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Omnipotents Shattered

Alieata Comes to....

Alieata woke up, her eyes slowly adjusting to the bright lighting of the room again. She yawns and pushes her paws against the cold metal sides of the medical examination table; specifically, the one that she had earlier passed out on. Ali had a strange sense of déjà vu, she couldn’t tell exactly why or what she was even trying to remember to call back to mind. But she just drew a blank. As she rubs her paw against her forehead, her fur stood on edge a little as she felt a slight throbbing headache.

The New Intern....

“Do you, remember what I told you?” An older man said with an annoyed tone of voice. “Yes Frawei, YOU ALREADY TOLD ME. The blue documents go with the IV tubes, the red ones go with the subject listing. And the green ones go in the throwaway box!” The creature said, with a sigh of frustration.

It was the new hire’s first time working in the laboratories; he was there as an intern, as well as extra medical staff when needed. He had been training for a couple of months and after an extended process, he got hired for the 001-999 sector of APEX Branch Gateway Center. Now that he had been working at the APEXBGC for the past three days. He was qualified to take care of his first IV run. Since a lot of the creatures are in either a comatose state or unable to eat traditionally, for whatever reason. They get fed through an IV injection, one that sends the nutrients straight into the bloodstream.

Frawei is a senior executive at the place, who was assigned to show him the ropes of the job. At first, the old man was apprehensive towards the task, since the creature is a six foot four inch, two hundred ten pound, jet black behemoth. He had a strange look to him; his eyes were a piercing blue tone that even covered the outer edges of the sclera, with no pupils to speak of. The creature’s whole family tree; all seemed to have the same slight snout, jawline, fangs, and somewhat toned muscular appearance. It very closely resembled the body structure of, 0261. Which was why they would want to have the new hire taking care of her. As he would know best what to do in an emergency! Yet no one knew why his family looked they way they do, or how? Though soon enough, Frawei learned that he’s nothing more than a harmless, bored, teenager. Nothing real to worry about.

One Week Earlier....

“Make sure to bring your resume, and don’t forget to show up a bit earlier. It gives staff a good impression of your timeliness!” His mother said as she used a special comb to brush his fur and remove any dandruff. He then gets a business suit, and a small briefcase. “Now, your perfect!” Said his mother, with a chipper tone of voice. He put the resume in the briefcase, as he walked out the door, down the stairs, out of the complex, and to the bus stop down the hover road.

The Resume....

Birthdate, Yectober 23rd, 10.00e+81....04

Filing Date: June 12th, 10.00e+81….20

Name: Everglade, O. Veolia

Age: 16,

Height: 194 cm/ 6’4”

Weight: 95 kg’s/ 210 lbs,

Disability status: Yes

Abilities: Dimensional Aptitude, Photon Aptitude,

Position of choice: 0261’s caretaker, nurse staff,

Applicant, #0345.

On The Bus....

Everglade sat down at the bus station, he put his left ankle over his right knee while he sat there. He was never really a fidgety type, but he had been pretty nervous at the time for his first job interview.

Everglade got to the laboratory at around 9:00 am, the building was absolutely massive. It was several hundred miles tall, and the entryway was many hundreds of meters wide. At the top of the door, a strange logo rested; it had been ingrained into the metal and concrete structure of the doorway. He walked in and found the elevator honestly he had assumed it would be crowded like all hell. In actuality, the building lay silent except for the humming of a few phones in the lobby. They had massive screens showing these beautiful, complex and intricate designs. The place was definitely, extremely futuristic compared to the rest of the city.

Everglade made his way through security, before heading towards the elevator. He got in and heading towards the one hundred thousandth floor; this trip in the elevator was going to be a while. Though he had known this in advance, so be brought snacks. There was one other man in the elevator with him, and he quickly noticed the sound of Everglade munching away on some toasted sandwiches his mom made for him. “Hey, kid! Can I have a bite?” The man asked curiously; Everglade looked in his general direction, gently reaching his paw out to touch his face and chest. The man was probably just a bit shorter than he was, definitely a stockier build though. “Oh, haha sure! Yeah, it’s gonna be a several-hour trip huh?” Everglade responded happily, with an inquisitive tone of voice. “Thanks man, appreciate it, oh what flavors do you have?” The man asked.

“Oh, just ham or beef.” Smiling as he responded to the man’s question. The man calmly reached for a beef sandwich, “yeah I’m a beef guy myself, thanks again!” He chuckled. “Hey! What’s your name?” Everglade wondered out loud. “Personally, everyone calls me Logada, but you can call my Relives. So my name, is Relives Logada.” He answered. “Wait, hold on a second.” Everglade continued to think for a moment before he spoke; the floors in the elevator ticking by, one by one. “YOUR.... MR. LOGADA!” “Yes indeed, I Relives Logada; own this entire laboratory here.” He said with a smile.

They then began chat, Everglade explaining to the man. That he’s actually interviewing for his first job today; Relives thought that it was pretty cool to choose a place like this to be the first job. Since he owned the whole operation, he said he would love to hire Everglade. No matter how he does on his upcoming interview!

The Interview....

The waiting room was immaculately decorated, with beautifully intricate designs from floor to ceiling. The velvet red chairs had a plush-like softness, paired with a very stable structural feeling to them. The room had to be around two thousand square feet or so, the walls maybe ten feet in height. The dark gray granite flooring and walls made for an overall unique look; Everglade sat in the very back left corner. Maybe, forty-five feet from the front desk,

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