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Somewhere & Nowhere

In A World Truly Just For It.....

Luasia no this Whole new... thing wakes up, in a very strange cave. Realizing that though he was still the same alien creature from before, he had shrunken and was about the same height as his human form. Maybe a little taller at about seven foot. The walls are glowing in this mysterious blue light, it’s not particularly large but somehow it felt massive. It gets up and starts moving forward, he’s no longer able to transform back into his normal form, Luasia’s permanently stuck as this strange creature unlike anything he had ever seen before.

It looked around the cave, gravity was completely reversed. Meaning that he was actually standing on the ceiling. He felt the cool water on his little tendrals. He could take note of his surroundings much better then before with his massive range of vision from his other eyes. it noticed the stalagtites, by his feet. He started floating forward, the rocks all seemingly moved out of his way, in almost exact timing with the ripples of the water. The water itself couldn’t have been more then a foot deep but it seemed almost like an ocean.

It moved forwards towards nothing in particular, just a feeling, not even a particularly potent feeling at that. He eventually got to a large clearing, where he saw him.

The One Lingering Problem....

An man of average stature, somewhere around or just under six feet in height. He stood proudly with broad shoulders and a wide stance, he was wearing a tuxedo, one with a velvet tie. The man walked up to it, and spoke, “Come sit here,” he pulled out a mysterious wooden chair. The man continued, “now let me set the time here for us, after all we don’t have that much. So we must keep track of what he have. Isn’t that right.... big bro!” Luasia hadn’t gotten a good look at his face until now. “C-Corey....... Uhh oh my god....” Luasia said as he trailed off into silence.

As soon as everything was quiet, a seemingly out of place, regular wooden door came up from the ground. Standing at around Six foot, five inches, it was a very ordinary doorway to something. The man then reached into his pocket, pulling out a beautiful 1920’s style golden pocket watch. “Ok Luasia, we got 59 minutes 30, 29, 28 seconds remaining, let’s talk.” The man stated with a calm tone, that was clearly hiding some unreal amount of authority, deep deep inside.

“About what,” Luasia muttered nervously, out loud. “Anything,” said the man, Corey then rubs his eye with the side of his fist before yawning a little. He then goes back to his much more serious demeanor. “Are you in any pain?” Luasia asked, with a mixture of curiosity and fear. “No,” the man answered in a matter of fact tone of voice. Luasia thought for a moment, of what to say next, but the ticking of the pocket watch just kept echoing. Tik, tick, tick.... he thought for another moment or two before finally. “Are mom and dad there with you, is David there as well.” Luasia quivered out. Begging for a definitive answer to one of his deepest innermost thoughts, he simply wants to know.... if his family is ok.

“Well yes and no, there I am in this situation, for an unknown amount of time. And yet I’ve never once encountered any of them and I seriously doubt that, they have seen each other. But to answer your question we are all there....” The man responded rather coldly, then something peculiar happens.

Alieata walks up to Luasia and sits right next to him, she looks up at him with a mother’s smile. Ali then raises her right front paw and gently rests it on Luasia’s lower torso. Calmly stroking him as if to say “it’s okay don’t be scared little one,” I look down at her. I pat Ali’s head and rub her fur a little. “You know Corey this reminds me of a saying I once heard. The puppet is not the puppet master but without the puppet there is no puppet master and vice versa.” Luasia states having thought about the frase, when he saw Ali.

After all Luasia was Alieata’s creator, without him she wouldn’t exist but at the same time, if she hadn’t been created he wouldn’t be her creator. “Hey Corey.... is she still alive?” “Yes! She is totally safe right now, in fact we have something very special planned for her,” the man said with a cold emotionless smirk. “We?” Luasia questioned.

“So..... dude what did you think of me as your older brother,” Luasia asked whilst resting his arms on his lap, in a more relaxed posture. “Well to be totally honest with you I loved hanging out with with you and spending quality time together.” The man said with that same empty smile. Luasia thought for a moment, something about Corey’s answer to that last question seemed.... disingenuous. Thought he couldn’t put a finger on it at the current moment.

Fourty Minutes Later....

They go on bickering back and forth but then things got a lot more serious. “CLOCK IS STILL GOING TIC TOK SHIT BAG!!” The man said with a loud, sinister and demanding tone. “Wait a minute..... please stop yelling at me....” Luasia trails off through tears, trying his best to think about what else he could possibly want to say. The thought then hit him. All of this time he had blamed himself for the death of his family, though he wasn’t technically wrong, that wasn’t the full story. Luasia was leaching off of an old bias one that made every good effort of his ultimately nullified.

Luasia takes a deep breath.... in.... and out, knowing exactly what he needed to do, getting this off of his chest would be one of the best things he’d ever done. “I’M SO SORRY IF I HAD JUST TOLD YOU TO BOARD THE OTHER SHIP WITH ME, NON OF THIS WOULD HAVE HAPPENED!!!! I-I’m so fucking sorry.” He wiped his tears before continuing. “Because of my, STUPID choices your gone...” The mans demeanor changes, he’s now much more genuinely nurturing towards Luasia. “There, there that’s all I wanted to hear from you,” Corey says whilst looking Luasia in the eyes.

The Realization......

Luasia looks into Coreys eyes they are just a completely dull gray with no pupil’s at all. “Your.... gone.... your not my brother. Your eyes.... it’s been so long since I’ve thought about it something that small. Your eyes aren’t gray, I don’t remember what color they were but I know that they certainly don’t look.... like this.” The man looks at Luasia and starts to explain, “I’m not your brother rather I’m simply a figment of your imagination trying to-,” he was cut off, the doorway in front of them began to shake. Eventually it stopped after about two minutes, making a click as whatever was keeping it locked on the other side, released its grip on the door.

The man pulls out his beautiful pocket watch, “huh we still had six minutes guess we’re a little early.” He stated, as he got up and twisted the doorknob and opened the door. Opening it up Luasia’s eyes widened, on the other side of this threshold.... it was a vast and sickening darkness. “W-will I see you on the other side,” he cried out to the man with fear he hadn’t ever felt before. “Oh Luasia Im sorry... there is no other side. This is the end of the time you were given, you got longer then most! We got longer then most... but even your life, will eventually run out of time. Eventually your clock, will strike midnight. As I would put it, as you would put it because I’m simply an extension of your mind. Desperately trying to hold onto life, even though it’s useless.” The man was openly crying now and Luasia hadn’t noticed that he was as well.

“Luasia, Silver, I want you to look at me! I’m going to take the first step so you don’t have to,” the man said as he starts walking into the darkness. Then something odd happened, the man started humming a song and eventually started singing the words in a very soft tune.

“There was a boy

A very strange enchanted boy

They say he wondered very far

Very far

Over land and see

A little shy

And sad of eye

But very wise was he

And then one day

One magic day he passed my way

And while we spoke of many things

Fools and king’s

The greatest thing you’ll ever know

Is just to love and be loved in return.....,”

(Lyrics by: David Bowey)

As the man’s voice got louder at first with an echo, it slowly got quieter and quieter, with the sound of him walking further and further into the darkness, eventually fading out all together.

The Final Choice........

That was the very song Luasia had sung, during his own greaving of the loss of his family.... all those years ago. It made him feel at peace, knowing that all of this pain would soon be over. Yet there was still one big leap he had to take. He looked at the door and started crying, closing his eyes, and started dying. With a running start he jumped into the darkness, as the doorway closed and dematerialized behind him.

Silver, Is Dead..........

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