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Alieata’s Dream

She Sets Out To Live As He Once Did....

Beep, Beep, Beep.... she woke up to the familiar sound of an alarm clock. Ali found herself in a huge bed that was about, seven by seven foot in size. She got up and automatically reached out her hand to get some water, she then rubbed her eyes with the cold water. Alieata looks at her own reflection in the mirror, she saw his muscular build and the fact that he actually sleeps naked.

She walked down stairs, no one was up. Ali rummaged through the fridge, as she laid her eyes upon a small bag of bagels at about eye level; this strange sensation of familiarity never went away, or even dwindled for that matter. She put the round object into the roster oven and waited for it to heat up a little. As it was heating up Ali grabbed the peanut butter, and slathered a ton of it on her bagel after she got it from the toaster oven. She put this on a plate, sat down at the table in the dim hue of the morning light seeping in from the windows.

This was such a foreign situation... that she had no real way of processing it. Ali, was Silver... Silver was her... they actually had some strange connection, that allowed her to see all of these things. Things that weren’t hers and were never once imparted to her. She decided here and now that she would make the most of this situation, see who Silver used to be and finally ask him what’s going on after this eventually ends. As these things always have; in one way or another, surely this will end. Everything always does so how could this be anything different.

Alieata thought long and hard about it, she decided that going on a drive would be a nice idea. She hadn’t ever done this before yet, she had a complete understanding of every component in a car. As she climbed up into a massive, Dodge Ram, truck, she thought about her strange knowledge of this. As she put the key into the ignition. She looks down that her feet on the gas, break and clutch. Ali, then effortlessly moves the thing into first gear and turns onto the main road. She could feel the breeze coming from the window, the comfy leather seats, the sound of the Diesel engine pushing away as the truck learched forwards a little bit every time she upshifted.

She pulled into the parking lot of a shopping center near by. The smell of fried food surrounded her, the sounds of people walking and talking to and fro. She took the from the ignition; making sure that the vehicle was off before climbing down and locking it shut. She walked around the area, before going to a small restaurant near the parking lot. “China King...” she mumbled quietly to himself out loud. She pushed the door open, noting the smell in the restaurant was rather wonderful. The air filled with the smell of cooked meats, soy sauce, fortune cookies among other things.

A Signal From Bellow....

Out of the blue she was in a dark room, the walls of which; were lined with concrete and decaying wallpaper. The air was cold and dry, the area around here had these bage yellow ashes flowing through it. Ali turns to see what was creating them, as she steps back and turns her head and torso....

Back To The Restaurant....

She’s back in the Chinese restaurant, frantically looking around for anyone else who just saw that.... place. When Alieata was in there, she could sense something demented in there with her; like a faded shadow of something familiar, warm and kind, turned twisted, unknown and dead cold. However she didn’t really see it yet, because as soon as she looked, she was taken back to the original spot. Ali was shocked that no one seems to have noticed, that hideous hellish looking place.

Ali ran to the bathroom, and splashed water from the sink onto her face, it was cold and slightly sented of lavender. She rinced her face, unsure of what to do she called out for help. “Please! Can anyone hear me!” She was openly sobbing at this point. All of a sudden, a disembodied voice started talking, “I’m not sure what I should do, but I should probably just ask. Alieata, How are you doing.” The voice spoke with a deep but calming tone. Ali looks up towards the mirror, to see Silver’s reflection talking to her from the other side of the, dimly lit restaurant bathroom mirror.

The Truth Behind The Covers....

“Hey dad.... why do I look like you?” Alieata questioned. “Well, I’m not sure why that is to be honest. But what I can say is... that my time is over and done with,” Silver spoke with conviction. “What, no..... NO YOUR LYING! Everyone always mentioned how you tend to over exaggerate everything. Dad someone like you doesn’t just, die!.... right?” She was looking at his face in the mirror, it was distorted ever so slightly,

“dad, I loved you, I know it was wrong..... but, I really loved you the moment I saw you, I knew I was in love. it wasn’t something I had made up my mind on quickly. Rather it was a long process that started nearly at the moment I was born. Silver.... I love you so, you can’t be dead, because you still owe me a lifetime of affection as your wife... rather then a daughter!” Ali said with even more confidence then anything, she had ever stated before. “But, Ali... were famil-,” he stumbled mid sentence as she saw her, tears welling up in her eyes her beautiful purple eyes... as his gift to her.

“Ali, my darling little girl... we’re family we couldn’t have had a romantic relationship, because I raised you!” Silver stated sadly. “I don’t care..... wait a minute, couldn’t, your NOT FUCKING DEAD REMEMBER!” she screamed, out as she hit her hand against the table. “I don’t know how this works but I’m really gone this what your seeing, is just some sort of cosmic recording that I left for you... your talking to your own reflection right now... because the closest thing to me, is you.” Silver said as he faded in and out ever so slightly hinting at how little time this so called, record would really last.

Alieata was panicking, really panicking.... she throws the bathroom sink out through a wall and punches the glass mirror again and again, until it’s nothing but dust. Glass shards so small, that they are more like sand then anything else. She found a piece of glass about the size of a thumb tack, it, continued, speaking. A voice came through, however it was so distant, so cold and quite.... she could no longer make out the words it was trying to convey. Even still she knew that whatever it was trying to get across, was certainly good in some way, shape or form.

It eventually fell into silence, the sound fading away entirely, as Ali lie there on the floor. A broken girl....

Back In The Laboratory....

Doxhla and Pravmei stared at Ali, she was fast asleep on the testing table, she had passed out from stress and fear. Doxhla looked at the monitor above her... he took a look at the energy reading; Ali had been growing exponentially in energy but, something was off. “Hey Pravmei, can energy... in its purest form... transfer..... data,” Doxhla asked his lab mate unsure of what to make of the reading; it seemed to be implying that Alieata, was receiving data from an unknown source. Pravmei took a long look at the display screen, completely and utterly jaw dropped.

“I-uhh... I’ve never once seen anything like this before. Surely it’s not hurting her in anyway but...” Pravmei trails off, as he runs and quickly grabs a book. “But what!” Doxhla asked impatiently, tapping his foot on the ground and getting a little fidgety. Pravmei opens the book to somewhere around the middle, maybe two hundred pages in or so. It was a hand written journal... by the people who originally started project 0261, it was a recounting of something almost exactly like what was happening to them.

The journal talks about how, project 0261 or Alieata Vumvardbell, is in a dream like state... experiencing memories that she hadn’t even been through herself. It’s uncanny, that this had happened so long ago; the book was covered in dust, the pages all a faint yellow hue. The scientists read about how they had cared for her by projecting an LTS program directly into her mind. Essentially Sending her to a heaven like place until the system finally died, some billions of years later. “Doxhla, that’s what that drive system was for, we pulled it out and put it on the shelf next to the chamber. Can you go and get it, I wanna try something.” Pravmei nodded, rushing for it and coming back about a minute later with the strange, old, device.

Replication Failure....

They set the machine next to her as they turned it on and looked at the settings for it, the battery had been removed at some point; that’s why it died. They put in a new battery, it was a small screen maybe eight to ten inches or something. It was showing them it’s programming for the settings they had it on, all those years ago. Then without warning, the device starts shaking rapidly and eventually breaks sending hardware flying around the room; though non of it hit either or them or Ali. “Doxhla, I think we gotta let whatever this is happen.” The man nods in agreement. Realizing that Ali, though new to this world.... is also older then anyone else who’s ever existed.

The universe clearly had something planned for her, and it was up to no one to stop this. The men got some chairs and sat near her, making sure to check her vitals every so often. But also playing games on there wrist communicators. About two hours in Doxhla starts to yawn, and eventually so does Pravmei; they both have their legs kicked up on a table about a meter away from Alieata.

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