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Her Re-Awakening

A New World..... A Different Time

“I will always be watching over you.....” This strange frase echoed quietly through Alieata’s mind.

D̶a̶s̶ b̶r̶a̶v̶o̶ m̶e̶a̶n̶i̶o̶ d̶o̶l̶ m̶o̶u̶i̶e̶l̶,” These strange words appeared in purple in front of an empty blackness, that in an of itself, seemed to constantly change in consistency. She thought for a moment, the only place where she was truly treated as an equal for a long time, was with Silver. Most of her ally’s ditched her but he, Silver always was by her side. Now that she thought about it. He was a wonderful loving and gentle father. “Silver.... Silver! SILVER!” She screamed as she opened her eyes, for the very first time after sleeping for a godly amount of time.

Opening your eyes....

As the brightness of the fluorescent lighting dimmed down as her eyes adjusted, Alieata was in a strange glass and steel pod. It was about eight feet in leight and maybe, four feet wide or so. As well as, the machine being held up on a 30 degree incline. She started pressing her paws against the glass and started crying and yelling, waiting for anyone, anyone at all to help her.

As soon as she starts doing this, a machine starts beeping very quickly. Two men in lab coats approach her and press a button below Ali’s line of sight from the glass. She sits up rapidly as the front portion of the capsule opens up, releasing a sort of smog into the air. She rests her green and blue paws on either side of the chamber, where there are these handholds for her.

They stood tall in front of her, probably around six feet or so. One of the men looked down at her, he gently reached for her torso and lent her back against the side of the chamber. The other man looked at Alieata and spoke, “Das Muko Bravia tronch dealio prexh æfroka non Dezhmalia!!” he said, speaking in a strange alien tongue. Ali thought for a moment, she had no idea what they had just said but they didn’t seem hostile at all.

Her First Words....

“Hey uhh.... I’m sorry what?” She said hesitantly, the men looked at her with an expression that was similar to that of a parent with a toddler, who’s just learning to speak. They talked amongst themselves before handing Ali a straight black earpiece, she reached up and put it in one of her long ears. All of a sudden, she was able to hear the to men in front of her bickering back and forth, in English.

Ali was shocked beyond belief, “Hello can you guys... understand me?,” she asked, unsure of what else to say. “Oh yeah my bad, I should be the one asking you that but... it seems your understanding us just fine now!” The first man continues, as she indicated with her posture and body language that she does indeed know what they are talking about. “my name is Doxhla,” Ali’s eyes widened and her fur stood up a little from the strangeness with of her current situation. “Ahh yes hello youn-, I mean hello your subject 0261... otherwise known as.... Alieata Vumvardbell correct?” She simply nods her head in agreement. “Well my name is Pravmei,” the second man seemed far more formal then his lab mate... at first.

“Holy fuck this is crazy, I can’t believe your actually awake I gotta get the-,” Pravmei was cut off, when Doxhla places a hand on his shoulder. He nods silently and walks away to go get something. Ali stares at them in awh, as she began looking around the rest of the room. She notices the white fluorescent lighting on the floor walls and ceiling, seemingly not separated into any panels but rather a single peice for each light. Covering the entirety of each respective domain. The lab had a very clean and ultra modern aesthetic to it, since Ali’s chamber was the only one inside of this place.

Pravmei, reaches over towards the top of Ali’s chamber pushing against her fur in a gentle manner that made her quiver a little. He reached out and grabbed a CPU drive that seemed to be ancient, she saw the device not knowing what to make of it. Doxhla walks over and gently grabs Alieata, carrying her with him and his lab mate as they walked downstairs towards a new room. They opened the door and set Ali down in front of a mirror, she gazed at herself.

Times plauge....

“WHAT THE HELL!!” She screamed, as she was lent with her paws against the sides of the walls for support. As she had been in cryogenic sleep for a very long time and couldn’t walk properly just yet. For the first time in a while she examined her own.... form. Ali, was standing on two legs, not unlike that of a person. Thought her form still covered in that same blue and green fur, she was... bipedal, Ali noticed that she was also bigger. In fact she was much taller then she had ever been, standing at around five foot, nine inches. Alieata had that same look to her face as she did before cryogenic sleep, but now her nose was slightly smaller, and her fangs and claws were a bit larger. She then saw her eyes they were purple hue, it seemed strangely familiar yet in the same moment totally foreign.

She had aged drastically and.... seemingly evolved from, her immense time spent asleep. She mostly looked the same, other then the fact of being able to walk on to legs and having these strange eyes. She was in a transe like state until, “hey Alieata, could you do us a favor... we need to preform some basic medical tests for you.” Pravmei said as he brought her a wheelchair, sat her down and walked her down the hallway. It was surreal to say the least, Ali had no way of knowing just how far into the future she was. She thought to herself “shit! I wonder where I am, I don’t sense anything bad but still...” She stared vaguely at the bright walls and the ultra modern tone that this place seemed to be going with.

Pravmei wheeled her in, whist Dozhla set up a strange device and started fiddling around with something off center from Ali’s line of vision. Because of a wall and a curten con sealing whatever lie beyond that threshold. She looked as the man walked towards her, with a gentle smile on his face. In his hands lie two cords that seemingly, end in little rubber pricks that looked to be intentionally dulled at the ends. Ali gulps audibly, as the fear of her situation sinks in, she’s weak having no idea where she is and her senses aren’t up to par yet, as she is still waking up getting used to movement.

Alieata looks at Pravmei, with a gentle fear in her eyes as she silently mouthed the words to him, “please don’t hurt me!” The man holding her chair seemingly completely disregards this, he takes the chair and lies Ali out on a cold metal table of some kind. Her thighs clenched at her tendrals wrapped around her feminine parts in an instinctive response to fear. She looked up, as Dozhla, with the small cords in hand..... calmly placed them on her lap.

Hellish Medical exam.....

He smiled as he looked down at her. “Now we are going to have to check you for infections of any kind... but for that we-,” he paused for a second as he struggled a bit, to put on some surgical gloves and a facial mask. “We will have to use your hands to check your breasts, inner thighs... and clitoris. I’m sorry but it’s just procedure.” Dozhla let out a sigh, he looked towards Pravmei, nods his head twice. The other man who Ali could now see was slightly more broad in the shoulders as well as being maybe two inches taller then Dozhla.

Pravmei, reaches towards her and gently but firmly placed his hands on her shoulders and his elbows and torso, on her torso and legs to stood her from moving. Ali let out an ear piercing scream, when Dozhla pushes her tail aside and starts rubbing at her clitoris. He is actually very careful, he is rubbing her with one of the rubber cords. He then reaches his hand into her vagina, Ali screams louder then before, “aaaaaahh what the hell are you doing! Get it out of me.” Her cries turning into soft whimpering. She tried to twist but she was nowhere near as strong as these men.

Through all the pain she could see the cords connected to a screen, and she screen showed her body temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, stress level and a percentage. Ali’s eyes widened as she realized that it was a percentage, of her current strength, compared to before the coma. The number had originally started around forty percent, if had quick risen to over a billion percent and showed no signs of slowing down. Her power level was growing exponentially, eventually it started to burn. She yelled out as the burning sensation took over her whole body. She quickly passed out, and woke up an hour later, to the sound of the climate control humming, to the soft buzzing of the lights and the chair she was strapped down to.

A Will of steel.....

(The dream)

“Hey what’s happening, let me go! you fucks,” Alieata said in more fear then previously shown. As she struggled and squirmed furiously, yet making no actual progress in her escape. “We’re sorry,” Dozhla said as he pointed out that the pain was gone, even though he had no idea what was causing it. She then seemed to notice cracks on the men’s cheeks, Dozhla on the right and Pravmei on the left. The cracks slowly making their way up the men’s faces on equally symmetrical paths up the side of their faces. As soon as she blinked the cracks covered a huge part of their faces, from chin to forehead.

“This, is broken world theory!” Both of the men said in unison. Ali just stared at them; these impossibly powerful figures in front of her. She watched as the walls around her seemed to disappear from reality, leaving her in empty space. She then looked to her right as a seemingly infinitely large dark figure stood over her, it was looming over her at an impossible stature.

Ali’s New Memories....

Alieata woke up in a large bed, she got up and walked towards the bathroom. She rubbed water on her dry eyes from the previous night, she then looked into the mirror. Standing in the reflection in front of her was.... Silver! He was about fifteen years old, maybe six four in height. Those deep purple eyes stared back into her very soul, as she realized that she was looking at her own reflection. Which means that for whatever reason, she herself was Silver! Ali walked around trying to adjust to her new body, with a much larger stature then her own.

She walked downstairs to find that she had a rather strange familiarity with this home; one that she had not once seen or heard anything about. Ali then saw them, four people she hadn’t ever seen before, yet shared a strong loving connection with. “Hello, good morning!” She said in the deep voice that silver always had. “Oh hey, Silver can you come and make breakfast for the kitties. Me and your mother have to go shopping for some stuff we forgot at the store.” The man said whilst getting up from the couch.

“What is this..” she thought to herself, “that can’t be Silver’s father.... Can it, he’s dead.” She realized that she wasn’t in her known world, and that these,WEREN’T HER MEMORIES!! They belonged to her own father; or at least some alternative version of him. It then hit her like a ton of bricks, “this is a world where....” she made and audible gulping noise before continuing. “Sil-No! Dads parents never actually died,” she hadn’t noticed she had said it out loud until everyone stared at Silver, or at least Silver’s body. “We... NEVER WHAT!” A twelve year old boy, about five foot in height, stood up as he yelled; Alieata had just let them hear, that they had died.

The kid’s eyes showed genuine fear, Ali was shocked to her core. The rest of the family looks at her with the strangest expressions on their faces. It was utterly insane, she had no clue how Silver’s parents ever actually did things; as Silver himself never once meantions them to her.

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