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Alieata’s Shipment Log

Back towards the middle edge of, The Age of Annihilation....

“Sir, the planet is being DESTROYED!” Said one of the many scientists, who lived in the bowels of the underground society; only known as 0261 caretakers! They’ve been taking good care of 0261 for many generations now. But sadly there home was being ravaged by an angry father, one the wrath of which had never been seen before. If they lingered for much longer the project would be destroyed along with years of hard work. Flushed down the drain, they needed to jump ship, there was a way but it was costly and dangerous. They didn’t have any other options though. So they rather, just do it!

The capsule containing 0261, weighs proximately three thousand six hundred seventy one pounds, not including the subject in question. 0261 herself weighs about one hundred and six pounds. She’s been in cryogenic sleep.... for around five hundred ninety seven billion years! The original man who started the project nearly six hundred billion years ago. Was none other then Raon Schwarz, he was responsible for catching her in the fall, setting up the chamber and taking good care over her, for over one hundred and fifty years. Before his eventual retirement and death. But Silver was still a HUGE threat to the well being of the project.

So in response to this, the scientists gathered their stuff and information. And all twenty six of them boarded the A-0873 stellar voyager, during May of the following year. The ship was the largest of its kind, being nearly six hundred thousand miles in length and weighing in at around fifty two sextillion tons. It was an odd shaped vessel, similar to that of a cork screw drill; having elongated twisted sections to it, with a gigantic sphere in the center at the very back of the thing. It traveled at a speed, of fifteen thousand light years per second. It began its voyage through the cosmos, on May 20th, 602,000,000,017.

The Expedition Of Experimentation....

The man leading the ship’s navigational system, was none other than, Alex Waylore! The current senior executive for project 0261, him along with his assistant Nolia Quadvag and the twenty four other staff on hand; would sail the cosmic seas looking for a new habitable area. So that they may continue their research unharmed.

0261, Was safely held in the vast center of the vessel, which had been tightly weaponized towards the beginning. After all the experiment was this groups pride and gem, one that couldn’t be replaced at this point. Whatever was to happen it had to maintain safety, of Alieata Vumvardbell!

Nolia, was walking around the ship checking for anything that might need maintenance. She went on her scanner; a device that would let her plug into the system and check for anything wrong, with any one of the millions of components on board. Nolia needed this as the ship itself was vastly to large to check manually. She turned on the device and waited about two minutes. It made a small ding when it was done processing, she looked down at the screen. Some of the electrical wiring down by the dark matter fuel cell hull, had connectivity issues. Nolia quickly went to the nearest elevator, taking it down to the fuel cell.

Handling Issues....

Nolia put on a space suit, before venturing out of the air lock and towards the fuel cell; with a basket of tools clutched tightly in her left hand. She found the small hatch and opened it, there it was. Three severed wires, all that needed to be done was some basic welding. Nolia searched through her tool basket, finding her hand on a strange metal rod with a button on the lower half of the thing. She pressed and held her thumb on the button, and the rod quickly heated up to the point where the tip was shining bright blue. She then pressed it against the lose ends of the wires, welding them back together in about twenty minutes or so.

Nolia floats back to the ship hull and into the airlock, where she is then slowly decompressed, over the course of six hours.

April 18th, 9.998e+80. . . .

One of the many people who now populated the vessel; now holding one point four, billion. They all still share the same goal, that is, to find a safe and permanent home for project 0261. It started as a regular day, early rising along with breakfast. The group of humans had no use for measurements of time or names. As such some of them didn’t have any form of identification, making that lack of information into an individual identity.

The Two Of Them Are One....

(For better understanding of what’s happening, I will refer to these three characters; as No Name 1, No Name 2, and No Name 3. Enjoy)!

“Normally once we as humans reach a certain distance from death, we lose our fear, becoming at peace in a very literal sense of calming rain drops down. For most of us this path is hard; but usually it gets easier, NORMALLY IT GETS BETTER! But for some, it only gets worse and worse by the second, each breath more painful then the last. How are you supposed to persevere, when something is so beyond your legue and fear is so prevalent. That the only thing left is your will; and depending upon how strong that is, it could either change your fate or doom you for eternity!

No Name 1....

Just silence, even though she was just born; she didn’t cry like any regular baby would. The doctors immediately realized her lungs must have been full of water, and if they didn’t act quickly she would die within the hour. After about six grueling minutes, the babies lungs where dry. And she cried for her very first time; it was beautiful, as she breathed it all in and screamed only for her own survival. As such her parents only saw it fit to give her a worthy name, than it hit like a bullet. The still air and the quiet silence from when she was born, they paused for three long seconds, that pause without speech of any kind. It literally became her name. This, was No Name One!

No Name 2....

It had been about two months since the birth of No Name One; in a completely different area of the ship, there was a place for people who weren’t particularly critical to 0261’s up keep, but rather were brought up to live, work and eventually just die on the ship. Without actually ever seeing the universe for what it really is, without the glass cover. The Keita family was in its first few generations at the time, and the newly wedded couple were expecting there first child, any day now. It was pretty exciting to say the least, Mr. and Mrs. Keita have been waiting for nine months now.

When they got the pregnancy test, it immediately gave them a positive result. Half a year later; it was found through an ultrasound that the baby was going to be male. The family didn’t have much money, but with what little they did have; they put towards getting all the items necessary for raising the child. Brian Keita, a working class man, bought a crib, changing table, nurturing chamber as well as a few toys. “The room is perfect for our little one,” Brian said whilst looking at his loving wife Mera with a smile. “Oh your absolutely right my love!” She responded gleefully. The parents where expecting their child within the hour, so they quickly rushed to the hospital wing of the ship.

Ok arrival, Mera’s water broke. She screamed in pain as the, nerves got to her. Mera was loaded onto a bed, brought to the surgical area, where she was preparing to go into labor.

A Birthday Gone Wrong....

Mera was now in full labor, she was quickly put under anesthesia for the pain. She pushed and pushed desperately trying to get the baby out. The screaming coming from the room so loud, that Brian could hear it clearly from the waiting area. One that was in fact, several hundred meters away. Eventually, Mera’s heart beat was at an astronomical four hundred and sixteen beats per minute. Yet the baby didn’t seem to budge; doctors quickly realized her opening was to small, so they were going to have to preform a C-section. Otherwise, she and the child would die on the table within minutes.

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