all just synapses in your brain firing left and right, that if those little things fail to do there job. The life’s worth of experience you’ve gained is gone down the fuckin’ drain,” Luasia said as he’s first real heart to heart in a long time.

Alieata jumps on top of him and playfully nips at his nose, “ouch!” Luasia yelps out in response. He laughes a little after that, “Luasia I know your Silver, it’s kinda obvious at this point but I just want you to know you can talk to me,” Ali says calmly.

Brem thinks to himself, “I’m sorry but I can’t let you slip through the cracks this time, I’m not your friend but I’m not your enemy. I just don’t wanna die! As you could easily kill me if you wanted to. So I gotta play my transformation card as carefully as possible buddy.”

Luasia grabs Ali and pulls her towards him in a soft embrace. “Just stay with me, h-huh I cannot live without someone like you. ALI I FORGIVE YOU!!!” Luasia said, finally admitting his true feelings for his daughter. Ali said nothing but Luasia didn’t need her to tell him anything, as he was just happy to see his long lost girl not dead or in pain. “Alieata Vumvardbell, I love you.... I genuinely love you you stayed with me all this time, I don’t care about the past anymore. I don’t care about rules anymore. Your my daughter as well as the love of my life.” He says out loud for the first time ever.

Ali blushes and puts a paw to her fur, “is that really what you think of me?” She asks. “Yes.... h-honey,” Luasia stutters a bit before finishing his thought.

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