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Alieata’s Realization

In The Confines Of Ones Mind....

Alieata was suddenly transported, to a mansion. She ran to the bathroom but there was no traces of... him. She looked into her reflection, it was smaller maybe around five foot or so. She was wearing a gray t-shirt, along with some red shorts and Nike Jordan’s. Ali has a very bad feeling about this day and this place. Almost like it’s something that she isn’t supposed to know. She was again hit with that weird familiarity; she knew where to go but wasn’t in anyway sure of what she would find.

“Silver! Come on the car is here, we’re headed to the airport. Did you make sure to pack your toiletries?” Said Silvers mom, yelling for him as the driver was loading there stuff into the back of the vehicle. “Oh coming... hold up a second I just need to make sure everything is zipped up and stuff!” Ali replied with a chipper tone. She felt her thumbs pushing against the small metal zipper, the fabric that surrounds the zipper and the leather at either sides of the suitcase. She then ran up to the car; a massive Chevy Suburban, and put her stuff in the trunk before closing it and getting into the second row of the vehicle.

They got to the airport around three pm. It was huge the building stood tall and wide, the walls were lined with glass and the concrete floors were shiny. She walks in following close behind Silvers father. A tall man wearing a dark jacket, they waited for the lugging tickets to print out. Once they were there they wrapped them around the handles of each suitcase, before handing them off to the ground workers; who would be taking them up to the storage, underneath the cabin but above the wheel well.

She continued to walk up until they got to the TSA. They stood still in line for what felt like hours. Ali impatiently tapping her hand on the guardrail, anxiously waiting until they can scan their passports and go through security. Silvers dad has been planning this trip for several months now; it was the brain child of him and a friend of Silver’s mom who brought it alive. They were talking about going somewhere super exotic, when the woman found a pamphlet. One that showed the details of a trip to another world, one built entirely by mankind.

Three hours later....

Alieata, and the Katmaz’s boarded the vessel at around six pm. It was massive, similar in size to that of small cruise liners. The five of them walked through a long metal passageway, it was lined with the different segments of the bridge that would fold into one another when closing. With the use of a large hydraulic engine that did all the heavyweight lifting, with the push of a button.

Ali could smell the crappy cleaning chemicals they used, to clean the inside of this passage. After about a hundred or so meters they got to a large metal door; about three meters tall, two meters wide and one meter thick. It must have weighed thousands of pounds, as it was being held open by a hydraulic lift similar to the one in the pathway. It was gray with a small porthole sized window in the upper middle about one and a half meters off the ground or so. Standing inside a lady dressed in a red tuxedo, guided them to there waiting lounge. One that had been predetermined based on the class of tickets they had purchased.

She was amazed by the luxury of it all, let alone being in the absolute cadillac of it all. Silvers dad reached out his hand with five black slips of paper. The lady standing by the door pulled out a scanner and it beeped about five times, she then gave the cards back to Mr. Katmaz. “Oh it looks like your... class S-1!” She said as if shocked, though she was probably more happy then shocked. Because guests that paid that much to get on the ship, could probably be very easy people to get into spending more money then even that! “Mr. Katmaz’s group of five, right this way please,” she said in a chipper tone, that had very obviously been rehearsed.

They were lead down the hallway of the massive vessel, towards a waiting room. One that had beautiful floral arrangements, as well as different gemstones in the walls, full sized glass windows, TV’s bathrooms and etc. Ali was amazed; the idea of space travel seemed so foreign to them. But this side of luxury tech in the olden days, was also foreign to her. She was clearly having a blast..... with NO CLUE WHAT WAS IN STORE FOR HER! It was all so crazy, getting to relive her father’s legacy like this.

Alieata walked around their living quarters, it was where they would be for the next five days. She had a huge California king sized bed, a seventy inch flats screen TV, a private bathroom and etc. The rest of the family got the same, after all they had spent twenty six thousand dollars on each on of their round trip tickets. That includes destination, hotel, tourist resort and attractions; as well as anything else they wanted to do for the next week.

Take Off....

The massive vessel began to rumble furiously, there was an announcement through the PA system, telling everyone to strap down for the next hour. Ali found her seatbelt on a couch, Silver’s father was on a bed, Silver’s brother David.... funny enough on he toilet. And the youngest of them all, Corey was on a chair in the family’s private dining sweet. There vacation was going to be rather long; a five day trip there, a ten day commute along with a week on the surface Darkness- B. They had to take a special drug before getting on board the ship, it was something to let their bodies get used to gravity two and a half times that of earth. It was given in the form of an injection, the family was covered and ready to go.

The ship finally took off, sending them hurtling towards the stars and a terrifying speed of several trillion miles per hour, accelerating exponentially the whole while! Eventually they were out of the solar system; it would be a long voyage. Even though they moved at a cosmically large speed. Ali looks out the window, she sees hundreds upon thousands of stars flying by in the blink of an eye. “Is this what space travel was like for dad as a kid,” she thought to herself. It was weird, insane, downright unpredictable but also beautiful. Beautiful in a way that wasn’t easily accessible by mere words.

Silvers father walks over to Ali and sits down beside her, “You know, your mother and I have been planning this for a while fella! How are ya feelin’ I bet your excited as all heck,” the man said in a tender and soothing tone. He pat her on the head; same as he must’ve done for Silver. The words just came into her mind like they were hers, but they weren’t. “Thanks dad, yeah haha Im so pumped you wouldn’t believe it! It’s gonna be narly as fuck! You hear me world your mine now!” She said with a strange sensation, knowing that those words weren’t hers. Realizing just how, along for the ride she was really gonna be. “Silver, language young man,” the man retorted, with a slight bit of annoyance to his voice.

Ali sighed heavily, whilst walking towards a large couch. It sat right in front of a nearly ten foot long, floor to ceiling window. She pulled something out of Silver’s left pocket; it was a small metal square, with no screen of any kind on it. The thing had to be about an inch in width, as well as a few millimeters thick. Wrapped around the strange device. Were what Ali had only recently learned about “Wired Earbuds,” she muttered out loud, this time carefully enough not to be overheard by anyone.

The Earbuds themselves said, “JBL” on them; the tips being coded in a wax like rubbery solution. Alieata unwinded the headphones, but they were tangled. She struggled for fifteen minutes, wondering how on earth her dad did this when he was a kid. Finally she got it out, putting each bud in each ear; she turned on the square. It listed the names and artists of different songs, using an AI voice system.

One song stood out to Ali, ‘Dark Horse - Katy Perry’ she selected it. As he leaned back into the couch, the song started playing. Being so tempted, she just kinda veg’d out; letting her arms and let’s stretch out, just feeling the vibration of the vessel, and that of the bass. Ali looked out, in amazement as the song played past the halfway mark, the ship’s continuos forward movement. Just the great feeling of it all, this was definitely the way to travel!

Though even still, Ali was definitely surprised that Silver’s taste in music was. . . . just so strange!

Several Days Later....

The vessel landed in a huge interstellar airport, known as Vieola Octa, it was a calm place that was still rather crowded. The ship landed with a slow heavy thud! As the ground crew made quick work of setting up the gateway. As well as securing it to the vessel’s large exit doors. The sky was a purplish black, as they were much further away from there home star then earth, nightronios or.... Ali couldn’t for the life of her, remember the name of that one other planet. The planet where Silver actually met her for the first time ever!

Alieata’s group, is told to wait for everyone else to get off before hand. She looks out the windows pointing at all the beautiful stars in the sky, even though it’s still mid day. It’s surreal to say the very least, towards this situation. Once the gate was set up, passengers left by the dozens. After a while it was just the Katmaz family; they sat and waited as instructed. Ali was stretched out on her bed, David sits on the couch with a small console in his hands. Corey is watching TV, Silvers mom is making sure all the luggage was in order; even though it already is.

Silvers mom has this tendency to be a bit of a neat freak, but not to an obnoxious level. Rather, it was just a coping mechanism for stress, anxiety or any other strong feelings of hers. The flight crew comes in and opens these massive doors of the ship, in front of the Katmaz’s laid a massive, wide and red carpeted flight of stairs leading down. At the bottom was a Fay Limousine; a large vehicle similar in shape to a Chevy Suburban, but much more elongated in appearance. The back doors open, revealing a luxury interior of the vehicle. It had leather seats, TV’s, gaming computer's, a private bar and the works.

They were gonna be driven for several hours, to the hotel Ovmata; a beautiful skyscraper resort, with one of those cool time ocean’s and a vanishing edge pool. It was famously approved as “The best vacation resort, for first time space travelers!” By a program called ‘The Intercosmos Daily’ it was gonna be a wonderful time!

A Personal Moment....

Alieata sat in the back seat sprawled out, impatiently waiting for that eventual stop at their destination. She had her head lent against the glass, feeling every little burst of air as they flew down the roads. Ali takes a long look at Silver’s younger brother, he was a skinny kid about four foot or slightly over that; maybe fifty pounds or so in weight. “Hey, are you gonna tell your friends about this when we get back to earth?” She asks him curiously. “Don’t talk about the end of the vacation, before it’s even started!” David said with a vigorous and somewhat annoyed tone of voice.

“Ok, ok jesus, Mr, David you can just shut your butt,” Alieata chuckles a bit as she learns how Silver, really talks to his siblings. “No you shut it! Hahaha, well I wanna play all the games the place has, when we get there,” he explained. She looks at him with a smile, “Oh well, I heard this week that we might see the local gaming competition that’s held once a year.” She continued. “You know the one, GSMU, Gaming, Sports, Mania, Universal Broadcast!” Ali had a smug grin on her face as she waited for him to let that sink in. “3.... 2.... 1....” she muttered quietly, “OH MY GOD! We’re gonna be watching in the stands?” He questioned urgently wanting an answer. “Bingo, dad you have the tickets for the day after tomorrow right?” She asked. “

“Indeed, I do,” he said with a slight sarcasm to his voice, as Silver’s father pulled out stadium seats to the event for five. Little David, was left basically squirming in his seat that that point!

The Hotel....

Ali was face to face with an impossibly tall skyscraper, she looked up and down the thing. You couldn’t even make out the top, from ground level! These two massive sliding doors slid open, each one must’ve weighed around several thousand pounds. The family walked through the entryway, finally a second smaller pair of doors slid open for them. Revealing an immaculately luxurious, interior; the ceilings were about ten feet off the ground, along with being covered top to bottom in this gold and purple liquid. It lit up the room, with it’s beautifully surreal hue of lighting.

There was a large couch, along with a buffet near the opposite end of the room. The kitchen doors were hidden behind a velvet red curtain, as well as having huge holographic screening all throughout the walls of that area. Silver’s parents walked up to the front desk, it was a bit higher then Alieata’s waist level. Ali rested her hands, on the granite countertop of the table. Silver’s father handed the front desk worker a note, her face instantly lit up. Probably cause of the fact of their planning to milk Mr. Katmaz’s savings dry. Or something of that nature.

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