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The Fields Of Doubt

In the Field....

with the love of his life....

The one who “stayed,” forever....

A black ooz took the form of something strangely familiar, yet it had no defining features other, then its total lack of any at all. It was an imitation, one that simply needed to get into Luasia’s head, he couldn’t possibly have seen through it. As in his mind it really was his long lost friend and now maybe even something a little bit more.


“So Ali tell me what you remember,” Luasia asks. She leans in for a hug before, she began recounting anything that he could remember she was involved in some way or another. Though even to Luasia there was something off about the situation, Alieata was showing an unprecedented amount of intelligence. Not that she was dumb, but she was talking in a much more sophisticated way, that sounded more like him or Brem. He put the thought aside, as she was older then him. It was time, she struck with unreal speed! Her teeth biting deep into his flesh.

Luasia recoils back in shock as only a few people have ever managed to physically wound him. He screamed in pain as he looked at the sight of his own blood, and a chunk of his flesh in her sharp fangs. For the first time ever he realized he was completely alone, his memory came back like a flash bomb. A monster impossibly tall and covered in thousands of eyes, began eating the skin off of Ali. She was laughing like a mental patient, as her skin was ripped off and the muscles and ligaments of her body were clearly visible.

Her body was then crushed in the things massive jaws, all of a sudden, Luasia was stabbed, by a massive blade that came out of the ground beneath him. Through his anus and out his chest he couldn’t scream as his vocal cords were caught by the blade. Luasia’s rib cage was clearly visible and his lungs and heart pumping up and down. All he could do was gasp from the pain and pass out right then and there.

In memory of a world forgotten by time....

Luasia watched as first the Big Bang, the creation of earth and the solar system and then things speed up drastically. Yet somehow he made sense out all of it. Every person that ever existed, every creature that ever lived, every windy day, every appearance of the northern lights! He couldn’t fathom how everything was almost being uploaded into his mind and yet he understood all of it! Things flashing by faster the any human could perceive their existence, but Luasia wasn’t really human. Not anymore at least.

As the visions of the past begin to wane in familiarity, Luasia realized he was no longer looking into the past, nor the present. He was starting deep into the future, for beyond the end of his lifespan. Finally he snapped!

Something in Luasia broke that had never been touched in anyone or anything before him. As he came out of his dream like state, he coughed up almost half of the blood in his body. His pupils start losing all of their color, and then turn all together white as if there weren’t any pupils at all. He then grew a second pair of eyes above the original two, his head gets much larger and his nose disappears into his face. His arm transforms into these uneven wing like appendages, he grows in height by nearly eight hundred percent. His robotic arm gets disintegrated in the process. His legs fuse together, his feet faze away all together and are replaced with, maybe twenty or thirty small tendrals. Then his entire body turns black but not just a regular black, a vantablack that almost sucks light out of the world instead of just not showing any. Thousands of these little pieces of reality come together and start flowing around him, almost like little grains of sand when you kick at them.

Luasia could see the past, present, future and other reality’s all simultaneously! He was able to see everything, everywhere, anything that had ever been or ever will be. For the first time ever Luasia was truly one with reality itself, and for that he was in total control, of everything. From there on he was all there was.... a least for a bit.

Boom! They were both in the knowing of their surroundings, Luasia was never in a field he was still in the void from several days ago. He spoke with a god like tone, “I have something for you, that is if you still want it?” “What could you possibly have that I wa-,” Brem was cut off by the shock of seeing it. Luasia had reached out a wing revealing a familiar rose glow, the gemstone glowing in its fullest potential, it was beautiful. “Is that...” Brem was unable to speak for a moment. “Yes it’s the gemstone that the bastard destroyed all those years ago! This is your mother, isn’t it.” Luasia said whilst still out stretching his gesture as best he could.

“This is my only gift to you, as I understand the loss of something sentimental. You really weren’t evil all you ever wanted was to love and be loved in return, and that piece of shit wouldn’t let you have that out of some, SELF RIGHTEOUS BULLSHIT!! That’s disgusting, I honestly don’t care who you are I just want to die feeling I at least tried to make things right between us.” Luasia meantioned with conviction. “I can’t put my gratitude into words! Your a kind and gentle soul Silver, Luasia whoever you are.... I’m so sorry it has to be like this!” Brem’s true form is finally revealed once more, with pure emotion but no real way of showing it except for his words he tells Luasia, that he loves him.

Luasia, no this whole new entity simply makes everything null, everything in the real world was completely erased except for the time itself that had already taken place.

Brem screams in agony as his atoms are ripped into nothingness, he tries desperately to grab onto something. To hold on for life, as one might say. Thought not once did he make eye contact with Luasia, let alone a glare or anything else of that sort. It was surreal to say the least, that Brem even in his final moments, even in real pain does not harbor anything towards Luasia except respect. It was his choice to see who was stronger and Luasia was by far stronger.... but also vastly more intelligent.

Brem dies, but Luasia knew, that his body couldn’t take that sort of power for long and he himself would be soon to pass on as well.

He had taken damage in away that couldn’t be fixed. With tears of joy the last thing ever said by him, was, “it’s finally over I’m so exhausted, I can finally rest... without worrying about anyone. Getting hu-,” Brem was already dead, but Luasia would pass on with a smile on his face and eyes full of the same wonder, from all those years ago, finally leaving this awful place behind.

For the first and only time he was finally in true peace, his body slowly shutting down. His eyes closing shut, he was genuinely ready, no expecting this outcome! For unlike anything he had ever seen or comprehended before, now..... there were far more real consequences to his actions. Now, the stars light had finally started to dwindle, it wouldn’t be long before it goes out completely never to return. For the first time in his life Silver, had... no... options!

Silver, had begun to feel a rather small burning sensation in his throat, eventually it had slowly made its way to the whole body. Every joint ligament and muscle was experiencing a shooting pain, as they were slowly contorted in an unnatural way. At some point his vision begins to fade and eventually...... everything goes black, cold and silent. Silver starts feeling as if falling from an impossible height. But this time he won’t be climbing back out. And he was okay with that honestly.

He had done the best he could in his final moments of life. He had some regrets, as most do but a roaring sense of supremacy and confidence flowing through him. Completely dwarfing, the otherwise unremarkable feelings in his heart. The biggest thing, however was that he felt as his lungs and other organs freeze up and go cold. Leaving his body, a corps of what once was, forever floating in the empty regions of space. Where he most likely stay, indefinitely!

The Star Has Shined For The Last Time....

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